download youtube video from wayback machine

The Wayback Machine, a digital time capsule developed by the Internet Archive, is renowned for archiving web pages and preserving the evolution of the Internet. Beyond its primary function, it houses a diverse collection of videos, ranging from vintage commercials to interviews and viral moments.

In this guide, we explore various methods of how to download video from wayback machine. Whether you're driven by nostalgia, research, or the desire to share, this journey into Wayback Machine video downloads offers a key to unlocking the past and sharing it with those who appreciate the internet's captivating journey through time.

5 Tested Ways On How To Download Video From Wayback Machine

Downloading videos from the Wayback Machine, is a straightforward process, requiring only the easily obtainable video's link. Among the five methods outlined below, choose any to download YouTube video from Wayback Machine. To save you time, this table allows you to compare different wayback machine video downloaders at a glance.

Downloaders Output Formats Output Resolution Ad removal Batch Download Processing Speed
StreamFab MP4/MP3/MKV Up to 8K Supported Supported 10x turbo fast speed
ScreenRec MP4 Up to 1080p Not Supported Not Supported Medium
DownloadHelper Extension MP4 Up to 1080p Not Supported Not Supported Medium
SaveFrom.Net MP4 Up to 4K Not Supported Not Supported Medium
Curl MP4 Up to 1080p Not Supported Not Supported Medium

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader provides a comprehensive solution for downloading online videos from Wayback Machine, YouTube, Facebook, and over 1000 websites at high speeds, offering quality up to 4K/8K in MP4, MP3, and MKV formats.

As one of the best wayback machine video downloaders, StreamFab extends its capabilities to analyze and download videos from DRM-protected websites, which ensures a versatile video downloading experience. The built-in browser enhances the selection process, offering convenience and better control. The Discover function keeps users updated on trending movies and TV shows.

download video from wayback machine

How to download video from wayback machine with StreamFab?

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Download and launch the StreamFab Video Downloader to access its main interface.

Step 2

Select Streaming Service & Enter URL

To download videos from wayback machine, navigate to the Explore section. Now, enter the URL or keywords of the Wayback Machine video you want to download in the provided search field.

how to download video from wayback machine

Step 3

Customize Download Options

Customize download options such as file format, quality, audio and subtitle language, and the number of seasons to download according to your preferences.

how to download video from wayback machine

Step 4

Initiate Download Process

Click the Download button to initiate the download process. The videos will be downloaded while you watch or can be added to the queue.

Screen Recorder Software – ScreenRec

wayback machine video downloader

For a seamless way to download video from Wayback Machine, ScreenRec stands out as the optimal free video capture software for Windows and Linux. This lightweight tool allows unlimited HD video recording with a microphone and computer audio without watermarks or limitations.

How to download video from wayback machine with ScreenRec?

Step 1

Navigate to the Wayback Machine Website and Locate the Video

Commence by accessing the Wayback Machine's website and locate the exact video you are seeking. Select the relevant snapshot or date range that includes the desired video content.

Step 2

Launch ScreenRec & Configure Settings

Open ScreenRec on your computer before the Wayback Machine page fully loads. Designate the recording area, adjust settings such as audio input, and set preferences.

Step 3

Initiate Recording

Begin recording by pressing a designated hotkey. Conclude the video playback and cease the recording process by clicking the 'Stop' or 'Finish' button within the screen recording software.

Step 4

Review Recorded Video

Check the recorded video to confirm smooth capture without any technical issues.

Video DownloadHelper Extension

wayback machine video downloader

Another user-friendly method to download videos from Wayback Machine involves using the Video DownloadHelper browser extension. This can streamline the process, allowing direct video downloads without extra software or intricate steps.

How to download videos from wayback machine via Extension?

Step 1

Install the Extension

Begin by installing the Video DownloadHelper extension.

Step 2

Navigate to Wayback Machine

After installation, proceed to the Wayback Machine's website and identify the video you wish to download. Choose the specific snapshot or date range that includes your desired video content.

Step 3

Play Video & Locate Extension Icon

Initiate video playback on the Wayback Machine's platform by playing the selected video. Look for the browser extension icon in your toolbar, typically near the address bar.

Step 4

Optimize File Saving

If you prefer quick downloads with default settings, click the three-dots sign beside an item. This reveals a list of actions. Check "Use this action as default" and click "Quick Download" to start immediate downloading. For subsequent downloads, open the extension panel and click the item in the list (not the plus sign).

SaveFrom.Net: Online Video Downloader

wayback machine video downloader

If you wish to download video from Wayback Machine, online video downloaders provide a viable solution. SaveFrom.Net Online Video Downloader is a user-friendly platform that allows you to input the video URL and generate a downloadable link without extra software. The downloader supports various video qualities and seamlessly integrates with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more.

How to download video from wayback machine via online tool?

Step 1

Access SaveFrom.Net Online Video Downloader

Begin by visiting the SaveFrom.Net online video downloader website & past the URL of the video you wish to download from Wayback Machine's website.

Step 2

Choose Quality and Format

Select your preferred quality and format options from the choices presented.

Step 3

Initiate Download

Click the "Download" button next to the input field to carry out wayback machine video download.

Step 4

Modify the URL for Quick Access & Wait for Processing

Enhance efficiency by adding "" or "" before the URL and press Enter. Allow SaveFrom.Net to process the video and generate the download link.

Curl Command Line Tool

wayback machine video downloader

Curl, a powerful command-line tool, facilitates seamless data retrieval from servers, covering protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. Curl emerges as an ideal solution if you aim to download video from Wayback Machine with precision and flexibility. This wayback machine video downloader allows command-line interaction for tailored video downloads from specific URLs, offering advanced customization options. This method is well-suited for those comfortable with command-line interfaces, providing an efficient means to integrate downloads into scripts or automation workflows.

How to download videos from wayback machine via Curl?

Step 1

Install Curl and Open Command Line

Begin by installing the Curl command line tool, then open the command line interface on your system.

Step 2

Navigate to Download Directory

Move to the directory where you want to store the downloaded Wayback Machine video file.

Step 3

Copy the Video URL & Enter Download Command

Copy the URL of the desired Wayback Machine video from the archive. Enter the appropriate Curl command to initiate the download in the command line interface.

Step 4

Wait for Processing

Allow Curl to process the Wayback Machine video URL and download the video file to your specified directory.


The Wayback Machine serves as a robust tool for unveiling internet history, housing archives encompassing web pages and videos. Learning how to download video from Wayback Machine opens the door to preserving and enjoying multimedia content from the past. Our discussion explored various methods, including screen recorders, browser extensions, online video downloaders, and command line tools. However, StreamFab Video Downloader is the most comprehensive solution, offering multiple formats, fast speed, batch downloading, subtitle support, and more for all your video downloading needs.