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DVDFab works with UHD-friendly BD XL drives, but not with official drives as of now, because they require new and specific authentication.


Supported UHD-friendly Drives: 


LG WH16NS40 (NS50)

LG BH16NS40 (NS50)



BU30N (laptop) and clones from Asus (eg. BW-16D1HT fw 3.0)


Note: the firmware of certain drives has a bug — a UHD disc may become unreadable if the drive goes into standby mode. But there is a workaround: eject and reload the disc shall fix the problem.


UHD Official Drives (not supported yet):


LG WH16NS60, BU40N, BU50N and clones from Buffalo

Pioneer S11/211, XD06, XD07 and clones from Logitech


Note: Don't update any firmware on these drives as they will lose the capacity to read UHD discs!

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