While streaming any digital content, including movies, learning videos, social media stuff, etc., if you want to enjoy repeat watching, offline streaming is the most convenient option. So, you are looking for the best quality downloader to give you ads-free, customizable, and permanent downloads to enjoy as many times as you want. 

4K Download is the most talked about video downloader to save anything from several social media platforms. Before starting with this video downloader, let's get a detailed 4KDownload Review with its features, plans, steps, limits, and alternatives.


Full Reviews of 4KDownload

4K Download is a prominent video downloader in the web world with multiple flexible features and functions. From YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to TikTok, Instagram, and DailyMotion, you can save audio-video content from any social media platform in your desired format & quality on your computer. Let's see what attractive features of this website increase its demand daily to its users.

Functions of 4K Video Downloader

Even though 4KDownload has a plethora of customization, some attractive functions impress us to try this downloader in the first place.

Impressive Features
  • Download any audio-video content from any social media platform without a watermark.
  • It is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux & Android platforms.
  • Audio extraction from video while converting video to MP3 format.
  • Download 3D videos with basic video editing features like rotation, extracting frames, etc.
  • Batch downloading support of playlists or other videos.
  • 4K slideshow maker to create amazing slideshow.
  • Save 360° videos with FPS & HD resolution support from 720p to 8K.
  • Mp4, MKV, AVI, etc. formats suppor to transfer video to all devices.

How Long Does 4KDownload Trial Last in Free Version?

You will be happy to know that 4KDownlaod is not a subscription-based service. So, there is no fixed period for its free trial; instead, you can enjoy the free version of the downloader as long as you want. However, if you are concerned about simultaneous download and ask 4KDownload only 25 at a time, you will be disappointed as there are some restrictions. 

In the free version, you have limits of 30 single videos/day, 10 videos/playlist, and 5 videos/ channel. There are also some ads and pop-ups in the free version. So, if you want to avoid these limitations, you can go for the one-time purchase of this app with its 4 purchase plan options. 

  • Lite: $15 (One year access to main features)
  • Personal: $ 25 ( Access main features for personal use)
  • Pro: $ 39 (Access all features for professional service)
  • Bundle: $65 (Unlock all features of all 4KDownload applications)

How to Use 4K Video Downloader?

To explore the maximum customization of the 4KDownloader, you should go for a few simple steps, and you will get your desired high-quality download for a flexible offline watch.

Step 1: After installing & launching the 4K Download app on your system, open it to reach the home screen.

Step 2: Now, head to the website you like and save the video for offline streaming. Next, copy the video URL of your selected content.

how to use 4k video downloader

Step 3: Select the "Paste Link" option in the upper left corner, and the program will automatically paste the link once it is copied into the clipboard.

how to use 4k video downloader

Step 4: Select the available video format or quality and then "Download." The downloaded video will be stored in a particular location. There is also an "Audio only download" option available.

how to use 4k video downloader

Step 5: Once the download is done, it will be opened directly through the app or its stored location.

Is 4KDownload Safe?

To know whether is 4KDownlaoder safe or not, i must check the reliability of this platform. To ensure safety, I should see if I can trust 4KDownload or not. So, without relying on any random safety information about this platform, let's see some serious safety measures that ensure the safety of this platform.

  • The 12-year-old website ensures its authenticity & reliability. 
  • SSL-certified website to protect users' data
  • Malware & virus-free website with fewer ads in the free version
  • 62 million worldwide users with over 1000 awards from technical industry PROs
  • As long as you download the authorized and copy-right protection-free content, 4KDownload is safe.
  • You must use this platform to download content for your personal & non-commercial use.
  • You must download the 4KDownload from its official website. Downloading a 4KDownload crack version, pirated version, or third-party website could be risky for virus infection.

What Are the Pros & Cons of 4KDownload?

To get a complete and detailed 4KDownload review, you must know this program's prominent prompts and compromising cons. It will guide you to make the most out of this platform.

What Do Users Say About 4KDownload?

No matter how effective and productive software is, users' opinion is the best judge to evaluate any software program. As people are different, their opinions would also differ. So, without being an exception, 4KDownload also seems to be worth it to someone and worse to someone else. Now, look at some mixed user experiences with 4K Video Downloader.

4kdownload reviews 

  High-quality downloads to enhance media experience
 Ads-free & Virus-free tool with bug fixes notification
 Easy video conversion to MP3 with video editing option
 Simple to use with an intuitive interface
 Code retrieval is difficult
 Poor tech support for server activation issue
 The homepage shows only 12 websites
 It shows "Unknown sites " error by not downloading any video
 Sometimes, 4kdownload download speed is slow

Alternative to 4KDownload: StreamFab Video Downloader 

StreamFab Video Downloader has offered unlimited downloading and customization under one roof to live up to the user's all-in-one video downloading expectation. The best part of this 4KDownload alternative is that it supports over 1000 websites, including social media, leading OTT, and other video streaming networks. From 8K resolution support to encryption-free download, this platform has extensive flexible features.

Promising Features
  • Get encryption & ads-free downloads from 1,000+ websites
  • Resolution support from 480p to 8K
  • Audio quality EAC3 5.1 support
  • Multiple format Mp4, Mp3 & MKV available 
  • Built-in browsing for auto-detection of the video inside the app
  • Auto & batch processing to save time 
  • Subtitle saving in comfortable language 

How to Download Videos with StreamFab Video Downloader?

Step 1

Install and launch the StreamFab software

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose a website to download videos

Tap the VIP Services or the YouTube icon on the left channel to find the streaming website you want. You can also copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

How to Download Videos with StreamFab Video Downloader

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

How to Download Videos with StreamFab Video Downloader

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download streaming video right now or add it to the queue.

StreamFab vs. 4K Download: Which to Select For Video Downloading?

Before selecting the most appropriate video downloader for your personal or professional purpose, let's compare these two software based on their advantages and attributes. 

Advantages & Attributes

StreamFab Video Downloader





Video Quality 

Up to 8K

Up to 8K

Audio Quality

EAC3 5.1


Audio Quality Support

320 Kbps

256 Kbps

Format Support 

Mp4, Mp3, & MKV

Mp4 & Mp3

Downloading Speed

10X Turbo fast speed in batch processing

Very slow speed in batch processing 

Video to Audio conversion



Private & Blocked video download



Encryption-Free Download



Watermark Removing



Built-in Browsing



Live Stream downloading


As long as the feed is uploaded

Website Support

40+ OTT & Social Media 

Only Social Media

Mobile App




Why is 4kDownloader Not Working?

  • Fix download "error" by rebooting system or checking storage
  • Fix "Parsing error" by avoiding software blocking via firewall & checking video link accessibility
  • Fix "Crash error" by detecting the big in the software or the system

Why Won't 4k Downloads Open?

  • Restart device 
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Check video is downloadable or not
  • Reinstall the app
  • Close other apps
  • Unblock 4kDownloader
  • Close anti-virus & defender


When video downloading is an inseparable part of digital entertainment, you must be careful while selecting the best downloader, depending on your requirements. Now that you know is 4KDownload safe, while exploring 4KDownload to save your social media, you can expand your downloading experience with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc., with the 1000+ website support of StreamFab.