Many people tend to watch movies with earphones when in transit or public places. Some enjoy comedy films to relieve stress, others are fond of zombie movies to understand legend of the spirit or just for sensation seeking. To meet the needs of zombie film fans, this article lists top 7 Netflix zombie movies and demonstrates how to download zombie movies within 3 simple clicks.

Often, you might want to stream new zombie movies on Netflix or download them with an online video downloader. However, the indisputable is that Netflix only allows for 30-day free trial with email sign-up, and free online video downloader is confined to internet connection and delivers third-party pop-up ads for business consideration. In the long term, seeking a professional streaming video downloader program can help you achieve remarkable results. Here comes the best Netflix video downloader, DVDFab Netflix Downloader, able to download your best zombie movies on Netflix.

1. How to Download Zombie Movies on Netflix with DVDFab Netflix Downloader

As the world's best streaming video downloader, DVDFab Netflix Downloader is created with the intention for those streaming service subscribers to download movies, TV Shows and other videos from their respective streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO, Hulu and more, so that they can watch offline whenever they want and don't have to miss out their favorite movies or TV Shows just because they cannot spare time to watch online and when they finally do, the content has expired or been removed.

Key Features of This Streaming Video Downloader:

  • Netflix video downloader from Netflix
  • Download videos of up to 1080 quality and audio tracks of up to 5.1 channels
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  • Organize the output file name and directory for the downloaded movies and TV shows

The following simple guides will help you make the most of this best streaming video downloader to download streaming videos from Netflix:

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Netflix Downloader

Download and install this streaming video downloader on your computer before you can download free zombie movies from Netflix. To do that, click the Download button

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Step 2: Launch the Program and Choose Your Preferred Video Quality

Once the installation is complete, launch the program, and click the Hamburger button near the top right corner and then open the Settings panel, move to Streaming Services where you can choose your favorite video quality at the Resolution box, 1080p Full HD and 720p HD are available.

Download streaming videos from Netflix

Step 3: Start to Download Netflix Zombie Movies

Once done at the Settings panel, click the Streaming Services option from the left pane, then click the Netflix logo from the supported website list that shall take you to the Netflix webpage with a separate window.

Download streaming videos from Netflix

Login with your Netflix account and then search your wanted title as you normally do. Next you need to play back the video as usual. When the playback begins, a popup window carring two buttons on it will show up, click the Download Now button on the right side to download the Netflix video. Don't close the playback page until the download is complete.

Download streaming videos from Netflix

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2. Top 7 Zombie Movies on Netflix You Want to Know

After knowing how to download Netflix zombie movies with the best free zombie netflix downloader, it’s time to search good zombie movies on netflix and further download them for offline play. To fulfill your personal preference, here are 7 best zombie movies on Netflix for your choice.

1) Train to Busan

One of the scariest zombie movies of 2017. The train to Busan is a South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The movie centers on a train to Busan, where the zombie apocalypse breaks out and compromises the safety of the onboard passengers on the train. The plot follows the story of a convulsing young lady on board the train who bit her wound and immediately turns into a zombie. She attacked the train attendant first who also turned into a zombie at the spot.

The zombie infection spread throughout the train but some passengers were lucky to escape to another car before it got to them. Few of the passengers that escaped the virus where Yong-guk a Baseball player with his crush Jin-hee and other lucky passengers on the train.

2) Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is an old American zombie horror film which trends as one of the best Netflix zombie movies. The movie was filmed in 1985, written and directed by George A. Romero.

According to the movie; Zombies outnumbered the entire human race by 400,000 to 1. The few remaining humans hid in secure underground bunkers and barricaded camps. The scientists and soldiers that are still normal run around to come up with a collective solution that will end the zombie pandemic. Dr. Sarah Bowman, Miguel Salazar, Bill McDermott, and a helicopter pilot John flies from their hidden base to Fort Myers, Florida, to see if they can locate other survivors. They were confronted by a large horde of the undead and return to their army base.

3) Night of the living Deb

If you’re a lover of zombie movies and a Netflix subscriber, then you really need to check out this zombie movie; it is one of the best Netflix zombie movies ever.

Night of the Living Deb is an American romantic zombie/comedy movie directed by Kyle Rankin featuring Maria Thayer, Michael Cassidy, and Ray Wise. Thayer acts as an awkward woman who after a one-night fling wakes up to a zombie apocalypse.
Deb and Ryan try to reach her family. Along the way, Deb purposely rams several zombies but Ryan objects saying they may be treatable. After some time of little arguments, Deb agrees not to unnecessarily kill the zombies again.

4) Gallowwalkers

When was the last time you saw Wesley Snipes go against the human hunters, vampires, and zombies? Gallowwalkers is a 2012 American western zombie film written and directed by Andrew Goth.

After a group of outlaws killed Aman’s lover, he hunts for them in revenge for the death of his girlfriend. Aman later killed himself and his mum who is a nun breaks her covenant with God in order to save his life; this later turned to curse on Aman and this curse is what brings him back to life as an undead.

5) The Rezort

The Rezort is a 2015 British zombie movie featured among the best Netflix zombie movies. The movie is directed by Steve Barker and written by Paul Gerstenberger.
Here is the story: After the human race won a devastating war against zombies, the few remaining undead are kept on a secure island, where they are hunted for sport. Sometimes later, the security of the island was bridged and the current guests will have to face a new challenging outbreak of zombies.

6) Slasher

Slasher is a Canadian TV horror series created by Aaron Martin. The eight-episode in the first season centers on Sarah Bennett who with her husband Dylan, moves back to her birth town Waterbury and into her parent’s former home. On a Halloween Night in the house, Bryan and Rachel got killed; Rachael was pregnant at the time of this murder. The baby she was pregnant with is Sarah.

The police discover the killer holding Rachel's newborn baby after the killings. Sarah returns to Waterbury only to be greeted with the start of a series of copycat murders, all appearing to be at the hands of "The Executioner”

7) Cargo

A 2013 zombie movie still making it to the “top- guys” list. Cargo is a very interesting Zombie movie with intriguing scenes. It tells the story of a father who has to protect his  baby daughter during a zombie apocalypse. After a car accident leaves him unconscious, he wakes up to meet his wife dead and turned into a zombie. He alights from the car and drags his young daughter with him; he bids his wife an emotional farewell and leaves to check out for other survivors. Meanwhile, he had been beaten by his wife while he was unconscious.

Having in mind that there is no much time till he turns into a zombie, he puts his daughter in a baby back-pack, ties his hands to a pole, and attaches carrion to the end of the pole. A while later, he collapses and then rose as a zombie. Drawn by the lure of the carrion on the pole, he continues his journey.


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