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How to Copy DVD to DVD in an Easy and Professional Way?


There’s a wide variety of DVD copier in the market, all have their own advantages and shortcomings. As the versatile and powerful DVD copy app, maybe you have already known DVDFab DVD Copy. Today, I will still recommend you to use DVDFab to copy DVD to DVD in an easy and professional way. Go to have a look together.


Copy DVD to DVD>Step 1: Load source DVD to DVD Copy

You can easily free download DVDFab DVD Copy on DVDFab official website, and install it intuitively. All the options of DVDFab are valid during 30 days’ free trail. Run DVD Copy, choose a copy mode from its 8 available ones, here we choose Main Movie mode. Then insert the DVD you want to copy to DVD drive, a pop up window will ask you to specify its region code. Choose a corresponding one then wait seconds for the software to import it in.


Copy DVD to DVD>Step 2: Define target, subtitles, audio tracks, and output type

In the Main Movie mode, DVDFab only copy the longest title and you can see which is chosen by default. About the target, although DVD Copy supports many target types, here we want to copy DVD to DVD, so make sure select disk as the target, not folder or ISO image file. The subtitles and audio tracks of the movie can also be freely defined, just select those you like. And don’t forget to choose output type from DVD 5 or DVD 9, according to your target DVD disk size.

Note: One great feature of DVD Copy is you can preview title in real time, and compare your setting result with the original one to help you set and avoid any mistake.


Copy DVD to DVD>Step 3: Click Next button

Click Next button, then you are here:

You can set loop play or change volume label if you want. Then hit Start to begin copy.


Copy DVD to DVD>Step 4: During the copy process

The copy process can be followed with detailed information about the progress.


You can also view the progress with movie pictures which will change each half second with different processing stages.


If you don’t want to sit before your computer to wait for the process finished, you can choose “Automatically shut down the PC when done”. Cheers!


Copy DVD to DVD>Step 5: Insert target disk

After copy process is completed, your source DVD will be rejected automatically, and you will be asked to insert a compatible media to start write process. Just insert a blank DVD or rewritable DVD. Then wait some time for the write process finished.


OK, done. Yes. Copy DVD to DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy is just so easy. Besides copy main movie, you can copy the full disk, split DVD to copy, clone DVD, etc. with DVD Copy out of your specific need. Free download DVDFab DVD Copy, or for more information, just go to

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