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Bluray Movies Download 1080p Free on PC or Phone [Offline and Online]

2020-07-22 21:14:18

   Posted by WiKi


Summary: Many people want to learn Bluray movies download for an offline and free viewing. In order to solve this problem, I write this article and tell how to complete Blu ray movies download with an offline video downloader like DVDFab Video Downloader, or an online video downloader like Y2Mate. Besides, I also give other choices for this Bluray movie download. You can come to any sites for Bluray movie download I have listed with such software. After downloading favorite Bluray movies, you can also play them using the software I have suggested and improve video quality with a video enhancer.

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Facing so many Bluray releases 2020, would you like to start from Bluray movies download in 1080p free on PC or phone? In this article, I have explained every detail about how to download Bluray movies on Windows, Mac and Android. Also you can choose Bluray movies download online from the Bluray movie downloaded sites I have concluded. After downloading Bluray movies, there is also access to improve video quality if your desire it clearer. So read this post carefully and prepare for the best home video watching experience.


Table of Contents
1.Bluray movies download 1080p free on PC and Phone
2.Download Bluray movies online
3.   Where can I download Bluray movies?
4.   How to play videos after Bluray movies download?
5.   How can I improve video quality after Bluray movies download?
6.   Conclusion


1. Bluray movies download 1080p free on PC and Phone

In order to download Bluray movies in high definition like 1080p, 4k and 8k, DVDFab Video Download can help you do that. This free Bluray movie downloader works on both PC and Android. So you are able to download Bluray movies free on your phone or windows/Mac with the assistance of this free software. Most importantly, DVDFab Video Downloader supports batch download which enables you to get all Buray movies in just one click. Now, let me show you how to download Bluray movies on such operating systems.


(1) Bluray movies download on Windows/Mac

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader on your PC. This is the first step towards Blu ray movies free download.



Step 2: Load your Bluray movie(s)

There are three ways highlighted below for you to find your video. You can load your favorite Bluray movie through its name or URL.



Step 3: Bluray movies download preparation

Suppose you have chosen the way of “Paste URL” to load your Bluray movies. Then set the “Format” as “Video” and choose one of the video qualities you want to download Bluray movies. This is the most important part for Blu ray movie download.



Step 4: Download Bluray movies fast

After clicking the button of “Download”, DVDFab Video Downloader will process your videos fast no matter how many there are. You can enjoy Blu ray movies download free and 10 times faster than the normal speed.



Step 5: Find your Bluray movies

After DVDFab Video Downloader finishes downloading Bluray movies, do you know where to find such videos? Click the icon below in the upper-right corner > “Settings” where the “Video Directory” is home to your Bluray movies download.



As you can see, Bluray movie free download on PC with DVDFab Video Downloader is very easy. In the meantime, you can use this free video downloader for DVD movies download. Then let’s get down to how to download Bluray movies on phone.


(2) Bluray movies download on phone

Step 1: Get DVDFab Video Downloader launched on Android.



Step 2: Search your Bluray movie

• Click the button of “Search” in the first screenshot from left to right.

• Choose one of the websites you like such as YouTube. Also you can “Explore” any other website in the second screenshot.

• When you come to the third interface, input the name of your favorite Bluray movie and let DVDFab Video Downloader display it. You can close to successful Bluray movies download.



Step 3: Download Bluray movie

When your Bluray movie is playing in DVDFab Video Downloader, you will see several buttons popping out. At this moment, click the button of “Download” and choose “Video” as well as your preferred “Video Quality”. Then start Bluray movies download.



Step 4: Enjoy downloaded Bluray movies

After downloading favorite Bluray movies, click the icon of “Download Arrow” at the bottom. Then you will four options including “Music”, “Playlist”, “Video” and “Downloading”. Tap “Video” and enjoy your Bluray movies there. Is it also easy for Bluray movies download on Phone?


Although DVDFab Video Download fails to help you to download Bluray movies to iPhone directly, you can transfer downloaded file from your Mac to it. In the near future, maybe this free software will be upgraded to be compatible with iPhone. So why not choose DVDFab Video Downloader as your best Bluray movies downloader?


Recently, there are lots of Bluray movies releases in 2020, how about downloading them for offline viewing?



