It is not essential whether someone listens to your words; it is the awakening when you listen to the words that make people follow your actions. So, in the process of evolution, when you grow in every aspect of your life, the inspirational, motivational, and path-breaking speeches of the best TED talks could bring revolutionary changes in your journey of life. The substance of the three words Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) can accumulate the entire essence of your life in the small stage of a TED talk. So, let's have the highlights of the top 8 best TED talks to stay one step ahead in life and get to know how to save them with a video downloader

Top 8 Best Tedtalk of All Time 

1."Do School Kill Creativity": Sir Ken Robinson

Being a British author, speaker, and International advisor on education, Sir Ken Robinson delivered a speech about children's educational system at the TED official conference in 2006. It got 65 million views worldwide. In his speech, he challenged the stereotype of the education system of school by highlighting the organic exposure of kids' creativity and intelligence. He put his notion in words by saying, " if you are not able to be wrong, you will never come up with something original." His revolutionary thoughts about the educational system's foundation reached the audience's heart, and his speech has become one of the best TED talks of all time. 

2.  "How Great Leaders Inspire Action": Simon Sinek 

Simon Oliver Sinek is a British-American inspirational speaker and author. In 2009 his inspirational speech on "How great leaders inspire action" in front of a small group of 50 audiences suddenly became a sensation among 50.8 million people. It also became the second most watched TED talk in a brief period. In his talk, he started with the question "Why," which is referred to in one of his most talked about books, "Starts with Why." In his talk, he sighted the example of giant companies, leaders, messages, organizations, and people that actively or passively inspires us. And to explain the reason behind these inspirations, he started "a naturally occurring pattern, grounded in the biology of human decision making." His unique thoughts of being inspired by others have made his speech the best leadership TED talks ever. 

3.  "Why Can't we talk about our periods": Dr. Jen Gunter 

Who else would have been the best speaker about periods than a Gynecologist? So, the Canadian-American gynecologist and New Work columnist started talking about periods and taboos attached to them in our society in December 2019 TED talk; it became one of the best TED talks in 2020. When her speech evokes the thought that "It shouldn't be an act of feminism to know how your body works," at the age of 40, you still have a lot more to know about your menstruation cycle. She raised the question of why adults are still struggling to talk about "period" or "vagina" and referred to them as "Women's things." Even if these words are neither slang nor misinformation in medical terms, people are still unintentionally uncomfortable. This conviction makes it normal that it's ok not to talk about these distinct aspects of our bodies. This one of the best TED talks would not only open up your thoughts but would also open your mouth to be vocal about periods. 

4.  "How every child can thrive by five": Molly Wright

Who says you need to be grown up to be successful in your life when a Grade 2 seven years old little girl showed the real power of upbringing in one of the best TED talks in 2021? This youngest TED talker makes 1.3 billion people worldwide dumbfounded with her speech on child's growth and brain development till the age of five. Since 90% of our brain has been developed at an early age, according to Molly, doing five things like playing, connecting, talking, healthy home, and community can build the foundation of an adult's life at the age of five. To define the importance of good parenting, she said, "peak-a-boo can change the world." 

5.  "The Puzzle of Motivation": Dan Pink 

New York Times bestsellers American author Daniel H. Pink delivered a powerful, motivational and thought-evoking speech in the 2009 TED talk based on one of his best-selling books, "Drive." In this one of the best leadership TED talks, he highlights the difference between science and business while referring to it as a "Fundamental mismatch." He demonstrated that even though social scientists understand that the standard reward of incentives doesn't work in motivation, business owners have failed to catch up with this loop. While mentioning a psychological experiment of "Candle Problem," he tried to grab the attention to the core of the problem of misguided solutions offered to the employees in their profession. 

6.  "The 1 minute secret to forming a new habit": Christine Carter 

Sociologist Christine Carter's speech on forming a new habit in TED talk has become one of the best TED talks in 2021. In her talk, she draws attention to how people work hard on their instinctively taken resolution or goal and get disheartened after failures in their process. Instead

of being too hard on yourself, she showed a few simple steps to transform your mindset to achieve your goal with ease. She tried to focus on taking small but consistent steps toward any goals instead of being the best or perfect in one go. 

7.  "The link between climate change, health, and poverty": Cheryl Holder 

As a member of the American College of Physicians, Cheryl Holder grabs the attention of a global audience to the most important and contemporary topic of environmental issues and human health. Her awareness-spreading speech on how the changing climate impacted poor and vulnerable people's health caused one of the best TED talks in 2020. The social discrimination of poor and rich is significantly visible in their health condition while facing uncontrollable climate changes. So, this TED talk will be one of the best TED talks of all time. 

8.  "Your body language may shape who you are": Amy Cuddy 

American social psychologist, author, and speaker Amy Joy Casselberry Cuddy clear the basic concept of how our body language reflects our personality. In the best TED talks of all time, she points out the slight differences between people's outlook towards you and how you look at yourself. She provides an argument on the notion of "power posing" that symbolizes a particular body gesture of showing confidence even if you are not feeling confident. This TED talk would help you unfold your hidden personality to your real self. 

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Is there any time limit on TED talks?

Even though every TED talk has different time limits, the standard maximum time limit set by TED talk is 18 minutes, and speakers are requested to deliver their speeches in 3, 5, or 9 minutes. 

What is the purpose of TED talks?

The main motto of the TED talk is to create global awareness about different social, political, environmental, professional, and many other issues. Another purpose is to educate people.

What are the highest-rated TED talks in 2022? 

● The Happy Secret to Better Work 

● 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams 

● Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance 

● 8 Secrets of Success 

Final Thought 

Are you a regular watcher of the best TED talk content? Then you probably know how intriguing and infectious these speeches are. However, if you have missed any of the masterpieces of the TED world, the top 8 best TED talks would keep you on the right track with the right motivation. And staying clutched with Stream Fab All-in-One Downloader would never let you go out of the way of your favorite TED territory.