How to Convert a DVD Video to MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 and Other Audio/Video Formats

2019-11-08 03:40:20

DVD Video is a video format which is designed to store digital video. This is the default video format to be played by the consumer DVD players. This format is nearly 20+ years old but is still popular among movie enthusiasts who don’t wish to buy expensive UHDs or Blu-rays.

DVD format is not playable on smartphones, or TVs via USB etc., because first of all there is no provision to play discs directly on such devices. And secondly DVD format is not a portable video format which can be supported by multiple media playing devices. Therefore you should consider ripping your DVDs to formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and MP3 for high compatibility with other devices.

So, in this article we will be introducing and covering a detailed tutorial for DVDFab DVD Ripper for ripping your DVD discs to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and other popular video formats.


Part 1: What is a DVD ISO/Image And DVD Folder


Sometimes a DVD movie may be in the form of an ISO or a folder. A DVD ISO or a DVD folder is an exact copy of the physical DVD disc. A DVD ISO is an image file of physical DVD which contains the DVD data. Same can be said for the DVD folder. The ISO and the folder hold the data in exactly the same way in which a physical DVD holds its video data. The ISO or DVD folder can be saved on your PC’s hard drive and can be burned later on a blank disc.

You need DVDFab DVD Copy to make DVD ISOs or folder that you can check in our knowledge base. So good thing here about the DVDFab DVD Ripper is that it works with physical DVDs, ISOs, and DVD folders. ISOs and folders will be treated the same way a DVD would be treated for ripping by the DVDFab DVD Ripper software.


Part 2: How To Use DVDFab DVD Ripper to Conver/Rip DVDs to MKV, MP4, AVI, M4A, MP3 And Nearly 45+ Other Audio/Video Formats


In this tutorial we will present a detailed tutorial for converting DVDs to MP4, MKV, M4A, WMV, AVI and other audio and video formats. But first of all you have to download and install DVDFab 11. You will also need some physical DVD discs, or ISOs, or folders. You can download the DVDFab 11 software from the links below.

 ·           DVDFab 11 Online Installer Windows(32-bit/64-bit) and Mac – Go Here

 ·           DVDFab 11 Offline Installer for Windows(32-bit/64-bit) and Mac – Download Here

The installation process is pretty easy. Just download the software package, open it and follow the on-screen instructions for a successful installation. Now the detailed tutorial is starting from the steps given below which helps to rip DVD to MP4 on Windows and Mac.

 ·           After installing the DVDFab 11 software, open it and click the ‘Ripper’ tab to start.


best ripper software


 ·           Now if you have a physical DVD video disc then simply load it in the optical drive and DVDFab 11 will automatically identify the disc and load it in its ‘Ripper’ sub-program.

 ·           If you want to rip DVD ISOs or folder then skip the step-2 above and click ‘+Add’ button instead to load a DVD ISO or a folder from your PC’s hard drive.


the best ripper software to loada dvd, ISO or folder


Special Note #1 : Please note that you can add multiple DVD ISOs or folders in the program and can rip them in batch without having to convert them one by one.

Special Note #2 : Just next to the ‘+Add’ button you have the ‘Merge’ function button. Use this function to merge all the videos from different ISOs or folders which you are processing in batch. This function creates a single movie file from multiple DVD ISOs and folders.

 ·           Now click the ‘Video Profile’ selector button and click ‘Format’ tab then select the ‘MP4’, or ‘MKV’, or any other output video format profile from here. You will find nearly more than 45+ pre-configured video profiles.


from the video profile selector button to find 45+ pre-configured video profiles


 ·           Wait, if you are converting a video for your smartphone, or a gaming console like Xbox or PS3 then you should check the ‘Device-specific video profiles’. Simply click the ‘Device’ tab to access these profiles.


select your device from the list


 ·           The ‘Device’ tab contains hundreds of pre-configured device-specific video profiles from manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, LG, Google, HTC, Amazon etc. You just need to select your device from the list (say iPhone X).

 ·            Now after selecting the video profile the main program window will look this below. Check the important labelling of sub-functions.


the best ripper software which you can use the basic options to select the dvd chapters, audio language and subtitles


 ·           Use the basic options to select the ‘DVD chapters’, ‘Audio language’, and ‘Subtitles’.

 ·           Click the ‘Video Settings’ button to change the video settings like ‘Resolution’, ‘Frames/sec’, ‘Video Quality’, ‘Encoding Method’, ‘Audio Codec’, ‘Channels’, ‘Sample Rate’, or increase the volume by up to 500 percent.


the powerful ripper app which click its video settings button to change the video settings


  ·           Now after changing the settings you can just start ripping your DVD to your favorite video format like MP4, MKV, AVI and 45+ other video formats including 3D and 4K formats.

 ·           Just next to the ‘Video Settings’ button is the ‘Video Editor’ button.

 ·           At this point if you don’t want to use the video editor then you can simply convert your DVD to MP4, MKV, or AVI or any other video format by clicking the ‘Start’ button.

 ·           You can also check the ‘Video Editor’ tutorial in the next section.


