Not all people are willing to afford best 4k Blu ray movies due to personal reasons, though they tend to watch movies with earphones when in transit or public places. But To meet the needs of UHD Blu-ray movie (also called 4K Blu-ray) movie fans, this article briefly introduces top 10 best 4k ultra hd movies to watch in 4k on Netflix and tells you how to download the best UHD movies.

1. Top 10 Best 4K Blu-ray Movies You Need to Know

After knowing how to download UHD Blu-ray movies, it’s necessary to download your loved UHD Blu-ray movies on Netflix right now with the best free 4K Blu-ray movie downloader. To suit your personal preference, here are 10 best UHD Blu-ray movies on Netflix for your option.

Avengers: Infinity War

Superhero movies benefit greatly from the enhanced quality offered by UHD, especially those that rely heavily on CGI. Avengers: Infinity War is by far the most ambitious superhero film to date and it definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for 4K Blu-ray movies that offer non-stop action this is a very solid pick.


You might want to brace yourself for this one because IT is one of the scariest UHD Blu-ray movies ever made. The recent remake of Stephen King’s titular novel revitalized the horror genre and brought the fear of creepy clowns to a new generation of viewers. For high-tech 4K Blu-ray movies, this shall be given top priority.

Deadpool 2

"Merc with a Mouth" is back in one of the best UHD Blu-ray movies on 2019. Protagonist Wade Wilson’s origin story was covered in the original Deadpool so luckily the sequel doesn’t go over it again and instead offers us a rollercoaster of action-packed moments and hilarious shenanigans. Those who want thrilling 4K Blu-ray movies come and try this one.


Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner’s futuristic cyberpunk setting is an absolute joy to behold in 4K UHD quality. Even better, against all odds the sequel to the 1982 original Blade Runner turned up better than most people would have expected to the point where it’s considered among the best uhd blu ray movies currently available.

Black Panther

It seems like everyone has seen Black Panther by now but you’ve definitely been missing out if you haven’t yet seen the 4K UHD Blu-ray version. This version is far superior to the regular 1080p version and truly brings the reclusive nation of Wakanda to life in all its glory by means of the superb video image of 4K Blu ray movies.


Not all UHD Blu-ray movies need to rely heavily on CGI and special effects in order to provide a great viewing experience in 4K. Dunkirk is a great example of how even a gritty and realistic war movie can look breathtaking when viewed in Ultra High Definition, which is a great boon for the fans of 4K Blu ray movies.


Ghost in the Shell

Anime rarely translate well to the big screen but Ghost in the Shell is an exception. The sci-fi drama starring Scarlett Johansson is also one of few anime-based UHD Blu-ray movies to achieve any sort of success in the west so it’s worth checking out just to see what all the fuss is about.

Planet Earth II

While not technically a movie, this incredible series of documentaries is an absolute must watch for anyone fascinated by the natural world. BBC really did a spectacular job with this series and it needs to be watched in UHD 4K in order to truly appreciate all its beauty. Therefore, this film has been listed as one of the top 4K movies.

Justice League

We already have a few UHD Blu-ray movies from Marvel on our list but what about DC? While Justice League isn’t really up there with The Avengers series, this ensemble superhero film is certainly better than most critics gave it credit for on release. Go and try this 4K Blu-ray movie.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The original Kingsman was an unexpected hit and luckily the sequel didn’t disappoint either. In fact, it’s probably one of the best UHD 4K Blu-ray movies of the last few years, especially for those who enjoy over-the-top spy movies.


2. How to Download Best 4K Blu-ray Movies with DVDFab Downloader

Normally, you might intend to stream UHD Blu ray movies on Netflix online or download 4k hdr blu ray movies with free online video downloader. However, the indisputable fact is that Netflix only allows for 30-day free trial with email sign-up (bundle with credit card upon signup), and free online video downloader is confined to internet connection and delivers third-party pop-up ads for business needs. In the long run, seeking professional video downloader software can help you achieve remarkable results. Here comes the best free video downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader, which is able to download your favorite UHD Blu ray movies on Netflix.

The following simple guideline will help you make the most of this best free 4K Blu-ray movie video downloader, which is available on Windows, Mac and Android smartphones.

Step 1: Run this UHD Blu-ray movie downloader and search your wanted movie

Download and install this best UHD movie downloader for 30-day full trial. Go to and search your desired UHD Blu rays movies.

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Step 2: Choose video quality

Tab the +Paste URL in the left pane of this free video downloader, copy & paste video URL of UHD Blu-ray movies on Netflix. If you want to download UHD Blu-ray movies in batch, add all URLs in the text line by line. Then choose your wanted video quality as needed.

Step 3: Start to download 4K UHD Blu-ray movies

Once done, tab ‘Download’ button and wait for the UHD Blu-ray Movies to be downloaded. If you subscribe to premium version of this video downloader, Turbo-speed will be enabled to quicken the downloading process. Then search the downloaded movies from ‘Local Files’ on the left pane. By the way, you can enjoy the downloaded UHD Blu-ray movies with the best 4k media player, DVDFab Player 6, the most full-featured media player able to playback DVDs, Blu-rays, UHDs and all kinds of videos.


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