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Time Watermark to Make Your Video Better

Do you like capturing videos to record birthday parties or anniversary celebrations so as to recall pastimes clearly afterward? What if you fail to recollect a specific date when watching videos? Never mind! Add video timestamps to make your birthday or anniversary videos better for memory. How to achieve that? Here comes the best time watermark tool that allows you to add video timestamp within 3 simple clicks. Above all, you can make the video timestamp personalized and sensuous via customized options like setting date and time flexibly, changing timestamp font, size, color, position and transparency, even making it bold or italic to attract attention or highlight events. If you are not satisfied with customized timestamp, start from scratch and check modified results through video preview window. Even if you want to timestamp YouTube videos, this well-designed tool will also put the axe in the helve.

  • Set Date & Time to Record Your Captured Videos

    Set ‘Date & Month & Year’ and ‘Hour & Minute & Second’ for your captured videos so as to recall specific events involved upon seeing the timestamp years later. Besides, you can set timestamp over desired clips on the timeline.

  • Customize Timestamp Features to Make it Personalized

    Set font, size, color, and transparency for the timestamp, even make it bold or italic to attract attention or highlight notable events. Such customized options will make your timestamped video more striking and pleasing to the eye.

  • Adjust Timestamp Position to Make it Suitable

    To make added video timestamp in line with aspect ratio, you can adjust timestamp position by dragging the cursor box comprised of dotted line from top to bottom or left to right as you like, or change azimuth value in the corresponding direction.

  • Adjust Timestamp Transparency to Make it Harmonious

    To make video timestamp harmonious with video image, you can adjust its transparency by dragging the solid cursor from left to right, and vice versa. In this way, the definition of the added video timestamp will look perfect and beautiful.

  • Easy-to-use, Full-featured, Safe and Reliable

    With simple and intuitive interface, this time watermark tool has no learning curve for beginners. Besides, small as it is, the image watermark tool has all the essential features to add video timestamp. Last, safe to operate without bundled software and and malware.

  • Constant Update to Enhance User Experience

    This time watermark tool will be updated regularly to enrich its features and create better user experience. Thus, feel free to give feedback via email. Meanwhile, problems occurred during use can be settled via open log or online help.

How to Add Video Timestamp

3 simple steps to add video timestamp, as easy as ABC!

  • Step 1: Choose ‘Time’ and load video source

    Download and install Toolkit, and opt for ‘Time’ from ‘Watermark Tools’ when it runs. Then tab ‘+’ to add video source or simply drag & drop the video onto the ‘+’ area on the main interface.

  • Step 2: Customize timestamp features

    Choose desired date and time beneath the timeline. Then set timestamp position, font, size, color and transparency, even make it bold or italic as needed. If you seek YouTube video timestamp, download video from YouTube with video downloader and further timestamp YouTube videos as per the above steps.

  • Step 3: Start to add video timestamp

    Tab ‘Start’ button to add video timestamp and wait for the output. Of course, you can cancel the task whenever you like. Once done, the timestamped video will be saved on your computer. Note that this how-to guide goes for how to timestamp YouTube videos.

Use Cases for Adding Video Timestamp

Add video timestamp for special uses

  • Timestamp Meaningful Events or Moments

    It’s human nature to look back upon the old fine days, especially crucial moments or notable events. Hence, adding video timestamp to video can contribute to the better recollection of old days. For example, timestamping the birthday videos or anniversary clips of your family members will help enhance your memory, even family ties invisibly.

  • Timestamp Videos for Microfilm Post-production

    For microfilm lovers, there might be occasions when your captured videos contain no timestamp. No worries! Add video timestamp with this time watermark tool to bring you the same result as that with timestamped video camera. It follows that adding video timestamp is a great boon for processing film clips.

  • Make a DVD with Timestamped Video Clips

    To better retain past memories, people tend to create home-made DVDs that can be playable on home players. If you add video timestamp upon shooting with professional tools, it will be much easier to make a DVD based on timestamped videos. Otherwise, to classify and sort the shot clips as per order of occurrence is like fishing for a needle in the ocean, which will drive you crazy. On this occasion, adding video timestamp will make things a breeze.

Toolkit Time Watermark Tool

Best solution to add video timestamp beyond your expectation

More Than Time Watermark Tool

In addition to adding video timestamp, you can add text or image to make your videos out of the ordinary, thus helping call to mind the past memories, even facilitating micro film post-production for leisure interests. At the macroscopic level, watermark tools are a small part of Toolkit that involves dozens of modules that can be applied to handle issues concerning video, audio, image and subtitles. This all-purpose toolkit is absolutely worth your full trial, just like a first-aid kit to help you out of emergency.