Pokémon GO: Every Shiny Eevee Evolution

The Normal-type cute Pokemon creature called Eevee is everyone's favorite, and it has evolved during Pokemon generations. Collecting all the Eeveelution in the process of your Pokemon Go game would be very beneficial for you in the game. Now, while getting normal Eevee evolution, if you opt for eight shiny eeveelutions versions along with Eevee itself, it will be a challenging job for you. 

So, to make your job easier in the game, here you would get shiny Eevee evolutions ranking depending on their appearance with the combination of max CP, stats, and capabilities in battle from worst to best. This shiny Eevee ranking will help you collect your desired shiny eeveelution according to your need.

1. Shiny Leafeon  

This Grass-type Pokemon creature falls under the line of all shiny eeveelution. It is a brown and green color normal form of Eevee that gets its nutrients from photosynthesis. It lives a peaceful life in the deep forest with a clean river. While finding and catching shiny leafeon will not give any extra advantage in the battle of the Pokemon Go game but will add sparkle with its vibrant, shiny color, it has 3,328 max CP with a stat spread of 216 for the attack, 219 for defense, and 163 for stamina.

To collect shiny leafeon, the trainer has to catch a shiny Eevee first and then evolve it to a shiny leafeon by following any of the given options. Having a minimum of 25 Eevee candies, trainers can keep their nickname "Linnea," which will force the Eevee to evolve into a shiny leafeon. Otherwise, while standing in the Mossy Lure Module, trainers can evolve the Eevee into the shiny leafeon.

2. Shiny Flareon  

In the ranking of shiny Eevee evolution, shiny flare is a fluffy & furry normal Pokemon Eevee with orange and yellow skin color. This fire-type Pokemon releases heat from its body to the air through its far to balance its body temperature, which could reach a maximum of 1,650°F.

This Pokemon with a feline appearance offers good defense in the battle against fire, ice, bug, grass, & steel. However, it shows weakness in the ground, water, and rock-type moves. It evolved from Eevee with a tan look and has 3,424 max CP, with 246 for the attack, 179 for defense, and 163 for stamina.

It is easy to catch shiny flareon in the Galar region, and you can find it on the surface of rivers and lakes using your Rotom bike while traveling through the water. While battling with the shiny Eevee evolution Pokemon Go game, flareon is a good addition as it is boosted by sunny weather.

While changing the name of shiny Eevee to "Pyro" in Pokemon Go for once, you can evolve it to shiny flareon. Alternatively, while using 25 candies trainer can evolve the Eevee to flareon, but this shiny Eevee evolution process is not guaranteed.

3. Shiny Glaceon 

To rank shiny Eevee evolutions Pokemon Go, Shiny Glaceon is one of the best shiny eeveelutions in terms of its appearance. This ice-type Eevee has gone through an evolution trilogy that evolves Glaceon from ice-blue color to a lighter blue color scheme. Glaceon releases coldness from their body to form powdery snow. To defend itself, this shiny Eevee can freeze its fur so that the fur hairs act like a sharp needle while lowering the body temperature can freeze the surroundings and create diamond dust that sparkles like a shiny gem.

Glaceon has 3,535 max CP, with 238 for the attack, 205 for defense, and 163 for stamina max stats. To get Glaceon, you must have Glacial Lure in Pokestop lure will help the Eevee to evolve into Glaceon, and the lure can also attract ice-type Pokemon. Otherwise, with 25 Eevee candies, the lure can cause the Eevee to evolve into Glaceon, but this is not a guaranteed evolution; instead, it could be random. So, to ensure guaranteed Glaceon evolution, you must keep the Eevee name "Rea."

4. Shiny Jolteon 

Among all shiny eeveelutions, Shiny Jolteon is an electric-type Eevee with green color. Its cell generates low levels of electricity, and the fur's static electricity gives it the power to drop thunderbolts. The bristling fur edges turn into sharp, electrically charged needles. When it exhales, you can hear the sound of electricity crackling. It collects negative ions from its surroundings to blast 10,000-volt lighting bolts. Its color changes from bright golden yellow to lime green in eeveelution. 

