Even though making a video is hard, sharing it on a video hosting platform is even harder due to major video hosting platforms' rules, regulations, and restrictions. However, StreamTape has made it easier than ever for you by offering leniency to all types of videos, including 18+ content, political opinion, etc., without restriction.

With a stable internet connection and unlimited video uploading & downloading function of StreamTape, you can share your videos with your maximum targeted audience. So, let's get an overview of StreamTape & StreamTape download on multiple devices & platforms.

streamtape downloader

What Is StreamTape?

StreamTape is a video hosting and sharing platform with unlimited storage and large file-handling options. This simple video hosting platform provides API integration to save you time in the video uploading and downloading process. 

Another attractive aspect of this platform is that it's an ads-free website without freeloading or demonetizing any word, content, image, etc. So, this StreamTape gives you unlimited freedom to showcase your unbiased talent or traits to the rest of the world without any block or barrier.

What Are the Attractions of StreamTape?

To know the reason behind the rapid growth of StreamTape, you must know the most attractive features of this platform. 

  • While uploading, you can also download your own or another's video that has downloading permission.
  • It doesn't delete or block any kind of video content.
  • Adult videos are supported without any restriction.
  • Subtitle & multi-language support with a fast & reliable server
  • You can earn from your video by deciding how many ads should be seen by your viewers.
  • Simple interface with copy link & sharing option to share unlimited videos to the rest of the world

How to Download Videos From StreamTape Directly

While streaming any StreamTape video online, if you feel like saving it for offline streaming without internet dependency and limitations, you can download streaming video from StreamTape directly using the StreamTape download option. You don't need to depend on any third-party StreamTape downloader to do this. However, you have to make sure that the video must have downloading permission from the video uploader. Otherwise, you can't download videos without the owner's permission.

Once you select the StreamTape video, you will see the "Download video" option under the player. 
Select the "Download video" option to download StreamTape video and wait 5 seconds.

StreamTape Downloader

Next, click the "Start Download" option to complete the downloading process.

StreamTape Downloader for PC: StreamFab Video Downloader

If you want a permanent StreamTape download without restrictions and limitations, StreamFab video downloader is the safest option with ultimate customization. So, let's see how much customization you can explore with your StreamTape download.

streamtape downloader

With this StreamTape downloader on Windows and Mac, you can download any StreamTape video without ads in your desired quality on your devices.

  • Get ad-free & encryption-free Streaming video download
  • Batch processing from over 1,000 websites and auto-downloading of upcoming videos
  • Subtitles selection in your preferred language
  • Resolution support up to 8K
  • All device shareable format support with Mp3, Mp4, MKV
  • Download StreamTape video in EAC3 5.1 audio quality
When you start the StreamFab program on your system, move to the StreamTape website to select your desired video for offline saving.
Once you copy the video link, paste it into the separate search bar of the StreamFab software and click the Enter option. The tool will automatically locate your selected StreamTape video by the built-in browsing option. 

StreamTape Downloader

Next, go for customization with quality, format, language, etc., from the pop-up window. At the end, go for the "Download Now" option to get the StreamTape download. 

 StreamTape Downloader

StreamTape Downloader for Android: StreamFab For Android

StreamFab for Android is a handy solution with its versatile functions if you think about how you would download from StreamTape on your Android device. While downloading 5 videos at a time, you can turn your video to MP3 audio format. So, let's see how to make the most of this StreamTape video downloader on your Android device.

  • Download streaming video content with batch processing
  • Save videos with resolution from 480p to 8K
  • Get StreamTape download with AAC 2.0 audio quality 
  • Save titles from 1000+ websites in MP4 format 
  • Download without ads & with subtitles 
  • Save metadata for offline library customization
After launching the StreamFab tool on your Android device, go to the program's main interface.

StreamFab For Android 

Directly select the shortcut option on the home page to access the website. Next, browse the website to find your desired video and play it.

StreamTape Downloader

After playing the video, you will get a pop-up for output profile customization with audio, video quality, language, seasons, etc.


StreamTape Downloader  

After that, the video will download automatically once you enjoy the playback in the background.

StreamTape Downloader Online: PasteDownload.com

With PasteDownload.com StreamTape online video downloader, you can download StreamTape video, audio & images with a few clicks on any device and platform. This StreamTape downloader lets you save content with customization according to your specifications. So, let's see the pros & cons of this free tool.

  • It lets you save private & public videos
  • Download titles from multiple websites
  • It offers resolution support from 144p to 1080p
  • All device compatible format support like Mp3, Mp4 & MKV
  • Ads-free downloading is not possible 
  • Batch downloading is not offered
  • Security vulnerable to malware & virus infection
Copy the StreamTape video link you want to save for offline watching and paste it into the dedicated download input bar of the PasteDownlaod website.
You may or may not click the blue-colored, right-side "Download" option because the tool will automatically identify your pasted link.
Once the downloading process ends, you will get a "Download Button" with options like size, quality, and resolution for further customization.
Go for right click > then save link as / touch & hold > download link. You will get your StreamTape download on your device.


Is StreamTape safe?

Depending on some parameters, StreamTape is a safe platform as long as you follow the terms & conditions of the website.

  • 3 years old website
  • SSL certified platform
  • It has many positive reviews
  • No risk of malware or phishing 
  • CPA type of website for full-time or part-time income

What is the file support of StreamTape?

StreamTape supports file sizes up to 15GB.


If you feel like creating videos to showcase your creativity or convey any message, try the StreamTape platform without any challenges or restrictions. While exploring this video hosting platform, never forget to take the permanent and restriction-free downloading support of StreamFab Video downloader for computer or Android platforms, depending on your demand or desire.