best streaming music services for video game soundtracks:

There are many reasons to love video games. Video games combine multiple art fields to create amazing new creations, from Mario's agile platforming control to Tetris’ perfect puzzle formula to Metal Gear’s mind-bending story. This includes music. Spotify is the best streaming music service, with huge song collections from many sources.

Video game developers are beginning to take notice. It is becoming more common for large publishers to upload their entire game soundtrack catalogs to the streaming music service. Are you a Capcom fan? You can play classic Street Fighter or Devil May Cry music. Do you fancy RPGs? Persona will bring the bangers to your soul. Prefer live recordings? Video Games Live is a series of concerts that presents orchestral renditions of video game compositions. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the soundtrack.

Tidal is a streaming music service that aims to deliver high-quality audio, as approved by major artists. It was not what I expected to see, but there was some video game music. The service does however offer Tidal Gaming. These playlists are not made up of actual music but instead contain songs that can be used to invoke certain feelings in video games, like defeating bosses or exploring an open world. These songs are based on video game soundtracks like Halo or Assassin's Creed. Some are simply dope tracks by cool musicians like Steve Aoki and The Glitch Mob.

Although their streaming video music catalogs aren't quite as extensive as those of Apple Music or Amazon Music, you will still find the same soundtracks. You'll find fan-made covers of popular game songs more often than the official ones. These tech giants also have online stores where you can purchase digital tracks. You can purchase digital tracks permanently from Bugsnax and Transistor as well as other soundtracks for video games, without having to subscribe to a music service. You can stream these digital downloads and link them to your cloud library.

It's possible to find almost any song. These songs can be looped for hours, raising some questions about copyright. Many publishers take down large channels dedicated to music from video games, particularly when they are clear rips of pirated versions not yet available for sale. YouTube Music is still a great option if you want to quickly hear an exact video game song. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has taken this idea and made it so great that it merits a mention, even though it is not a music streaming platform. 

This massive crossover fighting game features more than 1000 songs. Legend of Zelda. Fatal Fury. Minecraft. Sonic the Hedgehog. Punch-Out!! You can find more than 24 hours of amazing tracks. Smash's music editor lets you use your Switch as a soundbox, and the screen can be turned off to conserve battery.

Video game music can be a whole genre by itself. Video game music used to be limited to what retro consoles could create. Many talented composers have spent decades turning techno-beeps into memorable melodies that still resonate to this day. Contemporary musicians from Anamanaguchi and Vektroid use modern technology to create songs that are inspired by classic video games. These music services allow you to stream any video or audio game track or album directly from your PC or mobile device.