Amazon Prime has been releasing banger shows and movies after banger. Their fanbase has grown significantly over the past few years. Even though they are a streaming giant, the downloading options are limited. The download expiration timer has left many perplexed, and that's why TuneBoto came onto the scene.

Tuneboto Amazon Video Downloader

In this article, we provide 5 of the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader options so you can enjoy what suits your needs. A little secret before you start reading: StreamFab Amazon Downloader is the best software similar to TuneBoto.

Best Alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader: StreamFab Amazon Downloader

If you want the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader and an all-in-one tool, StreamFab Amazon Downloader should be your choice. The tool lets you download Amazon Prime media and many other platforms. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more are supported with the best download quality.

Some of its best features make it the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader.

Tuneboto Alternative: StreamFab

Best Features

  • MP4 and MKV formats are supported with 1080P video quality and audio selection from EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0.
  • With regional restrictions bypassing and easy-to-remove ads, what more can you want from one Tuneboto alternative?
  • The best feature yet is their auto downloader, which saves new episodes automatically.
  • With the built-in browser, you can preview the content before downloading it.
  • The tool is trusted worldwide and has more than 80 M users.

Alternative 2: Audials Movie 2024

Audials Movie 2024 is one of the Best Tuneboto alternative because it uses AI to enhance your recording and streaming features. This AI feature adds another layer of quality that few others have. Let’s look at some of this tool's most notable features.

Audials Movie 2024

Best Features

  • You can capture and download media from many platforms and record live TV streaming with a link.
  • All the download media is lossless and of the highest quality.
  • You can convert from one format to another with ease to use on any device you like.
  • As the tool only captures playback, it is perfectly legal and doesn't infringe copyright laws.
  • The best tags and ads recognition can extract information from your favorite shows and save it in a perfect naming convention.
  • This TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader alternative will automatically remove those pesky ads from your downloaded files.

Alternative 3: Kigo Amazon Video Downloader

Kigo is the best alternative if you want access to the whole Amazon Prime media library. The tool works seamlessly on Windows and Mac. Please continue reading to know why this excellent tool is the best.

Kigo Amazon Video Downloader

Best Features

  • This fantastic software similar to TuneBoto, can be download in 1080P resolution in the highest-quality formats, like MKV and MP4.
  • Not just that, you don't have to search for subtitles as the tool automatically downloads them with original tracks of the best quality.
  • Every regional show is available at your fingertips with this fantastic tool.
  • The best part is that if you download it from, the video will be downloaded with original high-quality audio with the right subtitles for your language.
  • If you want to speed up the download speed, you can use the GPU video hardware acceleration, and voila! The download is done in seconds.

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Alternative 4: StreamGaGa Amazon Video Downloader

If you want to enjoy the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader and upgrade your streaming pleasure, you must try StreamGaGa. The tool is a one-stop shop that offers many options and platforms to explore. So why does it enhance your streaming experience? Let's find out.

 StreamGaGa Amazon Video Downloader

Best Features

  • Supports tons of platforms such as OnlyFans, Netflix, Disney Plus, Pornhub and more.
  • Supports easy download on both Windows and Mac with a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • If you want unlimited offline viewing for over 1500 services, StreamGaGa is the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader.
  • The individual platform subscription model allows the exploration of a single platform to the fullest.
  • No more ads, as the tool detects and removes each ad while downloading.

Alternative 5: MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader

Last but not least, MovPilot is the best Tuneboto alternative and has one of the best search engines that can search for your favorite show and movie from all platforms. You can also enhance your browsing with URL drops or keyword searches to find everything you need. Here are its top features.

MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader

Best Features

  • The best search and download feature, retaining the highest quality downloads.
  • 1080P streaming and downloading with 5.1 surround sound audio quality for the best experience.
  • You can select up to 6 languages in the audio files to change while streaming offline.
  • It supports faster download speeds, allowing for lossless quality and quicker viewing.
  • The batch downloader feature supports 5x the speed of its competitors.
  • Rip Amazon live videos into the formats that you enjoy on any device.

Comparison of the TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader Alternatives

TuneBoto Alternatives




StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Monthly: $39.99.

Yearly: $69.99.

Lifetime: $89.99

  • Supports the most popular streaming platforms.
  • Easily bypass regional restrictions.
  • Best quality downloads in 1080P and HQ audio.
  • Best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader
  • The premium version is a bit expensive.

Audials Movie 2024

Lifetime: $49.9

  • It allows you to download the audio track separately.
  • Extract ID3 info, among other features, such as subtitles.
  • Batch recording is possible with this Tuneboto alternative
  • The movie recording feature is slow and takes a long time.
  • Sometimes, it has static or other noise when recording audio.

Kigo Amazon Video Downloader

Monthly: $14.95

Yearly: $59.95

Lifetime: $129.90

  • With a lifetime supply of movies with limitless downloads.
  • You can download shows and movies from Amazon in full HD.
  • Supports up to 3 language detection and downloads.
  • It's not good if you want to download anything below 1080P.

StreamGaGa Amazon Video Downloader

Monthly: $19.90

Yearly: $59.9

Lifetime: $149.9

  • Easily download videos from all regions.
  • Ad free download and crystal clear visuals.
  • Batch download supported for this Best Tuneboto alternative
  • Doesn’t work with some platforms.
  • Customer services could be better.

MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader

Monthly: $15.95

Yearly: $59.95

Lifetime: $128.95

  • Download the best quality with MP4/MKV support.
  • You can use video acceleration hardware to control your download speed.
  • Saves the download file in its original quality with subtitles.
  • You cannot even download a full video using the free version.


This article aims to share the 5 Best TuneBoto alternative options because TuneBoto isn't perfect. Due to its limitations, many users turn to other tools. So, why stick to one if you have better options to enjoy your movies and shows?

If you are in the same boat and want to enjoy your shows seamlessly, the best alternative to TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader is StreamFab. StreamFab Amazon Downloader is a fantastic tool with many features and stability that others promise but do not deliver. In this article, we have shared all the unique features of this software similar to TuneBoto. Download today and try it for free, and if you don't like it, which is highly unlikely, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.