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Do you support Google Pay? Why don't I have this option for use?

DVDFab website offers Google Pay as a payment method. Please make sure you have enabled Google Pay under Payments Centre > Settings section on the Google Chrome browser. 

If you don't have this option, please refer to the instructions below:
1. Sign in to your Google Account on Google Chrome browser.
2. Click on the Card button to manage your payment methods.
3. Add a debit or credit card to your Google Pay account by entering the card details manually. Verify your card by following the instructions provided by your bank.
4. Make sure that the CVC or address information you input is correct and complete, otherwise it may result in a payment failure. And you can fix it under the Payment Methods tab if needed.
5. Under Payments Centre > Settings, enable Google Pay.
6. Go to DVDFab website, pick the product you desire, and click Buy Now, you will see Google Pay shown there as a payment method.

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