Part 2.1: How to Use the DVDFab Video Editor: Detailed Tutorial


You can use the DVDFab video editor just after selecting video profiles, changing video settings, and immediately before hitting the ‘Start’ button for converting the disc. Simply click the ‘Video Editor’ button to launch the DVDFab video editor. Have a look at the important tools of this video editor below.


the detailed tutorial of how to use the video editor


Basic Video Editing Tools 

1. Text Watermark: Use this tool to place a text watermark in the video. Simply click the ‘Text’ button to add an unedited text in the video/movie. On clicking the ‘Text’ button a specific set of options will open in the bottom section of the video editing window. Here you can change ‘Text size’, ‘Formatting’, ‘Color’, ‘Font’, and the change the text you want to see in the video.


basic video editing tool-text watermark


2. Image Watermark: This tool simply lets you add an image watermark in the video. Click the ‘Image’ button and load an image from your PC’s hard drive. The image will be put over the video as a watermark. Drag the image edges or sides to increase or decrease its size. In the ‘Options’ menu below you can change the image transparency also.


basic video editing tool-image watermark


3. Subtitle: If your DVD video is missing subtitles then you can add them here via a subtitle file (.SRT, .SMI, .SSA, .ASS). Click the ‘Subtitle’ button and load the subtitle file from hard drive. On loading the subtitle file a specific set of options/settings will open in the bottom section of the video editing window. Here you can edit subtitles font, text size, color, formatting, position, character encoding, delay etc.


basic video editing tool-subtitle


Advanced Video Editing Tools

1. Video Properties: Clicking this editing tool will open video properties. In video properties you can change the contrast, brightness, and saturation. You can also rotate the video by 90 degrees left or right. This can correct a video frame which is wrongly shot on a video camera. This is camera error in which camera shoots a landscape video but encodes the final result as portrait video. The rotate options can correct this error.


video properties tool options set


2. Video Crop Tool: Just like an image a video can be cropped. Video cropping simply means cutting short the original video frame and removing any unnecessary visuals. Click the ‘Crop’ button and it will put a crop frame on the video under source. Firstly set the ‘Crop Aspect Ratio’ to ‘Original’ and after that drag the white edges or sides of the crop frame in the source video. Move the mouse cursor in the middle of this crop frame and click and hold left mouse button to drag the entire crop frame over anywhere on the original video frame.


video crop tool setting


3. Trim/Multi Trim Tool: Use this tool to trim away the unnecessary scenes/parts from your DVD movie. This trim tool also allows you to trim multiple scenes at once from your DVD movie. For this you just have to apply multiple trims. So, let’s see how to do this.

 ·           Simply click the ‘Trim Tool’. On clicking this tool two red markers with a blue ‘T’ marker in between will appear on the video timeline. This is your first trim.


use this tool to trim away the unnecessary scenes/parts from your dvd movie


 ·           To add another trim section first drag the blue marker out of the first trim section and then again click the ‘Trim Tool’ button to add a second trim. This way you can add multiple trims.

 ·           Remember that you can increase or decrease the default length of trim sections which is 3 minutes by default.

 ·           Simply drag any of the two red markers on the video timeline either left or right to increase or decrease the trim section.

 ·           Suppose if you want to invert the selection of the trim sections then you can use the ‘Trim Invert’ button at the bottom.

 ·           Clicking this button will invert the selections of the trim sections and other parts of the video will be selected, which are outside of trim sections. Make sure to put a check on ‘Merge trimmed clips’.

Note : You can the ‘Delete’ button to delete any video editing tool’s editing data. To do so, first select the tool under the video timeline and then click the ‘Delete’. Below the video timeline a list of tools with their specific settings will be created in the order of your usage. From here you can directly access the edited data or delete it completely.


with the best ripper software which you could also delete any editing tool's data


 ·           After finishing the video editing tasks, finally click the ‘OK’ button to return to main ‘Ripper’ function sub-program window.

 ·           Now simply click the ‘Start’ button to start converting your DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. with proper video edits.

 ·           The ripping process won’t take long on newer CPUs and CPUs which support Intel quick sync, AMD acceleration, or Nvidia CUDA hardware acceleration technologies.



Part 3: Why to Choose DVDFab DVD Ripper?


Well if you are the one who still prefers DVDs over expensive online content, UHDs, and Blu-rays then DVDFab DVD ripper is the right choice for your DVD converting or ripping needs. Below are some solid reasons for choosing DVDFab DVD Ripper.

 ·           DVDFab is not a kind of software that has been developed in just a few months or so. It remained in a continuous development period (15+ years) that’s why it understands all your DVD converting or ripping needs.

 ·           With DVDFab DVD Ripper you can convert your DVD video discs to nearly 45+ common and uncommon audio/video formats. It provides device-specific pre-configured video profiles too and the list is quite big too.

 ·           DVDFab uses several hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD which are used to boost the conversion process without excessively stressing out the CPU.

 ·           Works with DVD ISOs and folders that most of the other free software won’t even recognize.

 ·           Advanced video editing tools will take care of several needs like subtitles editing, multi trims, crop, watermarks etc.




So, we just have told you nearly everything about ripping or converting your DVDs to MP4, MKV, AVI or other formats using DVDFab DVD ripper. The software is highly useful because of its features and functions. If you are looking to convert your DVDs to 45+ video formats then you don’t need to research the internet for the right software, because DVDFab DVD Ripper will be the correct answer to your questions of DVD ripping or conversion.

This software has all the features that a DVD movie collector/owner looks for converting DVDs to common video formats. To avail the full potential of this software you should check the paid version instead of the free which provides only two output video formats. You can always try the software in full trial mode before purchasing.

For ripping Blu-ray to video formats, please have a look at how to convert Blu-rays to MKV/MP4/M2TS/AVI.

① Rip and convert DVDs to watch on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
② Extract the audio tracks from DVDs and output as pure audio files
③ Support all the popular audio & video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, etc.
④ Support to edit the videos like cropping, trimming, and more
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster