Download DVDFab 10 User Manual Here

  1. How can I save and send the log files to your support team?

    Please open Common Settings window, click on "Diagnosis", make sure that all the log files are enabled (DVDFab_internal.log, DVDFab_burn_vso.log, DVDFab_process.log) before you use DVDFab, if they are not, you won't get the log files saved.

    The default location of your logs is:

    Win7--C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab\Log
    Vista--C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab\Log
    XP--C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab\Log

    Please locate the "DVDFab" folder following that path, and then zip the "log" sub-folder in "DVDFab" folder and send it to We will check where the problem is..

  2. Why was my standalone DVD player unable to play burnt disks due to area limitations ?

    Please check which standard (PAL, NTSC or SECAM)  your original movie disc is and your standalone DVD player supports. We don't touch the conversion between them now, so the burnt disc still keeps the standard of the original disc. If the standard can not be supported by your standalone DVD player, you will get the "area limitations" notice.

  3. Can I recover system when the system is dead?

    Yes, DVDFab PC Backup will help users to recover system from backups when your system is totally dead.

    After you activate the software, the software will ask you to create emergency disc, this is to help users to create a bootable WINPE disc ( This is a customized system data disc to contain all your system data) on USB drive or DVD. When the system is down, or users can not start system, 

    You may recover your system and data from the emergency disc directly just like reinstall your system from a DVD disc. But remember, you need to create create emergency disc first.

  4. What does "There are no space in C: drive" mean?

    DVDFab Blu-ray Copy needs at least 100 GB of Free Hard Disk Space.
    Before the content of the blu-ray movie is burned into the blank disk, DVDFab must finish certain decoding and encoding jobs which require some amount of free space on the hard drive to store data. 100 GB free hard disk space mentioned here is just for this issue. You can set the output directory and temporay directory to the other drive which has enough free place in "General" settings window.

  5. Where can I get the full price list of DVDFab Products?

    A full price list of DVDFab products is available at

  6. Which mobile device does DVDFab File Transfer support?

    It supports iPod, PSP and ZUNE for now, and more will be added in the future.

  7. Can I compress Blu-ray movies to BD25 disc?

    DVDFab "Blu-ray Copy" can compress a Blu-ray disc in 50GB size onto samller discs, including BD 25, BD 9, BD 5, without noticeable quality loss.

    Full Disc mode-compress BD 50 to BD 25;
    Main Movie mode-compress BD 50 to BD 25/BD 9/BD 5.

  8. How to convert movies for archos?

    Please use DVDFab DVD Ripper -PVP option, insert original DVD into your DVD drive, select the titles you want, set "Profile" as ARCHOS format at the bottom of Main Interface to convert.

  9. What is the difference between Emergency-disk and System Backup, which one is better?

    Emergency disc and system backup are two different ways to restore system. Emergency disc is to backup all your system data onto a DVD disc or USB hard drive, when your system fails to start, you may restore the system from the emergency disc. Moreover, Emergency disc enables users to transfer system from one PC to another. Backup the system of the original PC to emergency disc, restore the system on the target PC from the emergency disc.

    System backup is to backup your system data into a different partition or drive. Users may restore the system disc (disc C) from the backup in case the system can start but not function properly.

  10. How to register DVDFab 9 with DVDFab account, and how to get password when I forget it?

    DVDFab 9 products use the most advanced online verification method, so you just need to use your DVDFab account to activate your software.

    For users who haven’t activated DVDFab account, there’re two methods to activate account: 1. Click the activation link in your registration email; 2. Go to our Member Center and click “Create an Account” to create your DVDFab account with the email you used to purchase our products.

    For users who have activated their account but forgotten the password, please click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center.

    For users who’re not sure if account has been activated, you can: 1. register in Member Center directly with the email you used to purchase our products, if you’re prompted that the account already exists, then go on to reset password; 2. click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center, if you haven’t registered, you'll be prompted that your account doesn't exist, and you can go on to register an account.

    Our Member Center can be accessed at:

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