In this guide, we'll introduce some of the best methods to screen record ESPN videos in 2024. You’ll learn about various efficient screen recording tools and how to utilize them to capture high-quality video content from ESPN Plus.

In addition, we'll provide step-by-step instructions for using these tools. So, sports fans, ready to kick-off? Let’s dive into mastering the rewarding skill of screen recording ESPN videos in 2024!

Method 1: Screen Record ESNP+ Videos with StreamFab

When it comes to recording ESPN+ videos, most people's first reaction is to find a powerful Screen recorder, and today we will introduce you to a more useful tool: StreamFab ESPN+ Downloader. Don't leave yet, trust me, StreamFab will open a new door for you to watch videos offline.

ESPN+ Downloader

Compared with traditional screen recording tools, the biggest advantages of StreamFab ESPN+ Downloader are high-quality downloads and fast speed. You can batch download ESPN Plus videos up to 1080p, which is clearer than screen recording tools. At the same time, downloading itself is more time-saving than recording. A 2-hour game video can be downloaded in less than 20 minutes.

After understanding the above information, you may be excited, but how to use StreamFab to download or record ESPN+ videos? Super simple! Just take a look at the following steps.

Launch the StreamFab ESPN+ Downloader and click on the settings symbol at the top-right to select your desired output format.


Choose ESPN from the VIP service section.

Sign into your ESPN account and select the videos you want to watch from EPSN.
The software will automatically analyze the video for you. After that, a download prompt will appear. Simply hit the download button.

Method 2: Screen Record ESPN+ Videos with iTop Screen Recorder

The second method is to use traditional video recording. What we recommend is the relatively high-ranking iTop Screen Recorder. Here's how you can do it easily with iTop Screen Recorder.

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is an innovatively tailored application made to record high-quality videos, specifically for online streaming platforms like ESPN+. Whether it's live sports streams, sports news, or a sports documentary, iTop Screen Recorder is your go-to tool.

Once you have installed the iTop Screen Recorder on your device, launch the application. Open your ESPN+ and navigate to the video you wish to record. On iTop Screen Recorder, you will see several recording options. Choose 'Full Screen' or 'Select a region' to capture a specified area.。
Before pressing the 'Record' button, ensure your audio settings are correct. You want to select 'System Sound' to capture the audio of your ESPN+ video. Now, you are all set.
Click on 'Record' and switch to the ESPN+ video. iTop Screen Recorder will start capturing everything that is displayed on the screen.
Once you have finished recording, you can stop the recording process. iTop Screen Recorder will instantly save the recorded video on your device.

iTop Screen Recorder makes it possible to record any video from ESPN+ smoothly, without using any third-party applications. With its user-friendly interface and loads of recording and editing features, you can make the most of your ESPN+ content.

Which Method is the Best to Screen Record ESPN+ Shows?

Since both methods can help you watch ESPN videos offline, we have listed a comparison table to help you make a better choice.

  StreamFab ESPN+ Downloader iTop Screen Recorder
Download Quality Up to 720p Up to 720p
Speed 10X 3X
Batch Download Yes No
Audo Download Yes No
Download Subtitles Yes No
Remove ads Yes No
Prices $44.99 per month $19.9 per month
$79.9 for lifetime No lifetime Plan


From a functional point of view, StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader has more complete functions. From a price point of view, StreamFab's Lifetime Plan is more cost-effective.


1. Can I Screen Record Videos from ESPN+ on Mac Computer?

Currently, there are few tools can successfully record ESPN plus videos on Mac. You can try some online screen recorders.

2. Can I Share My Screen Recorded ESPN+ videos?

Sharing such content without permission is likely a violation of copyright laws and could result in legal consequences. Therefore, it's not recommended to share them.

3. Why Can't I Screen Record Some Videos on ESPN+?

Some platforms use encryption or other protective measures to prevent the distribution of their content. If you are having trouble screen recording from ESPN+, it could be due to such protections.