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DVDFab ( You can free download DVDFab All-In-One above to get all DVDFab products here )


Media Recover



  • Toolkit

    Toolkit (Lifetime)

    20+ small but handy utility tools to convert and edit videos and audios, take screenshots from videos, make GIFs from videos, make videos from images, record computer screen and webcams, and more.

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Media Player

Video Editor

  • Video Editor

    Video Editor (Lifetime)

    An intuitive video editor simple for beginners yet powerful for demanding professionals that allows you to blend your videos, audios and images into stunning audiovisual masterpiece.

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Photo Enhancer AI


  • DVDFab DIY

    DVDFab DIY

    The professional and easy-to-use reauthoring tool that can add and replace audios/subtitles of Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray and create new BDMV folder at fast speed.


  • DVDFab MVC Codecs

    DVDFab MVC Codecs (Lifetime)

    Extract and split MVC streams from 3D Blu-ray discs and ISO files into two left-eye and right-eye MKV video streams ready for 3rd party non-linear editing software, and then merge the two edited MKV streams back into one 3D SSIF file, or side-by-side MKV file.

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DVDFab ( You can free download DVDFab All-In-One above to get all DVDFab products here )



1. Users holding valid license of DVDFab 8 and 9 can use the e-mail and password at DVDFab Member Center to activate DVDFab 10 for FREE UPDATE.

2. For more information, please check our purchase &refund policy.

3. Due to the complexity of international transactions, NTP ECOM LTD, BLRD ECOM LTD, YXT ECOM LTD or HongKong Lavson Technolohy Limited may appear on your credit card bill as our payment solution partner, which is normal. If you still have concerns, please Contact our service team for further assistance.