Can you imagine that despite being one of the leading cinema hosting brands worldwide, Odeon refused to showcase the blockbuster movies like "Rambo" in 2008 in the UK and "Alice in Wonderland" in 2010 on all its screens in UK, Italy and Ireland?

As one of the top cinema brands in UK, Odeon seems not providing all the content you want. This article gives you a short ride to the different dimensions of Odeon cinema with its past expansion, innovation, and future notion.

odeon cinema

What is Odeon Cinema all about?

Odeon Cinema is the "largest movie exhibition company in the world," according to its owner company AMC Theater. However, before achieving leadership in the cinema-hosting industry, Odeon started its journey as an independent cinema-hosting platform 95 years back. 

It is believed that the founder of this platform Oscar Deutsch kept the name "Odeon" to convey his intention of "Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation" to all movie lovers. However, "Odeon" stands for Cinemas in France and Italy.

How does Odeon evolve to be a brand?

Even though Odeon Cinema has become the first choice for all movie lovers worldwide, this company has gone through several ups and downs with multiple ownership changes before becoming an international cinema hosting brand. 

After single-handed ownership for initial 10 years, it was handed over to the Rank Organization that owned the company for sixty years. In 2016 the entire Odeon Cinema Group was owned by AMC theaters as a subsidiary. 

odeon cinema

Now, being the largest cinema operator in Europe, through subsidiaries, this brand has 360 plus cinemas, with 2900 screens in 14 European countries and 120 cinemas with 960 screens in the United Kingdom. Odeon Cinema has revised approximately 2.2 million guests every week.

Does Odeon get affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Since Covid-19 has impacted every business and industry, Odeon Cinema is no exception. While humanity has been struggling for its existence and survival, Odeon has also struggled for its sustainability. After the lockdown announcement, Odeon closed all its UK theaters.

The company has faced a $125 million loss in a month because of the closure and has also been running out of emergency funds.

odeon cinema

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In 2020 Odeon Cinema banned all Universal Picture movies because the production house didn't release a few of its films in theaters. Instead, these movies were distributed on OTT platforms. According to the AMC Theater, the ban was executed in 1000 Odeon Cinema outlets worldwide even after the pandemic.

While comprehending this sudden shift in the form of digital entertainment, the big production houses have already started to diversify their services accordingly.

What does Odeon offer in its exclusive service

So, after being aware of the basic driving force of the Odeon Cinema, it's time to know what makes this service exclusive to its audience. 

Let's have a detailed idea about the exclusive service of Odeon.

Multiple Cinema Screens 


isense odeon

If you ask what is iSense Odeon, you will be overwhelmed to know that Odeon will take your cinema viewing experience to another level with the high-end audio-visual effects of the iSense cinema screen.

  • It offers four times more resolution with 9 million pixels than a standard screen with a 4K projector screen.
  • The experience sounds with the double effects of Dolby Atmos Speakers all around the theater.
  • The widescreen expands from floor to ceiling to give detailed clarity in your viewing with visual impact.
  • Comfortable seating makes your cinematic experience exclusive and memorable.


odeon dolby

With the Dolby screen, while enjoying your favorite film, you start living those moments with crystal clear pictures and sound effects.

  • Enjoy Dolby Atmos weaves with an immersive sonic tapestry.
  • With Dolby vision, you will experience next-level color contrast with an intense balance of bright and dark.
  • This screen offers luxurious recliner seatings to experience excellence in cinema projection with comfort and perfection.


odeon imax

This is another screen to make your movie-watching experience exceptional and unforgettable with its heart-pounding audio and wide-stretched screen from floor to ceiling.

  • You experience cutting-edge projection technology with the brightest and sharpest images.
  • Explore dynamic color contrast and subtle details in your visual effects.
  • Transform your mood with the transition in the Dolby sound from the explosive vibration to pin-drop silence with subtle sound.

Membership Plans 


With this free-to-join membership plan, you will get exclusive advantages of rewards, offers, and content according to your customization.

  • Special access to limited-time offers.
  • Get discounts on selected shows with myOdeon Saver tickets.
  • Get customized offers through the myOdeon app.
  • Enjoy booking-amend with self-service refunds.
  • Receive personalized movie recommendations depending on your preference.


With this fixed monthly membership scheme, you can watch any movie as often as you want.

  • Get a 10% discount on selected food & drink. 
  • Get an opportunity to see the movies before they get released.
  • With a monthly payment of £14.99, you will enjoy the plan with a 3 months minimum term.

odeon membership

Hospitality & Food 

  • It offers much more than soft drinks, coffee, and popcorn.
  • It offers Costa Coffee in many cinemas.
  • There is a cocktail lounge named Oscar's bar at ODEON Luxe and some sites.
  • Along with cinema hosting, they also host "Live Events" like Dance, Live Sports, Music, Cultural events, Gaming, etc.

Additional Amenities 

  • Online ticket booking option.
  • Avoid standing in a queue with a self-ticket collecting option.
  • It has decided on an app for iOS & Android platforms.
  • It provides a separate service in its Guest Service Centre.
  • It offers premium service to 18 years & above customers with fine dining experience & a gallery at six locations.

What does the audience feel about Odeon Cinema?

When most of the audience expresses their reactions with a smiling face and positive vibration while having their best time in Odeon Cinema, some people expect more from the service.

odeon staff

While some say it's a chilling and refreshing experience for them to watch a movie in Odeon with the friendly hospitality of the staff, some get disappointed when he is asked to show his son's id at the entrance. So, instead of being judgmental, you must make your own experience with Odeon Cinema.

How to cancel the Odeon LIMITLESS membership plan?

If you have made the online payment for your myLIMITLESS membership plan within 14 days, you can cancel your plan anytime by calling the Limitless Customer Service Line on 0333 0044411. With the cancellation, you get a refund of your payment with the deduction of the membership benefits offered to you before the cancellation.

  • If you are paying for the monthly membership plan, you must give one month's notice before leaving the plan. During the notice period, Odeon will cancel your plan, and the membership will be ended after the date you paid up to.


  • If you have paid for the membership plan for 12 months, the plan will be automatically canceled once the tenure is over. Therefore, you need to rejoin the plan to continue the membership.


  • Due to any medical emergency or relocation issue outside the UK, you can cancel the plan within the minimum membership period if you cannot use the plan for at least the last eight weeks.

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Last Word 

So, when you want to know the most interesting information about Odeon Cinema, this article has given you the most useful inputs to be well aware of the glory of this celebrated cinema-hosting platform. However, suppose you want to repeat this exclusive cinema-watching experience in your customizable offline watch.

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