Swiping trendy TikTok videos on your devices is one of the most fascinating and fun times for TikTok users. Sometimes a 15 seconds video makes you rewatch it more than 15 times to cherish the hilarious moments again and again. For repeat and flexible watch of your favorite TikTok videos, you tend to enjoy TikTok saved videos on your convenient device. 

However, if you want to clear up old and outdated TikTok saved videos, you first need to find them, and then you can delete them from your TikTok saved videos list. So, here you will learn how to find and delete saved videos on TikTok and how to download private TikTok videos with the top 5 tools before you delete them.


How to Find Saved Videos on TikTok?

There is no point in saving TikTok videos if you can't find them whenever needed. You may share your saved TikTok video to another social media platform, what's app, or you can use the saved TikTok videos to create new videos. To do this, you must find and access your saved TikTok videos as quickly as possible. So, let's see how to find saved TikToks.

Open the TikTok app on your device having internet and log into your TikTok account, and you will be taken to the app's Homepage.


Head to the "Profile icon" at the bottom right side. You will be taken to the page where you will see your detail, such as name TikTok username.


After reaching the profile page, select the "Lock" icon and click on it to see the saved videos on TikTok.


After clicking on the "lock" icon, you will see a list of all the saved videos on TikTok, and you can select and see your desired saved video.


How to Delete Saved Videos on TikTok?

After saving lots of TikTok videos, if you feel like deleting a few of them or all of them, here you go with the steps of how to delete a video off TikTok.

Select the TikTok video you want to delete from the stored video page. Next, click the "Save" option again to delete the video from the video list.
You will get a Golden/ Yellow bookmark icon. You will see the same button you used to save the video. You must click on the button, and it will turn white.
The TikTok video you have selected for removal will be deleted, and you won't find it in the saved video list.

How to Download Private TikTok Videos Before Deleting Them?

Now that we've covered how to find and delete saved videos on TikTok, let's move onto another important topic. It can be quite useful to download private TikTok videos without watermark for personal use or archiving.

This practice serves as a backup strategy for your favorite content or any important videos that you may want to revisit in the future even after they are removed from the platform. Furthermore, having these videos without watermarks offers a cleaner viewing experience free from distractions. Now Let's dive right in the top 5 tools that can easily download private TikTok videos without a watermark.

1. StreamFab TikTok Downloader

If you are a passionate TikTok fan and love to explore its funny and entertaining videos in your offline world, StreamFab TikTok Downloader is a one-stop shop. This software lets you download any TikTok video without a watermark on your Windows or Mac computer. While removing ads to adding subtitles, you can do various customization to your TikTok downloads. 

  • Get watermark-free content from TikTok for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with up to 1080p & AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Get MP4/MP3/MKV format for flexible access to TikTok videos on any device.
  • Explore TikTok videos with its in-built browser.

How to download private TikTok video without watermark with StreamFab TikTok Downloader?

After downloading & installing the software on your PC, go to the "streaming service" option.
Find the TikTok website from the website list shown on the right side and log in to your TikTok account. Find the audio-video content to download & play the video.

StreamFab All-In-One

Once you get the video, a dialogue box will open for output profile customization with TikTok audio, video quality, format, language, etc.

StreamFab All-In-One

After the profile selection process, hit the "Download" option to get the watermark-free TikTok video for your offline watch.

2. Inflact


Inflact is one of the most trendy tools to download TikTok private videos without a watermark or "Save Video" option. This tool lets you save as many video clips as you want for your flexible offline watch or other video creation purpose. This 100% free program allows you to save multiple TikTok videos while following a simple registration process.

  • Download private TikTok videos and remove TikTok watermark
  • Share multiple TikTok video clips as a single unit to any other social media platform to see them all at once.
  • All devices, OS & browser compatible, including desktop, mobile, tablet, chrome browser, etc
  • Simple TikTok video URL copy & paste option for downloading



TIKCD is a simple online program to download private TikTok videos on your Android or iOS devices with a few clicks. While making a long press on your desired TikTok video that you feel like saving without a watermark, you will get a "Share" and save clip option. After selecting both options, you can download private TikTok videos or any other public video without a watermark.

  • Download private TikTok videos instantly on Android/iOS
  • Save blocked videos in a seconds
  • It lets you download TikTok videos without the "Save" option
  • To use this tool on your mobile device, no registration/ installation required

4. Pastedownload


Pastedownload offers flexible features and facilities to download private TikTok videos on any device or OS. You can access this free online tool using any web browser without any registration and installation hassle. With a simple interface, this TikTok downloader gets you watermark-free video for offline use while maintaining its original quality. 

  • Download TikTok private videos in batches simultaneously
  • Get TikTok downloads in Mp4/Mp3 format for all device compatibility
  • It supports all devices, including computers, mobile, tablets, etc
  • TikTok video quality, file size & resolution selection options are available

5. SmallTik


To download private TikTok videos for their multi-purpose offline use SmallTik free online tool is the ultimate one with multiple functions. With the smart TikTok video URL copy & paste method, you can download private TikTok videos on your computer or phone.

  • You can try any standard web browser to access this tool
  • Get downloads within a few clicks & seconds
  • No registration or separate software installation is required to use this tool.
  • This free & fast tool offers high-quality downloads.


If you need more space on your mobile by removing the old TikTok saved videos, you can easily do that by following the simple steps of how to delete saved videos on TikTok. However, to remove the saved videos, you also follow the guideline of how to find the saved videos on TikTok. Once you make space for your new TikTok videos, get started with StreamFab to download your desired TikTok videos permanently with unlimited customization.


How to Save a TikTok Video? 

TikTok app > select video to save > click "Share" option > click on "Save" option. If you can't find the save option, it implies that the video owner doesn't permit you to save the video.

Can I Find TikTok Saved Videos When I Open the App on a Web Browser?

No, in the web version, the "Saved Posts" section is not available. So, you can find your TikTok saved videos only on TikTok mobile version.