Settings on this panel refer to the decoder and encoder that can be applied to different sources (H.264/VC1/MPEG2/H.265). Normally DVDFab will automaticall set the options based on PC's specifications. 

Video Decoder:

Different videos will have different options available depending on what your PC is capable of. You can display the drop-down list and see what you have. 

Video Encoder:

A program which uses pre-defined algorithms to encode, or compress audio or video data for storage or transmission use. 

If your computer is powerful enough, you can disable all the GPU codec’s to pursue a most dependable processing.

Lightning Recoding:

The homebrew technology by DVDFab applied in Blu-ray Copy Full Disc and Main Movie modes to considerably enhance the converting speed when it comes to compress H264 video. 

Sidenote: GPU acceleration and Lightning Recoding are not expected to be applied simultaneously.


Developed by DVDFab, helps to copy/rip and convert with Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper to speed up the process time. 

Codec Information:

This information shows the capability of Graphic Chipset and supported video codec’s of your system.

Hardware Info:

Click on this button, it will display the supported details of your gaphics card for Decoder, Encoder and Lightning Shrink for different Codec.