Staying close to your loved ones is something you never want to miss, but it is said that "The love we give away is the only love we keep". So, to witness the reality check of so-called "true love", you can glance at the 90-day fiance season 1 to the last season till date.

The eighteen spin-offs of this American reality show have given a dynamic dimension to the traditional conviction of love. So, when the latest season of this show is around the corner with its brand new appeal with the conventional approach, you must be super excited to know everything about what, how, and where to watch the 90-day fiance new season.

Highlights of 90-day Fiance

90-day fiance is a reality show platform where romantic couples meet to marry each other while breaking their geographical boundaries. A contestant outside of America can get a K-1 visa to meet and marry their better half living in America within 90 days.

Highlights of 90-day Fiance

This basic concept of finding true love by overcoming the comforts of their livelihood has led this show towards a passionate, romantic, yet dramatic journey of different couples with different convictions of love. This show started its romantic journey in 2014; it never looked back. Instead, the 90-day fiance fans are looking forward to knowing about the upcoming season of 90-day fiance: the other way, season 4.

How to Watch 90-day Fiance in Order?

Since this show has had eighteen spin-offs for the last eight years, to sleep through the soul of this show, you must know how to watch fiance in order. In spin-offs, this show gradually evolves with different layers where "90-day fiance: happy ever after" presents the after-marriage journey of the previous 90-day couple.

It took a turn to another season named "90-day fiance: before the 90 days", where couples meet on an online platform, and they haven't applied for their k-1 visa process. In the next level, the show has come up with "90-day fiance: the other way", also called "90-Universe", where the couples travel to their partner's country or their loved one visits America to marry each other. So, it's time to know what and how to watch 90-day fiance: the other way, season 4.

What to Watch, 90-Day Fiance: the Other Way Season 4?

In this new season, you will see five new couples, with one previous couple, Daniele and Yohan, from the "90-day fiance love in paradise" season 2. They fell in love and got engaged after six weeks of togetherness. So let's take quick steps with these couples to know them better in their upcoming journey of love, passion, romance, and expectations.

Jen from (Oklahoma) & Rishi from (India): "Love is shown more in deeds than in words" this saying is going to be tasted in the romantic journey of this couple as Rishi's family is hoping for an arranged marriage for Rishi and they are unaware of his relationship with Jen. This is not a love-at-first-sight kind of situation. Indeed Jen took almost a month to say "yes" to Rishi for their engagement after their first meeting in the hotel lobby.

Kris from (Alabama) & Jemi from (Colombia): When you "Trust your intention and be guided by love", you can do something that nobody can even imagine. Kris decided to move to Colombia to marry Jemi without meeting him in person. Kris has earned this courage while going through a struggling and challenging life to build a strong foundation for her family. The wedding bell started to ring just after she reached Colombia since their wedding was planned for a few days after her arrival.

90-Day Fiance: the Other Way Season 4

Nicole from (California) & Mahmoud from (Egypt): "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Nicole makes this romantic notion true when he falls in love with Mahmoud on the last day of her spiritual trip to Egypt, and the couple shows their passion for each other while getting engaged on the same day. Nicole went to Egypt to marry Mahmoud after three months without telling her relationship with him to her family and friends. It is time to show her strength and courage when she moved to Egypt to stay with her better half despite having lots of cultural deference.

Gabriel from (Florida) & Isabel (Colombia): To accept someone the way they are, "All you need is love". This couple proved this quote true when Gabe met and fell for Isabel on his work trip to Colombia. He is an entrepreneur, and Isabel accepts him with his reality as a transgender man, but he is afraid that Isabel's family may not accept this relationship.

Debbie from (Georgia) & Oussama from (Morocco): “Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age.” This couple has crossed the boundaries of 43 years of age gap while sharing their common passion for art. Even though Debbie decided to spend the rest of her life with Oussama in Morocco, she will probably face scepticism from her family.

Daniele from (New York) & Yohan from (Dominican Republic): To establish the reality of any romantic relationship, Daniele decided to follow the notion “Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.” Therefore, she decided to move to Yohan's place after marriage while leaving her entire life behind in NY.

What Twists and Turns have been Shown in the 90-day Fiance Trailer?

No love story reaches its destination without going through its rollercoaster ride, but " Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". The trailer of the show gives the highlights of each couple's journey with their highs and lows. After spending a passionate and intimate night, Kris and Jeymi got into a tempting fight on one of their trips. Debbie and Oussama also have gone through a heated argument after their romantic greetings at the airport.

When Daniele and Yohan started their argument over gender issues, Jen got upset with Rishi for sending a shirtless photo of him to one of her friends. Nicole and Mahmoud have been involved in an ugly argument about their cultural differences, and Isabel is trying to tell her family about Gabriel's secret. So, while watching the trailer, you can expect lots of spice, drama, and emotion in the upcoming season of this show.

When and Where to Watch 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4?

When you want to know what channel is 90-Day Fiance on, you will be glad to know that this show is the original series of TLC. So, with your TV subscription offering TLC service, you can stream the latest episode of this show. The latest season of 90-day will be aired on TLC on Sunday, 29th January at 8 pm ET/PT. It is also expected to be released on Discovery+ on the same day, but if the same-day release is unavailable, it will be available the next day.

How to watch 90-Day Fiance Online for Free?

If you don't have a conventional cable or satellite television connection, you can also watch all the seasons and episodes of the 90-day fiance online platform. So, let's see how to watch 90-day fiance for free. This show can be watched for free in the free trial of Philo & Fubo TV.

To watch 90-day fiance online for free, you can also try the free trial of Hulu+LiveTV service or the promotional offer of the Blue Package of Sling TV. You can also enjoy streaming on 90-Day Fiance's official channel on YouTube or YouTubeTV. Along with this, the latest episodes of the new season will be available on Discovery+. Besides, if you want to download episodes or shows like 90-day Fiance for watching offline, a third-party video downloader will be helpful. It supports you to save videos from almost all popular streaming websites.

Final Feed

This interesting input about the 90-day fiance new season would help you to feel the real flow of this show with your perception of passion for love. This new season would add a new dynamic to entertainment with spice in passion. So, you must watch all episodes of this show while following any option to watch 90-day fiance on your convenient platform and device.