DVDFab Lightning-Shrink helps you rip or convert Blu-rays within one hour.

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Lightning Shrink

Brief: What is DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?
What Does DVDFab Lightning-Shrink Do?
In What Circumstances Can I Benefit from DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?
Are There Any Special System Requirements?
How Do I Apply DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?
Comparison between IQS and IQS-based Lightning-Shrink:
Time Consumption Comparison
Hardware & System Copy Mode Source DVDFab 9063 (with IQS only) DVDFab 9070 (with Lightning-Shrink)
Win8 64-bit, i7-3770 Main Movie 2012.iso 50mins 41s 23mins 15s
BD Ripper: mp4.h264.aac 48mins 12s 21mins 33s
Win7 64-bit, i7-2600 Main Movie 58mins 37s 36mins 25s
Win7 64-bit, i5-2400 Main Movie 72mins 40s 37mins 59s
"Within One Hour"-- Lightning-Shrink Test on other popular movies:
Hardware & System Copy Mode DVDFab Version Source Time Consumption
Win7 64-bit, i5-2400 Full Disc DVDFab 9070 (with Lightning-Shrink) The Karate Kid 48mins
The Hunger Games 53mins
Manhattan_AC (Thor) 61mins
Source Code 36mins
Fifth Element 42mins
Comparison Table between Software and NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink:
Hardware & System Source Copy Mode AV Codec Time Consumption
Win 7 64-bit; CPU: i5-2400; RAM: 4G; NVIDIA GeForce GTX-750; Driver: 335.23 WHQI Hunger Games.iso BD Ripper to MP4 Software 142mins 5s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 18mins 15s
BD Ripper to MKV Software 105mins 41s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 12mins 15s
BD Ripper to AVI Software 146mins 28s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 13mins 41s
Main Movie BD25 Software 73mins 40s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 17mins 25s
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