What is AniWorld?

Aniworld or also called aniworld.to is a German website that streams anime content for free. It has gained popularity worldwide due to its high-quality content and extensive library that covers various genres such as adventure, fantasy, sports, and comedy. 

Here, you can easily get the latest releases and classic Japanese movies, shows, plays, or others of your choice within seconds. The platform's user interface, dubbing, and subtitles are designed to appeal to Western users. 

What is AniWorld?

How to Watch Anime Videos on AniWorld?

Many users explore Google for this query. And the procedure is simple; 

  • First, you must have the right URL of the website (aniworld. to) as there are several similar platforms.
  • Once opened, choose the desired show via the homepage, calendar, or alphabet.
  • Alternatively, you can use the top navigation bar to find the "Animes" section and explore your preferred anime using the keywords.
  • After that, you will proceed to select a preferred AniWorld stream/hoster and language for streaming. The available hosters include VOE, Doodstream, Vidoza, and Streamtape.
  • According to the author's test results, VOE is highly recommended as it only displays popup ads instead of page ads. Additionally, the VOE player provides clear and easy navigation.

Each hosting platform has its unique features such as advertisements, player quality, and more. Among the four hosting platforms, VOE stands out as the superior one due to its supply of popup ads instead of page ads. Additionally, it is user-friendly and offers a high-quality viewing experience. 

How to Watch Anime Videos on AniWorld?

AniWorld Review

However, being a free platform, Aniworld also has some drawbacks. For example, there is no option to download the video and this is not healthy for those anime enthusiasts who want to stream their favorite shows while traveling. Besides, anime lovers have to face too many popup ads; and this is irritative. 

Now the question arises, despite Aniworld being a top anime streaming service, how can you watch your favorite shows? How to avoid irritative ads to get a seamless streaming experience on Uniworld? And most importantly, how to download Aniworld videos for offline viewing when there is no download option?

Let's read on to get answers to all these questions.

How to Download AniWorld Videos for Offline Viewing?

This free video streaming app offers an attractive, rich library that is easy to navigate. Here you will see all shows sorted by different categories like most popular at Aniworld, the 50 latest episodes, latest anime, anime calendar, currently trending now, etc.

Can You Download AniWorld Videos Within Its Website? - No

However, you can only watch all these online. If you ask to download Aniworld videos using the app itself, then you will be disappointed as there is no download option. But there is nothing impossible in this digital app.

Yes, it's still possible to download Aniworld videos to watch in the future – but using a third-party video download. In this part, we will introduce you to a top and free anime video downloader – StreamFab YouTube Downloader.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader – Best AniWorld Video Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader will let you download videos, music, TV shows, and other series from YouTube, Facebook, and more than 1000 other websites, including AniWorld. It also supports websites that use non-encryption M3U8 technology. The software is capable of automatically detecting and downloading videos. You can download videos with a maximum resolution of 8K. StreamFab supports multitasking and allows playlists to be downloaded. It can also play and download videos in the background. 

Key Features of StreamFab YouTube Downloader:

  • Downloads videos and music from 1000+ sites, including AniWorld, YouTube, Facebook, etc. 
  • Automatically detects video streams that are played in its built-in browser 
  • Downloads videos in MP4/MKV/MP3 format in the selected video quality 
  • It lets users preselect a desired video quality from 360p to 2160p
  • Supports quality of 320 Kb/s on Music Download 
  • Supports saving videos at a 10x superfast turbo speed 
  • Supports saving videos in the chosen subtitle language and audio tracks 
  • Allows multitasking download to save time 
  • Automatically downloads the newly updated videos from any subscribed YouTube Channel

How to Download AniWorld Videos Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

Step 1: Download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader

To get started, begin by downloading and installing StreamFab Video Downloader. 


Step 2: Access the AniWorld website via the built-in browser

Launch StreamFab, paste the AniWorld website into the search bar, and StreamFab's built-in browser will let you access the website.

How to Download AniWorld Videos Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

Step 3: Locate AniWorld videos you want to download and play it.  

Now, navigate through the AniWorld website. Select and play the desired video/show/movie or song from the website.

How to Download AniWorld Videos Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

Step 4: Customize the video and start to download.

Customize the video output by adjusting the video resolution, audio tracks, and subtitle language. Finally, click the Download Now button to download AniWorld video instantly. 

How to Download AniWorld Videos Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader?


Conclusively, AniWorld is a lively and diverse application to watch anime and animated videos. Despite many advantages, it also has some restrictions like the absence of offline viewing or downloading video. Besides, AniWorld has no premium plans to skip the advertisements.

Luckily, StreamFab YouTube Downloader is a viable option for downloading AniWorld videos in offline mode. The program fully supports AniWorld enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their preferred shows and movies for free.