How To Watch The CW Online?

Below are some of the streaming services that will allow you to watch the CW. Read below to know more.

1. DirecTV Stream

Earlier known as AT&T TV NOW, DirecTV Stream has lately increased its subscription costs and it is still worth trying this service to know how to watch CW. The streaming service is good if you are in the market for an option that supports The CW. DirecTV Stream‘s most affordable plan, Entertainment, is about the same cost as costly plans provided by other streaming platforms, with a price tag of $69.99 per month. All the plans include CW.

In addition to this, users also get ESPN on DirecTV. The platform allows users to watch on almost 20 devices at once while they are at home on their Wi-Fi network. In addition to this, users can stream on three devices outside of their home network.

DirecTV Stream also lets users record limitless DVR to assist justify the high cost. All DVR recordings are removed 90 days post the record date. The streaming service has a fairly huge on-demand library for a live TV streaming platform, but its library of titles is not quite as deep in comparison to Hulu, Netflix, and other similar on-demand rivals.

2. fuboTV

fuboTV shows support for sports channels and live 4K streams that no other streaming service provides, thereby helping you to know how to watch the CW. It also provides local CW affiliates in comparison to its rivals. This mixture of features makes it one of the most outstanding streaming platforms right now on the market.

fuboTV’s plans come at a starting price tag of $64.99 per month and the base plan includes The CW and a huge range of family-friendly and sports channels. Apart from game consoles, fuboTV has apps for most TV devices. Supported TV devices include Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

fuboTV used to be weak when it comes to streaming abilities. But now, every plan comes with the capability of streaming on almost 3 devices simultaneously. A paid upgrade offers users the capability of tuning into this platform from 10 devices at once that are linked to the home network, and an extra 2 outside of the home network. In addition to this, fuboTV provides 72-hour Rewind, which allows users to stay connected with many famous TV shows. The library also has films, but not as many as Hulu, Netflix, and other platforms that are present in the market.

watch cw live:2. fuboTV

3. Hulu

Can I watch All American on the CW app using Hulu + Live TV? Well, the streaming service provides new movies on Hulu 2022 and on-demand service to the users. For an affordable monthly charge, users can get both on-demand movies and TV shows as well as live TV streams. The major subscription of the Hulu bundle is competitively costed in comparison to other platforms, particularly if you take into consideration the fact that it offers you access to a huge and massive on-demand library.

Hulu + Live TV possible han as app for almost all the devices. See the following list.

  • TV streaming media players
  • Smart TVs: Samsung TV (select models), LG TV (select models), Android TV and Roku TV
  • Mobile devices and tablets: iOS (11 and up), Android (5.0 and up), Amazon Fire (tablets)
  • Game consoles
  • Desktop browsers
  • Smart home devices
  • Desktop operating systems

When Hulu + Live TV was launched, it only provided on-demand videos from The CW. But later, Hulu + Live TV included a live stream of The CW to its list of supported live TV channels. The base subscription plan comes with a solid combination of channels of all categories. The simultaneous stream limit of two streams can be increased with the Unlimited Streams feature extension. Unlimited Streams comes at a cost of $10 per month extra and allows users to stream to a limitless number of devices simultaneously on your home network. Hulu + Live TV is the only platform that provides this kind of feature. Also, users can download content for Hulu offline viewing.

watch cw live:3. Hulu

4. YouTube TV

The YouTube TV by Google provides above-average features, outstanding local broadcast station coverage, a strong lineup of channels, and a user-friendly interface. YouTube TV, similar to Hulu With Live TV, has only a solo package of channels. The price tag is $64.99 per month, but for your money, users get an extraordinary selection of 85+ channels. Users can stream to almost three devices at the same time via one YouTube TV account.

