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Text Watermark that Suits Your Taste

Want to make your video remarkable via adding text to it? This text watermark maker allows you to add text to video within 3 simple clicks with fast speed and high quality. You can customize text to make it prominent by changing details in font, size, color, position and transparency. Besides, text can be turned into bold or italic to attract attention. If you are unhappy with customized text added to the video, start from scratch and check modified effect through preview window. Though there are online text watermark creators on the market that enable you to add text to video online, you need to tolerate pop-up ads and enjoy limited features for free. On the contrary, this text watermark maker, integrated into Toolkit, has clean and intuitive interface, leading you to experience its advanced features.

  • Customize Text to Make it Personalized

    Fill in text content as you desire in the rectangular box. To make the added text more eye-catching, you can set text features like font, size, and color as needed. Besides, to underline text content, make it bold or italic.

  • Adjust Text Position to Make it Suitable

    To make added text in line with aspect ratio, you can adjust text position by dragging the cursor box comprised of dotted line from top to bottom or left to right as you like, or change azimuth value in the corresponding direction.

  • Adjust Text Transparency to Make it Harmonious

    To make added text harmonious with video image, feel free to adjust text transparency by dragging the solid cursor from left to right, and vice versa. In this way, the definition of the added text to the edited video will look perfect and beautiful.

  • Easy-to-use, Safe and Reliable

    With simple and intuitive interface, this text watermark tool has no learning curve for beginners. Follow window instructions to add text to video within three clicks.

  • Tiny Module but Complete Function

    Small as it is, this text watermark tool has all the essential parts to add text to video. You can edit text as you want, adjust text position, font, size, color and transparency to make it conform to the video content and image.

  • Constant Update to Improve User Experience

    This text watermark tool will be updated periodical in order to enrich its features and bring users better experience. Therefore, feel at ease to offer feedback via email. Problems regarding this tool can be submitted via open log or online help.

How to Add Text to Video

3 simple steps to add text to video, really a piece of cake!

  • Step 1: Choose ‘Text’ and load video source

    Download and install Toolkit, and opt for ‘Text’ from ‘Watermark Tools’ when it runs. Then tab ‘+’ to add video source or simply drag & drop the video onto the ‘+’ area on the main interface.

  • Step 2: Customize text features

    Fill in text content in the box beneath the timeline. Then set text position, font, size, color and transparency, even make it bold or italic, so as to emphasize the information when needed.

  • Step 3: Start to add text to video

    Tab ‘Start’ button to add text to video and wait for the output. Of course, you can cancel the task whenever you like. Once done, open the edited video from local HDD on your computer or watch it with professional 4k media player.

Use Cases for Adding Text to Video

Add text to video for special uses

  • Attract Views on YouTube Channels

    According to informed sources, renowned YouTube vloggers have seen substantial increase in number of views and subscribers after adding text to video. Hence, never miss out such an opportunity to make your video stand out from the crowd. Sometimes when you aim to describe an object, a figure, an event or a key action, adding text to video timely will help readers gain clear clue to the information your video conveys.

  • Enrich Mute Videos on Facebook

    A recent research implies that 85% of Facebook videos are viewed on mute mode, which reflects the demand of videos consumed without sound when people are in transit or in public places. In this case, adding text to video will contribute to the better understanding of video contents for audience. Meanwhile, adequate and sensuous text added to the video will help attract followers and favorable reviews.

  • Create Brand Identity for Business

    To attract customers and further boost sales, it’s imperative to increase your brand’s recall via distinctive logo, every single element of text added to the video that stands in line with your brand language. Whether it is background score, camera angles, or title credits, adding text to video will effectively urge customers or users to associate the text closely with your brand, and probably fail to resist the impulse to purchase your products or services.

Toolkit Text Watermark Tool

Add text to video fast and well via customized options

More Than Text Watermark Tool

Text watermark is merely a tip of the iceberg. You can add time or image to make your videos stand out from the rest, thus helping captivate and engage your audience. In this way, you can increase viewers on YouTube channel, make mute videos better understood on Facebook, and even boost your brand awareness unexpectedly. However, at the macroscopic level, watermark tools are a small part of Toolkit, which involves dozens of modules applied to tackle issues related to video, audio, image and subtitles. This versatile and powerful toolkit is 100% worth your full trial, just like a first-aid kit to help you out of trouble. ACT NOW.