When we think of the History Channel, we often associate it with dull past events. However, it has undergone a remarkable transformation, now featuring a unique blend of historical content and fictional stories that appeal to a global audience.

While other similar channels faced challenges in the era of online streaming, History TV adapted to new technology. If you're a History Channel fan, you're in the right spot. Today, we'll discuss how to enjoy the History Channel schedule offline and easily download your favorite shows with a single click.

How Can I Check the HISTORY Channel Schedule? 

Curious about what's on the HISTORY Channel tonight? It's easy to find out. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit HISTORY.com.
  2. Navigate to the schedule section to view today's, tonight's, or any other day's HISTORY Channel schedule.

HISTORY Channel Schedule

How Can You Watch The History Channel Online?

Contrary to popular belief, a cable subscription isn't required to watch the latest episodes on History Channel. You can try out the various streaming platforms listed below:

Sling TV

If you're fed up with cable problems, consider switching to Sling TV. It's a platform where you can enjoy HISTORY Channel programs along with a selection of popular channels without the need for a cable subscription. Sling TV comes in two main packages, namely Blue and Orange. The History Channel is part of the Sling TV Orange package, including ESPN. For just $20, you can experience live sports and cable news while avoiding hefty bills. It offers an easy-to-navigate interface, a live guide, and dependable streaming quality.

Watch The History Channel Online: Sling TV

Philo TV

Philo offers a straightforward method for live streaming the HISTORY Channel. Provide your phone number to enjoy a free 48-hour trial and start streaming your favorite HISTORY Channel programs. Remember, though, that you can't use Philo to sign in to HISTORY apps or websites. This live TV streaming service features a vast selection of over 70 popular lifestyle and entertainment networks. If you're a fan of reality TV, this app is a great choice. 

Watch The History Channel Online: Philo TV


Experience your eagerly anticipated HISTORY shows with a complimentary trial on Hulu, the largest online streaming platform. It boasts an impressive channel lineup, and you gain access to its extensive library of on-demand TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, Hulu Live does not provide a free trial at the moment.

Watch The History Channel Online: Hulu

Frndly TV

A fantastic way to enjoy the History Channel without a cable subscription is through Frndly TV. Frndly TV offers more than 40 networks, regardless of the subscription tier you select. It includes History Channel and Military History in its channel lineup. Frndly TV primarily focuses on lifestyle and entertainment networks, along with several niche sports channels, making it an excellent choice for reality TV fans. You can test it out with a complimentary seven-day free trial.

Watch The History Channel Online: Frndly TV


DIRECTV STREAM, previously known as AT&T TV, offers a compelling cable alternative with several appealing features. Its user-friendly menu and navigation system make it easy to explore and use. With its base plan, you can stream the History Channel online, allowing you to watch live content and even go back up to three days to catch up on previously aired shows on demand. To help you decide if it suits your preferences, you can test the service with a complimentary five-day trial.

Watch The History Channel Online: DIRECTV STREAM

Most Popular Programs to Enjoy on the History Channel

Alone Australia

Alone Australia features ten skilled outdoor survivalists dropped into the vast and isolated Tasmanian wilderness, tasked with enduring harsh conditions and outlasting their fellow competitors. Each participant must self-document their solitary existence, making do with limited supplies and experiencing no human contact. The last remaining participant claims the prize of $250,000.

American Jungle

In 'American Jungle,' we witness the achievements of families who have chosen to embrace a life deeply rooted in their beloved land. Much like their ancestors, these hunters opt for traditional tools like knives and spears to track and take down their quarry, which includes feral bulls, wild boars, goats, and rams. Each clan charts a distinct path through the jungle, chasing its prey as it seeks water during the dry season, leading to confrontations over ancestral trails. 

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens delves into the contentious hypothesis that extraterrestrial beings have been coming to Earth for millions of years. Spanning from the time of dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave art to ongoing mass sightings in the United States, each episode in this popular HISTORY series provides historical context to the inquiries, conjectures, intriguing disputes, eyewitness testimonies, and well-founded theories associated with this longstanding discussion. 

Programs on History Channel: Ancient Aliens

Mountain Men Alaska

Mountain Men Alaska is a series on the HISTORY Channel that showcases the lives of individuals who have chosen to live in remote wilderness areas, far away from modern conveniences, providing an intimate look into their rugged lifestyles. Season twelve introduces a diverse group of pioneers with unique skills who thrive off-grid in various wilderness settings.

The Curse Of Oak Island

The Curse Of Oak Island follows a team's efforts to explore and excavate the mysterious Oak Island, searching for valuable treasures. They work on extending a shaft in the Money Pit area, drilling strategically to uncover valuable targets, and investigating various structures on the island, including ancient stone features.

Programs on History Channel: The Curse Of Oak Island

Enjoy Offline Viewing of History Channel Shows With StreamFab

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StreamFab Video Downloader

Features of StreamFab Video Downloader

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Steps To Download Shows From History Channel TV Schedule With StreamFab Video Downloader

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Begin by installing the StreamFab software and launching it. When opened, you'll see the main interface.

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

For downloading shows from the History Channel TV Schedule, navigate to the Explore and paste your video link or to the Streaming Services section and select your preferred website among options like Hulu, DIRECTV, etc.

Download Shows From History Channel TV Schedule With StreamFab Video Downloader

Step 3

Customize the file

Browse the chosen website and select the video you'd like to watch. Before downloading, tailor your experience by selecting audio and subtitle languages, and choose how many seasons to download.

Download Shows From History Channel TV Schedule With StreamFab Video Downloader

Step 4

Click the download button

The selected video will begin downloading automatically as you watch it, or you can add it to a download queue.


Is There a HISTORY Channel App? 

Yes, there is a HISTORY Channel app available for Android and Apple devices.

How Can I Get the HISTORY Channel App? 

You can locate it on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and the iTunes Store. For Roku users, the HISTORY app is available in the Roku Channel Store. 


In a world where the past meets imagination, HISTORY Channels offer a perfect blend for those who love to delve into history with a touch of creativity. With user-friendly features and comprehensive content lists, planning your binge-watching hours becomes a breeze. Whether you opt for a subscription on the various streaming platforms we've discussed or prefer the convenience of offline viewing, StreamFab Video Downloader stands ready to be your ultimate ally to enjoy the entire History Channel schedule. So, go ahead, embark on your historical journey, and relish the wonders of the past, all at your fingertips.