2. Download Bluray movies online

Besides downloading Bluray movies in batches with the offline video downloader - DVDFab Video Downloader, you can also choose Bluray movies download online. Here, I am going to take Y2Mate as an example to show you how to download Bluray movies online.


Step 1: Search or Paste each link for Blu ray movie download

Online video downloaders don’t support batch download, so you should paste the URL of each Bluray movies one by one to this box below, and click the button of “Start”.



Step 2: Download Bluray movies

Choose preferred video quality and click the button of “Download”. Then you will be reminded where to find your Bluray movies download.


Besides Y2Mate, there are also other Bluray movies downloaders online or offline. For more free video downloaders, you can read another article through the link.


If there are only several Bluray videos to be downloaded, online video downloader seems a good option. But if you have a higher demand for speed, quality and numbers of Bluray movies download, offline video downloaders such as DVDFab Video Downloader are still your first choice.


3. Where Can I download Bluray movies?

There are many sites helping you find Bluray moives. Besides what I have talked about in the article of Bluray Movies Releases June 2020, there are still some other Bluray movie download sites. Here, I will list each of them and note their popularity for what kind of videos.


(1) Filmxy: Anime, Hollywood movies, TV shows and music download in Bluray/720p/1080p.

(2) HNMoives: IMDb top 200 moives, Bollywood moives, Xvideo download in 720p/1080p.

(3) classic movies, daily/weekly/monthly updated movies in HD and 1080p.

(4) VTMovie: 3D movies,Hindi movies, French/Spanish/Korean movies, but with annoying ads.

(5) RiskMovies: Bluray movies download from A to Z varying from movie genres and movie dates

(6) KickassTorrent: full of movies, music, games and software, etc., but may be hard to access.

(7) The Pirate Bay: online search engine, enabling users to download and contribute torrents.

(8) Extratorrent: the biggest BitTorrent systems full movies, TV shows, Anime, music.

(9) Torrentz: Similar to BitTorrent search engine, helping you download and upload movies.

(10) isoHunt: online P2P torrent search engine, providing search and upload services.

(11) high-quality compressed movie providers full of Hollywood films in Bluray.

(12) My Movie Bazar: free Bluray movies in Hindi, Bangla, English, Tamil, Chinese.

(13) offer the latest Hollywood movies and need your registration with this website.

(14) Bollywood movies in Bluray quality.

(15) full of movie buffs, Hollywood and Bollywood flicks, South Indian films and Punjabi movies.


4. How to play videos after Bluray movies download?

After Bluray movies download, where are you going to play such videos? There is a terrific video player highly recommended - DVDFab Player 6. It is able to play back any forms of 4k videos encoded by H.264 and H.265. You can input a DVD/Bluray disc to this video player and enjoy them with menu support under PC or TV mode. This software is free and safe to use which will play your download Bluray movies smoothly and fast. Besides this video player, you can also try other Blu ray players to play Bluray movies download.



5. How Can I improve video quality after Bluray movies download?

If downloaded Bluray movies cannot meet your demand for video quality, how can you improve video quality with just one click? Let DVDFab Enlarger AI do you a favor. This video enhancer is capable to upscale videos from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K. It enlargers video images by 300%, displaying your downloaded Bluray movies in great details. This is a really assistant for Bluray movies download.



Steps on how to improve video quality of downloaded Bluray movies:

• Download and install this video enhancer on Windows

• Select the module of “Converter” on the top

• Import your downloaded Bluray movie by clicking the “+”

• Customize it using “Advanced Settings” and “Video Edit” (optional)

• Tap the button of “Enlarger AI”

• Click the “Profile Switcher” to choose output video format (optional)

• Set an output directory and click the button of “Start”


Also, you can use this video upscaler for video enhancement in DVD and Bluray ripping, besides as a video enhancer for Bluray video download.



6. Conclusion

Have you known the answers to “How can I download free Bluray movies”, “How can I download Blu ray movies on my phone” as well as “Where can I download free Bluray movies” after reading this article? DVDFab Video Downloader helps you with Bluray movies download from YouTube, Facebook and any other websites full of Bluray movies. Come to the Bluray movie download sites I have listed and witness how powerful this Bluray movie downloader is! Besides Blu ray movies free download, I have also showed you how to improve video quality when it’s necessary to improve Bluray movies download. Therefore, there is a belief that you will have a terrific experience of Bluray movies watching using the software I have recommended.

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