“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” Twilight Saga is as relatable as it's one of the best quotes. The five installments of this movie series are a full-on entertainment package of drama, romance, action, emotion, suspense, and so on. So, if you want to enjoy binge-watching the five versions of Twilight Tale, you can watch Twilight on different OTT streaming stations in your online and offline watch. So, let's see where to watch Twilight on the OTT platform.

where to watch Twilight 2008

Is Twilight on Netflix?

Netflix made the entire Twilight installments available in its library in past years. However, it is not accessible in some countries because Netflix has restricted this movie in certain countries due to copyright and licensing rights issues.

The United States is one of them that falls under this restriction. On 15th January 2022, the five Twilight movies, including Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, & Breaking Dawn: Part 2, were removed from the Netflix library in the USA. Netflix has not purchased the rights to this movie in a few countries; therefore, the service is not authorized to add this content to its library in those countries. So, Twilight is available on Netflix in many countries, including Canada, Germany, Argentina, etc.

Where to watch Twilight on Multiple Streaming Services?

Even though Twilight streaming is available on different streaming stations, the availability solely depends on your living country. 

To have an overall idea about Twilight movies where to watch, here you will get the most authentic streaming stations that offer Twilight in their library through renting, buying, or subscription.

Streaming Service

Rent/ Buy


Amazon Prime

Rent: HD $3.99

Buy: HD $7.99


Google Play

Rent: HD $ 3.99

Buy: SD $ 9.99

Buy: HD $ 12.99



Rent: SD/HD $ 3.99

Buy: SD/HD $ 12.99



Rent: SD/ HD/ UHD $3.99

Buy: Twilight title: SD/ HD $3.99 & UHD $12.99

Buy: The Rest Titles (Each): SD $9.99 & HD/UHD $ 12.99



Rent: $3.99

Buy: $7.99 or $ 13.99


Apple TV

Rent: $3.99


For subscriptions:

Streaming Service Subscriptions


With Hulu+LiveTV Subscription at $69.99/ Month or $82.99/Month

Paramount Plus

With Minimum Subscription at $5/ Month


With Peacock Premium subscription at $4.99/ Month or Premium Plus at $ 9.99/ Month

Apart from this, streaming services provide Twilight Saga in their service in some specific countries. So, let's look at the other streaming services that offer Twilight streaming to the most popular countries.


Streaming Service

United Kingdom

Sky Cinema, Now app through Sky

United States

Direct TV, Showtime, Fubo


Netflix, Starz, Crave, Amazon Prime Video


Netflix, Sky, WOW, Cinema of Hearts


Google Play, Amazon, AppleTV+


Foxtel Now, Amazon, AppleTV, Google Play


Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lionstage+, Movista

Where to Stream Twilight offline?

If you look for Twilight, where to watch offline, you will be satisfied to know that some streaming services allow you to download movies for your offline watch. However, there are some restrictions to these downloading options. So let's see what limitations you may face with the streaming services' downloading option.

  • The download has limited device accessibility
  • It is not shareable on multiple devices
  • The simultaneous watch is restricted to a limited number of people
  • The download is available for a very limited time and expires after that
  • You can't get a permanent download
  • Once you leave the streaming subscription, the download will automatically be removed from your device.

So, to know where to watch Twilight offline without restriction, a comprehensive video downloader or a specific streaming service downloader, like Netflix video downloader maybe the most authentic and effective options.

Suppose you have multiple subscriptions to different streaming services. In that case, SteamFab All-In-One will help you to download Twilight movies and many other series, shows, or movies from various platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. On the contrary, if you want to download the entire Netflix library specifically, the StreamFab Netflix downloader will do the needful with the same perfection of customization and flexibility.

How to watch Twilight 2008 offline with StreamFab All-in-one Downloader

How to watch Twilight 2008 offline with StreamFab Downloader

No matter whether your subscribed streaming service allows you to save your favorite Twilight movie or other content with StreamFab, you can download unlimited content permanently from over 1000 websites. This tool lets you get ads-free downloads from different corners of the world. While customizing audio-video quality, subtitles to batch downloading, you can do multiple customizations in your all-device compatible download.


  • Ads-free downloads in 720p/ 1080p resolution.
  • Watch Twilight offline with theatrical sound in EAC3 5.1/ AC3 5.1/ AAC 2.0 audio quality.
  • Share permanent downloads with friends in Mp4 or MKV format.
  • Built-in browser for auto-detection of the content inside the software.
  • Batch downloading of several videos in one go.
  • Auto-download of scheduled episodes of your favorite series.
  • Save your suitable subtitles in your preferred languages.
  • It supports video up to 8k resolution.

Twilight Downloading Steps

Step 1: Start the software on your Windows or Mac system, move to the VIP service option under the "Streaming Service" header in the left side function bar.

Twilight Downloading Steps using streamfab

Step 2: Locate the streaming service from where you want to download the Twilight movies. After locating the streaming website, you must log into your account.

locate tbe streaming service on streamfab

Step 3: Find the Twilight movie and play it to start customizing the output profile with subtitles, quality, format, etc.

customizing the output profile with subtitles,

Step 4: Once you finish your customization, you must select the "Download Now" option to get the permanent Twilight download.

Note: If you have only a Netflix subscription and want to download Twilight as it is available in your country, StreamFab Netflix Downloader may suit you best. 

Netflix Downloader Features

  • Get Mp4 downloads without advertisement.
  • Enjoy downloading with 1080p video & EAC3 5.1 audio quality.
  • Save HDR video.
  • Customize device storage space with H.264 / H.265 codec.
  • Subtitles & metadata selection for organized offline libraries.
  • Batch & auto-downloading.


What are the unknown facts about Twilight?

  • Stephenie Meyer said that she dreamt of the Twilight story.
  • Each installment of this movie is inspired by classic romantic books, including Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, etc.
  • The box office earning of this movie set the record for women directors.
  • Kristen Stewart (Bella) always wears contact lenses throughout the movie.

What is the cost of Bella's prom dress?

Bella's attractive purple prom dress cost only $20.

Does the Twilight author have any screen presence in the Twilight movie?

Yes, in the first film, Stephanie Meyer was writing on a laptop at the dinner where Bella & her father chilled out. In Breaking Dawn Part 1, she did a cameo as a wedding guest.

Last Word

When you know where to watch Twilight 2008 on multiple streaming stations with buying, renting, or subscription costs, it's your turn to select the right platform for your Twilight streaming. Since this blockbuster movie will be available on various streaming services for a limited time, you must save it permanently for your offline watch before it leaves the platform. So, you must not miss the phenomenal and flexible downloading features of StreamFab All-In-One Downloader or StreamFab Netflix downloader.