With max CP 2,888 to 3,265, it has 232 for the attack, 182 for defense, and 163 for stamina. With the shiny Eevee nickname "Sparky," you can successfully evolve Eevee into Jolteon. There is no other way for guaranteed evolution since with shiny Eevee evolution with 25 candies; you have only a 33% chance to get Jolteon.

5. Shiny Vaporeon 

While going through shiny eeveelutions, Shiny Vaporeon is one of the best shiny eeveelution with purple color. This water-type Eevee has gone through spontaneous mutation and developed fins & gills that help vaporeon to survive underwater. While becoming invisible in water, it can freely control water. Since the cell composition of this Pokemon is the same as water molecules, it easily melts into water. The vibration of their fins indicates that within a few hours, the rain will come and is found on beautiful shores.

With a max CP of 3,521, it has 205 for the attack, 161 for defense, and 277 stamina. In the Pokemon Go game, it stands on its feet for a long time with its max stamina. With the name of "Rainer," the trainers can have guaranteed evolution of shiny Eevee to vaporeon. This is the only reliable vaporeon evolution option.

6. Shiny Espeon 

While heading to the best shiny eeveelution, Shiny Espeon is a psychic type Pokemon most loyal to its trainer. So, it's worth having this kind of Eevee because it has developed precognitive power that protects the trainer from being hurt. It has velvet green color fur, and while using its psychic power, the orb on its forehead shines. Possessing the most sensitive fur, it can predict whether while sensing the subtle shifts in the air. Through its hairy body, it can also sense the enemy's action while sensing air current.

This shiny Eevee has 3,583 max CP, with 261 for the attack, 175 for defense, and 163 for stamina. With the nickname of "Sakura," shiny Eevee will be evolved into Espeon. Otherwise, after eating 25 candies and a long walk of 10 km with the trainer as a friend, the shiny Eevee will evolve into a shiny Espeon.

7. Shiny Sylveon 

The blue and white color Shiny Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokemon that helps in claiming down fights through its soothing aura from ribbonlike feelers. In hunting, it swirls its feelers for distraction, and while weakening the feelings in its prey, it hunts its victim. While wrapping its feelers around the arms of its trainers, it can read their mind when they walk together. 

Being one of the best shiny Eeveelution, Shiny Sylveon has 3,470 max CP with 203 for the attack, 205 for defense, and 216 for stamina. With the nickname "Kira" of your shiny Eevee, you can evolve it to Shiny Sylveon; otherwise, you have to learn 70 hearts along with Eevee as your friend to get Shiny Sylveon.

8. Shiny Umbreon 

This blue and black colored dark-type Pokemon is the best shiny Eevee evolution. It evolves through the exposures of the moon waves, and while hiding in the darkness silently, it waits for its enemy's move. When it gets ready for an attack, the rings around its body start to shine. Once it gets angry, it releases poisonous sweat to spread into the enemy's eyes. In the moonlight, the genetic structure of this Pokemon gets changed.

It has 2,416 max CP, with 126 for the attack, 240 for defense, and 216 for stamina. Keeping the nickname "Tamao" to the shiny Eevee, you can evolve it to Shiny Umbreon. Otherwise, while walking with a shiny Eevee for 10 km as a friend after making it eat 25 Eevee candies, you can evolve it to Shiny Umbreon.

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What is the uniqueness of Shiny Umbreon?

It has a black & yellow design in its body that gives a night-fall vibe. It screams night-sky-with-stars & the romantic night aesthetic is very appropriate for the Shiny Umbreon.

What are the methods used to evolve a shiny Eevee?

In Pokemon Go, game trainers can use the nickname method or the buddy method to evolve a shiny Eevee into your desired shiny variation.

What is considered to be the strongest Eevee?

Vaporeon is the strongest Eevee with high HP and a very effective special attack stat.

Last Word 

You know the essential aspects of shiny eeveelution to rock your favorite Pokemon game. This article will help you to get your required shiny Eevee while going through its ranking depending on its features, abilities, appearances, and potential possibilities in your game.