FAQ for StreamFab

  1. Which website service can StreamFab for Android support ?

YouTube, Amazon and Netflix currently.

  1. What is the format for the video downloaded by StreamFab for Android?


  1. How to make StreamFab not detect and download every playlist?

Please click the button(☴) and then go to Settings>General, just uncheck the option "Monitor clipboard content".

  1. Why get a message that I have reached today's downloads when I download?

Fair Use Policy: StreamFab is legal only for personal needs and it's not allowed to share the downloaded content with any third party.

A StreamFab licensed account has a quota of 50 downloads per day, and 350 downloads per week from each supported streaming service, which is to avoid being blocked by streaming providers. Whenever some of it is used up, it will refill during the next time cycle.

  1. How to completely remove the scheduled download feature for scheduled tasks?

Please clear the "taskSchedule.ini" folder located in C: /Users/xxx/AppData/Roaming/DVDFab/StreamFab.

  1. Will downloaded videos disappear if my subscription expires?

No, it will not disappear and offline saving the downloaded video forever.

  1. Are the videos downloaded by StreamFab re-encoded and lossless?

No re-encoding and lossless.

  1. How to avoid StreamFab monitoring the links all the time?

Please click the button(☴) and then go to Settings>General,then uncheck the option "Monitor clipboard content".

  1. How do I delete the task queue?

Please delete the folder "taskdata" at C:\Users\xxx\Documents\DVDFab\StreamFab\taskdata

  1. 502Bad Gateway appears on the Fanza download page

Please clear up the "cache" folder at (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\DVDFab\DVDFab\StreamFab\temp\cache) to try again.