YouTube is undoubtedly the king of online video platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users. However, sometimes you may want to download a YouTube video and convert it to a different format that’s compatible with your device or software. That’s where WMV comes in handy.

WMV, short for Windows Media Video, is a widely used video file format designed for Windows-based devices. Converting YouTube videos to WMV will allow you to enjoy and edit them on your Windows PC seamlessly.

youtube to wmv

But how can you convert YouTube videos to WMV? What are the best tools and methods to accomplish this task? In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about converting YouTube videos to WMV.

Top-rated YouTube to WMV Converters

Converting YouTube videos to WMV offers several benefits, including compatibility, customization, editing, and offline viewing. With the following guide, you can easily download and convert YouTube videos to WMV using online converters or desktop software.

UniFab Video Converter

convert YouTube to WMV

UniFab Video Converter

This Video Converter is the best method for whenever you want to convert YouTube to WMV on Windows easily and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Support to convert any video to 1000+ video and audio formats
  • Convert or compress videos to any video format without quality loss
  • Offer customized settings and a built-in video editor to make your video 
  • Convert multiple videos with the Batch Mode
Step 1

Install and launch the UniFab Video Converter on your device first.

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Step 2

Select the video/file you want to convert from YouTube to WMV, and add it into UniFab Video Converter.

convert YouTube to WMV

Step 3

Choose 'Format', select 'WMV', then, click the Start button to begin the process to convert YouTube videos to WMV format. 

convert YouTube to WMV


With, all you need to do is give the YouTube video URL and tell the output format as WMV. It starts the conversion process on its own server and you directly get the download prompt for the WMV output file.

There is no editing and changing the video/audio quality with this tool. Just mention the URL and get the output file in the format you want.

convert youtube to wmv online

Free HD Video Converter Factory

This is a free tool from WonderFox which can help you convert YouTube videos to WMV.

1. Install and launch the software.

2. Click on the Download Video on the main window of the application.

3. Paste the YouTube URL target of the video and click on Analyze. Within a few seconds, it will show you the resolutions, formats and videos size that you can download.

4. Open the drop-down to make your selection and click on Download button. Choose any format currently because we will be using the downloaded file to do the final conversion to WMV.

free youtube to wmv converter

5. Once the file is download, it will be automatically added to the Task list of the interface. Use the drop-down present on the right side of the interface to select WMV format and click on Run to start the conversion. This will convert the YouTube file to WMV and store in the Output Folder mentioned in the application window.

free youtube to wmv converter

YouTube Downloader and Converter

This list will probably be incomplete without the mention of YouTube Downloader and Converter. A highly mature application that has been in the market from quite a few years. While the pro version offers on click download and conversion, the free version just requires extra steps, one for download and another for conversion.

convert youtube to wmv

Download the file by pasting the YouTube video URL in the box and click on Download. From the Activity tab, you can monitor the progress of the download.


Can I Convert YouTube Videos to WMV for Free?

Yes, you can convert YouTube videos to WMV format using online converters or desktop software for free. On the other hand, there is also some desktop software like UniFab Video Converter that offers free versions with basic features.

Can I Edit WMV Videos After Conversion?

Yes, with UniFab Video Converteryou can edit WMV videos when you convert youtube videos to WMV format thanks to its built-in editing tools that allow you to trim, merge, and add effects to your videos.

Why I Convert YouTube Videos to WMV?

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a widely used video format that is compatible with many devices and media players, including Windows Media Player, Xbox, and Zune. Converting YouTube videos to WMV ensures that you can watch your favorite videos anytime and anywhere without worrying about compatibility issues.


In conclusion, converting YouTube videos to WMV is a straightforward process that offers many benefits, including compatibility with Windows Media Player and efficient file compression without compromising video quality.

Whether you need to convert videos for personal or professional use, there are several options available, from online converters to desktop software. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to convert your YouTube videos to WMV easily.