DAZN is the first choice for sports fans in Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries. There are some great DAZN games or interviews with your favorite players that you always want to watch again and again. So at this time you may be thinking about whether you can record DAZN videos.

If you want to have backup DAZN videos for viewing even when there is no network connection, this article will help you record DAZN videos in the most time-saving and labor-saving way and then watch them offline.

Let's get started!

Can You Record on DAZN?

Screen Record DAZN

You might first wonder if it's possible to record screens on DAZN. As of 2024, DAZN has not introduced an official screen recording feature. Instead, it provides on-demand replays for selected sporting events. Nonetheless, it's crucial to know that not all events are available for on-demand replay. 

Moreover, these replays are only stored temporarily and thus, cannot be used as a long-term solution for recording. If you wish to record from DAZN, your best option would be to use a reliable third-party screen recorder specifically for DAZN.

How to Screen Record DAZN in High Definition?

With the help of StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader, you can quickly download DAZN videos, which is faster and safer than recording. At the same time, just like recording, you can also watch DAZN sport events in MP4 or MKV format offline smoothly.

Below are four simple steps to use StreamFab, which you can try to download DAZN videos.

Get StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader: First, click the buttons below to download, install and run StreamFab DRM Video Downloader on your Windows PC.
Paste the URL of DAZN into StreamFab and log in to your DAZN account through StreamFab's built-in web browser.


Select the DAZN Video You Want: Look at the catalog of DAZN videos and select the ones you want to record/download. 

 DAZN Downloader

Download the DAZN videos: Once you have picked your DAZN downloads, you'll need to click on the download button.

And there you have it - your favorite DAZN videos downloaded directly to your computer in MP4 format. 

Why StreamFab is the Best for Anyone Who Wants to Record on DAZN?

StreamFab has proven time and again to be the best choice for anyone who wants to record on DAZN. But why is that so? Simply put, StreamFab offers several benefits and superior features that warrant it standing out from the crowd.

StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader
Best DAZN Downloader: StreamFab
  • Download DRM MPD videos from DAZN and 100+ sites
  • Batch download videos
  • Delete ads from videos in MPD format
  • Free trial and free updates
  • Save subtitles as SRT format

Saving Time with High Definition Downloads

StreamFab allows you to batch download DAZN videos in high definition, a feature that outshines the mere act of recording. When you record something, you have to play it in real-time, which can be time-consuming and you may end up with a low-quality output.

On the other hand, downloading with StreamFab lets you save the entire program in high definition. This ensures you receive crystal-clear, high-quality output without wasting time watching the program in real time. 

Saving Money with Multi-platform Support

Secondly, the software is designed to support DAZN and other sites that use MPD formats. Whereas most similar products focus solely on one site or a type, with StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader, you can download across a multitude of platforms.

Thus, instead of investing in several tools catering to different platforms, you only need StreamFab. This saves financial resources, making StreamFab a one-time investment for all your record needs. 

Saving Energy with Regular Free Updates

Lastly, by choosing StreamFab, you can rest easy knowing they offer consistent software updates that are free of charge. These updates ensure the software maintains a high success rate in downloading, functioning seamlessly with every use.

With each update, StreamFab continues to remain compatible with the latest changes in DAZN and other platforms, ensuring smooth streaming and downloading. This saves you the exertion of manual updates or troubleshooting compatibility issues, making the whole process worry-free and saving energy. 

Final Thought

If you want to screen record DAZN videos, you have to choose a third-party recorder or downloader that enables you to record on DAZN without black screen. And the best DAZN recorder is StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader.