Summary: This post aims to demonstrate how to remove DRM from M4P, M4V and M4B files free and easily so that you can access your legally purchased or rented files from iTunes or Apple Music.

Do you know how to remove DRM from iTunes and Apple Music files? As one of the largest reservoirs for entertainment resources, iTunes is beloved by many fans worldwide. You can see almost every apple fan is also an iTunes fan. They use this light yet powerful tool for many purposes, such as listening to music and radios, watching movies or movie clips. As one of their common needs, audio/video download is more valued these days as exemplified the growing number of search for questions like how to download videos off Twitter. It is believed that a 5G era will definitely bring an easier and affordable access to audio/video download for global people.

However, things may be different with iTunes resource. There are critics that accuse this service provider of preventing the free dissemination of music and videos among different devices because of the adoption of DRM, a protection scheme whose original purpose is allegedly to fight against piracy but to no avail. The existence of DRM makes it impossible to play downloaded iTunes songs or videos via different devices. This may cause difficulties for their daily life, as they have to use devices from Apple to play music or videos. Not only does it go against the spirit of freedom, but it also hurt customers who don’t want to get rid of their android devices and accept apple products. Many would feel frustrated about this fact but have no alternatives to change that.

To alter this situation, we present you the most updated DRM decrypter — DRM Removal for Apple. It’s a tool integrated in a program called DVDFab and designed to remove DRM from Apple. Since its release, it has received positive comments by users and continues to be one of the most popular DRM rippers in the world. People who find it intolerable to be unable to play songs and videos via different devices use it to break the limit of DRM and the inconveniences it brings. With this solution in hand, they feel confident that their work and life are away from chaos, because this DRM removal software shows Apple fans how to remove DRM and play converted files on non-Apple devices or share with Android fans.

Installation and Activation

Click “Free Download” from the product page on the official website, choose a directory for the installer files and click “save”. Then, the program for DRM removal will start downloading. As the size of it is very small, the whole download process won’t take you much time and data. When it is finished, click the .exe document, then the download dialogue box with a typical monkey image will come up, click “click to Install”. The installing process could take a little while. When it is finished, click “Start DVDFab” to open this program for DRM removal from apple music.

How to Remove DRM from M4P Files on Windows and Mac

Click the little triangle-shape button on the higher right corner, then the “Authorize” option on the drop-down list. Then, a dialogue will pop up, type in your Registration Email and password, then click “Authorize” option on the right lower corner. Now your program for DRM removal from apple music should be activated.


There are two ways to open this program for DRM removal in your daily life. First, double click the icon on your computer desk; Second, click its mark from the start menu to open this program. Now the main interface of this program for DRM removal from apple music should appear in front of you.


Before mastering how to remove DRM from Apple, you need to adjust its settings first. Click Edit > Preferences > Advanced, choose “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications”. Besides, you need to make sure you have already downloaded music from iTunes in advance before you do any operations on them. And you should also log in or register an iTunes account.

How to Remove DRM with DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple

Step1: Open this DRM Removal Program

Click Launchpad on the main interface, then the “DRM Removal for Apple”. It may take a while to open it for the first time. If it takes too long, turn it off and restart it. Then, the original interface of the tool will unfold itself in front of you.

As you can see, there are two icons on it —For Video/For Audio. If your target file is an MP4 video, click “For Videos”; if your target is an M4A audio, click “For Audios”.

How to Remove DRM from Videos/Movies

Layout introduction

The layout of the interface of this program for DRM removal is very simple and even a teenager can understand it immediately. This design is in consistence with our long enduring principle that simplicity is of great importance as to how a program is structured. Now, let’s take a look at it and master the meanings of common buttons.

Take “For Audios” for example, click “For Audio”, the main working interface for this task will appear. On the higher right corner are three common buttons for a program, from left to right, “Minimum”, “Zoom”, and “Close”. You can call this area a title bar.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Files

Below it is a button called “Add from iTunes”, which is used to draw the target resources to the program for DRM removal from apple music.

How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

Below it is a spacious area, you can call it a working area.

At the bottom of the interface are the directory button (left) and start button(right). The first refers to a place where you want to store the operated music and the second is used to get the operation started. 

How to Remove DRM from M4P Files and Save Output

What’s more, there is a house-shape button in the higher left corner. It’s a return key, click it, and you will return to the original interface with icons of “For Videos” and “For Audios”.

DRM Removal tool - return button

Step2: Add DRM Protected Music Files

On the right higher corner is a “Add from iTunes” option, click it, the music you downloaded from iTunes will be listed in a dialogue box. Check whatever you want to operate, then click “OK” on the lower right corner. The main working interface we mentioned before will appear again, with music you want to operate listed one by one. If you want to delete some of them from this list, click the cross at the end of the music, and it will be removed from the list.

Note: On top of the dialogue box are a couple of buttons which can be used to help your work. On the left are refresh button and search button. The first can be used to update the content of the list in case any one of them are missed or ignored. The second can come in handy when the size of your downloaded files are so large that you can’t select your target easily.

DRM Removal tool - refresher and search button

On the right are two category buttons. Click the “Music” button, the content listed here will all be music with all other contents excluded. Click the “Audiobooks” button, the content listed here will all be audiobooks without any other things included.

DRM Removal tool - category buttons

Step3: Select an output directory and start the removal process

Click the folder icon on the left lower corner, and choose a directory for the music to be operated. Then click the “Start” button on the right lower corner. The DRM removal process should begin now. Meantime, the iTunes app may turn on and off automatically. Don’t worry, it’s a normal phenomenon. When the process is finished, click “Finish” on the lower right corner.

Other Suggestions

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Actually, there might be sometimes when your converted DRM-free videos are of low resolution. In this case, an AI-powered video enhancer will come in handy to help you to upscale video quality substantially.