There can be any number of reasons why you would want to download a YouTube video. After all, who are we to ask! But what we can help you with is to provide you with the best tools that can help you download a YouTube video and convert it to WMV format.


Part 1: Convert YouTube to WMV with the best video converter

There are two ways to convert YouTube videos to WMV. The first one is you can download the video directly using a software or an online website and then convert it to WMV. The other is to directly convert it to WMV format using an online tool before it gets downloaded. However, for you, what should matter is a seamless experience where you get your end YouTube video in a WMV file format with the best possible quality that is available.

Let’s begin with a tool that not only allows you to download YouTube video quickly and easily but also offers a host of other functionalities like video conversion and editing. DVDFab YouTube Downloader and DVDFab Video Converter are part of the same utility that provide you with all the tools that you need it a YouTube to WMV converter.

DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is a tool inbuilt in a browser where you can browse through YouTube videos and if you like any video, you can quickly select the resolution you want and download it.

Download DVDFab 11and install it.

1. Launch the tool and on the main window, select the Utilities button in the top menu section. You will be presented with different utilities available with the DVDFab tool, choose YouTube Video Downloader.

convert youtube to wmv

2. A new application window will open which is the inbuilt browser in DVDFab. This browser is designed to help users with downloading YouTube videos. Just browse YouTube as you do on any other browser. If you see any video which you will like to download, notice the blue Download button that is appearing on the left top side of the video. Click on it and you can select the resolution in which you want to download the video. Before selecting the resolution, you might want to change the download folder using the “Download To” folder button appearing below the video. Once you click on the desired resolution, the download will automatically begin which you can monitor in the Download tab.

convert youtube to wmv

3. You can similarly start the download of more videos which will all be downloaded in parallel. Watch the progress of the video download in the Download tab and once that is complete, you can start the conversion process.

convert youtube to wmv

4. To convert YouTube to WMV format, either select one file by clicking on the “To Converter” button appearing alongside the file description or use the “All to Converter” button appearing the at the bottom of the window.

convert youtube to wmv

5. Once your files are now visible in the Converter screen, all you need to do is to set the output format to WMV. To do so, click on the Profile Switcher button (present on the left side of “+Add”), select Video from the left sidebar, click on Format and then from the options that appear select “WMV”.

convert youtube to wmv

6. Before you convert YouTube file to WMV, you can modify the properties of the output WMV file. To do so, click on the Advanced options icon appearing beside the file name on the main screen. Here you can change different video and audio properties like Frame Rate, Bitrate, Codec, Resolution, Encoding method and much more.

convert youtube to wmv

7. In addition to changing the attributes of the video and audio in the output file, with DVDFab Video Converter, you can do an advanced level of editing on the video and audio of the output file. The output file can be merged with another video file to make a playlist of YouTube songs, it can be cropped to remove some portion you can, the brightness and contrast of the output WMV file can be adjusted and much more.

convert youtube to wmv

8. Once you have done all the modifications you require, change the output directory if required using the “Save to” button and then click on the Start button to start the conversion of YouTube to WMV. You can monitor the progress of conversion in the Task Queue section.

So that finishes with all the steps you need to convert YouTube videos to WMV. Using DVDFab the download and conversion of YouTube to WMV is extremely simplified. If you have a whole playlist of videos you want to convert the same day, DVDFab simplifies the task to a very high extent using its batch download and conversion abilities. And not to forget, the advanced options to change the video and audio attributes along with the built in video editor, DVDFab YouTube Download and Video Converter form a great combination.


Part 2: Download YouTube videos to WMV with free online tools or free software

Let us now look at other tools that are available online or a freeware that can help us download and convert YouTube to WMV videos.



With, all you need to do is give the YouTube video URL and tell the output format as WMV. It starts the conversion process on its own server and you directly get the download prompt for the WMV output file. There is no editing and changing the video/audio quality with this tool. Just mention the URL and get the output file in the format you want.

convert youtube to wmv online


Free HD Video Converter Factory

This is a free tool from WonderFox which can help you convert YouTube videos to WMV.

1. Install and launch the software.

2. Click on the Download Video on the main window of the application.

3. Paste the YouTube URL target of the video and click on Analyze. Within a few seconds, it will show you the resolutions, formats and videos size that you can download.

4. Open the drop-down to make your selection and click on Download button. Choose any format currently because we will be using the downloaded file to do the final conversion to WMV.

free youtube to wmv converter

5. Once the file is download, it will be automatically added to the Task list of the interface. Use the drop-down present on the right side of the interface to select WMV format and click on Run to start the conversion. This will convert the YouTube file to WMV and store in the Output Folder mentioned in the application window.

free youtube to wmv converter


YouTube Downloader and Converter

This list will probably be incomplete without the mention of YouTube Downloader and Converter. A highly mature application that has been in the market from quite a few years. While the pro version offers on click download and conversion, the free version just requires extra steps, one for download and another for conversion.

convert youtube to wmv

Download the file by pasting the YouTube video URL in the box and click on Download. From the Activity tab, you can monitor the progress of the download.