Together with The CW, YouTube TV has a huge sports lineup that comprises all the primary ESPN channels, FOX Sports 2, FOX Sports 1, NBA TV, NFL Network, and many others. Premium channels that are accessible as add-ons comprise Epix, Showtime, and Starz. Many TV series that launch on YouTube TV live are provided on-demand. This allows users to stay up to date with their favorite shows, even if they forget to use their limitless DVR to record them. Some films are available on-demand too. The unlimited DVR by YouTube TV allows users to record as much TV as they want and save their recordings for 9 months. In addition to this, users can create up to 6 separate profiles and every profile gets its own individual, unlimited DVR.

How To Download Content From The CW For Offline Viewing?

Want to download your favorite shows from the CW? Well, then this is the right place for you to land. StreamFab CW Downloader is the tool that can help you download videos from the CW. Users get access to all types of shows and movies available on the CW, offering you the best offline viewing experience. Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab CW Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the CW website from the supported services.

watch cw live:How To Download Content From The CW For Offline Viewing?

Step 2: Next, users can log in to their accounts and search for their favorite show. Once you click on the movie, the tool will analyze it. After analyzing, the tool will show you different options to download the movie.

watch cw live:How To Download Content From The CW For Offline Viewing?

Step 3: Select the episode that you wish to download. Users can also download subtitles and change other settings. In addition to this, you can also select the audio and video quality, as well as the subtitle from the list. Once done, click on the Download Now option to begin downloading of your video.

watch cw live:How To Download Content From The CW For Offline Viewing?

Best TV Shows From The CW To Watch Right Now

Below are some of the best shows from the CW that users can watch right now. Have a look.

1. Superman And Lois

One of the latest superheroes shows on the CW, Superman, And Lois is more of a family show as compared to standard comic book series. After Clark's mom passes away, the family shifts to Smallville from Metropolis, where they have to cope with threats against the area, forces that try to pull their family apart, and surprise powers developing.

watch cw live:1. Superman And Lois

2. Nancy Drew

Motivated by the popular book series of the same moniker, Nancy Drew revolves around a teenage detective who attempts to solve the crimes happening in her hometown. Here is the twist: more often than not, the supernatural is a part of those crimes. She along with her group of friends attempt to use their skills to solve the problems of the town.

3. Riverdale

Riverdale adapts Archie comics for today’s era teenagers, combining the classic comic tropes with gestures toward the supernatural and murder mysteries. Season one spends considerable time on high school issues, such as Betty or Veronica, whether Archie must sports or pursue music, but later seasons aim more on the dark secrets of the town.

4. The Flash

The Flash is presently the longest-running show on the CW, almost at the end of its eighth season. The show revolves around Barry Allen as he knows how to be a superhero, facing more and more greater threats, before starting to ask how he can balance his superhero life with his fondness to live a complete life with his children and wife.

watch cw live:4. The Flash

5. Dynasty

The shows by CW have frequently been compared to soap operas and Dynasty does not attempt to avoid that tag. The series follows the exploits of the extremely rich Carrington family, full of backstabbing and glamor. The major conflict in season one follows the attempts of Fallon Carrington to drive away Cristal, her future stepmother.


How to watch the CW on Roku?

Users can watch the CW on Roku with any of the following streaming platforms: Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream. The process of installing the Roku app is the same as downloading it on a smartphone app. Just search the app you wish to try and finish the sign-up process to get going.

How to watch the CW on Amazon Fire TV?

Users can watch the CW on Amazon Fire TV with any of the following streaming platforms: Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream. Just go to the app store on Amazon Fire TV and choose whatever live TV service you wish to watch.

How to watch the CW on Apple TV?

Users can watch the CW on Apple TV with any of the following streaming platforms: Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream. The app store by Apple has them all, so try them out for yourself and compare.


In a nutshell, we just looked at different streaming services that can help you watch CW live. In addition to this, we also had a look at the top shows on the CW that are currently present and available for viewing for users. Lastly, we saw that users can download videos from CW for offline viewing. StreamFab CW Downloader is the tool that can help you download videos from the CW. Users get access to all types of shows and movies available on the CW, offering you the best offline viewing experience. Besides, StreamFab also provides other options to download streaming videos.