The gross anime viewers are increasing daily. So does the anime avatar maker app. When a thing is trendy, people follow the fashion. Avatar maker anime is thus a massive hit among anime lovers. In this article, we will present you with anime avatar maker online apps so that you too can try your skill to create your own anime avatar.

In the animated graphic world, anime is the latest trend people follow and accept with a whole heart. Now every teen knows what anime is and Manga; even they know the differences between anime and Manga.  Anime avatar maker extends the job more efficiently by providing the opportunity to make your own Avatar.  Anime avatar maker brings you the best way to create your anime character from your selfie.

The availability of anime avatar maker extends, and you will get anime avatar makers full body and free anime avatar maker for beginners or learners. But most of the novice or Pro users start their journey with anime avatar maker online to save money and learn the skill without buying expensive software. Here we present the best anime avatar maker you can consider the skill of avatar making.

Best Anime Avatar Maker: Add Fun to Your Photos 

The most trusted avatar maker online is, where you can create your anime avatar with various facial expressions. considers your best maker anime manga avatar that helps share your creations with your friends and even post them on social media accounts.

anime avatar maker online 

The Features of

  • It has various facial expressions effects.
  • You can apply blemish, band-aid marks, cut marks, pimples, acne over the face.
  • One of the best social applications provides navigation of the other users' creations, votes, and comments on their portrait and avatar creations.
  • Maker anime manga avatar has a vast collection of manga facial expressions and designs available with the app.

Price: It's a free app; only donations accepted


  • Social media sharing option is available
  •  Graphic designs store in graphic library


  • Few features are restricted for paid access

Custom Anime

It's another website that lets your imagination be free and can create anime of your choice using their options. In Custom Anime, you can create customized anime avatars up to any extended level. Custom Anime, an anime avatar maker full body, sets you flexible to make a complete body from their collections of various shapes, designs, accessories, etc.

avatar maker anime Custom Anime

The Features of Custom Anime

  • It has wide varieties customized options to select from.
  • Custom anime can customize the anime that add character color, body shape, facial expressions, skin type, etc., to give a perfect form of your creation.
  • Using the Flash program Custom Anime allows you to create your favorite anime.
  • It's a free and open app; anyone can use

Price: Custom Anime is Free


  • The interface is beginner-friendly
  • A comprehensive customize option is available


  • Character selection options need to improve


Want to create an anime with a big eye size? It's possible with Cartoonify. It has extensive features to create anime avatars to gear up your anime love. Cartoonify provides you the option to share your anime creation on various social media. You can even set your profile picture with a beautiful anime you create using the app.

anime avatar maker app Cartoonify  

The Features of Cartoonify

  • The online creator has a distinct level of anime characters selection option
  • Wide variety of characters, dressing, colors, and various body shapes and design
  • It will allow you to create a customize anime avatar of yourself or your friends and enjoy the fun
  • More than 300 graphic parts are available to make your cartoon anime avatar unique

Price: It's Free


  • You can create Gravatar using Cartoonify
  • The download file is available in PNG format


  • Not suitable for the beginners


Are you looking for a cute anime avatar maker or anime girl avatar maker? MakeGirlsMoe can be your best destination to explore cute anime avatar maker or anime girl avatar maker. There are four universities Fudan, Carnegie Mellon, Tongji, and Stony Brook joined hands and collaboratively created the app for anime girl avatars.

anime avatar maker MakeGirlsMoe

The Features of MakeGirlsMoe

  • It is a professional 2D anime avatar maker
  • You can generate comprehensive designs of anime avatar
  • You can opt-out various sizes and shapes of your anime avatar
  • You can select multiple images from your photo to make an anime avatar
  • WebGL acceleration option is available

Price: It's free


  • It's a non-commercial anime avatar maker online
  • Anime creation designs are wide


  • You cannot use the file for commercial use

If you are looking for a professional anime avatar maker, you can try There are many varieties with the tool to create anime avatars of your choice. You can start from scratch and make a full-body anime with different shapes and designs. The tool has experienced more girls than boys.

anime avatar maker

The Features of

  • It's a web service to create an anime avatar
  • You can make your own anime avatar
  • Available in various body shapes, designs, facial styles with different lips, eyebrows, hairstyles, nose shapes, etc.
  •  Besides anime avatars, you can create anime icons.

Price: It's Free to use


  • It's a web-based tool
  • Ample anime making options are available with the tool


  • Female options are more than males


Avachara has its own variety that lets you create anime, portrait, child anime, cartoon anime, etc., like various anime avatars. The multi-purpose website is free, and you can go up to any extent to create your self-portrait, self-anime with customized eyes, lips, ears, hairs, etc. Avachara allows you to add jewelry, accessories, tatto, etc., to make it unique.

anime avatar maker online Avachara

The Features of Avachara

  • Avachara is a web-based anime maker
  • You can create 3D anime characters
  • Customized from a wide range of varieties
  • Without uploading an image, you can create anime
  • Besides anime, manga characters are also available to design

Price: It's a Free tool


  • 3D anime avatars are available
  • Characters with a wide variety of fashionable items


  • The readily available images are a little smaller in size


SuperMe is a global anime avatar maker app. Android and iOS users can use the anime avatar maker app download from Play Store or App Store. The stickers, ornaments, and accessories are readily available, which helps you to portrait your own anime with SuperMe. As for how to create avatar, you can click on the link.

anime avatar maker SuperMe

The Features of SuperMe

  • The app has a comprehensive collection of stickers to design the anime avatars
  • You can download it from Play Store or App store and can use the app and create your favorite anime avatars
  • Social media sharing options are available
  • Boy and girl, both varieties are available

Price: It's Free


  • Easy download option of the app
  • The APK is bit easy-to-use


  • Cannot change or edit a few of the avatars' designs or shapes and add extra

Factory For Avatar

Factory For Avatar is an anime girl avatar maker app. It's a small app for Android users who want to create anime avatars through their smartphones. As the app prioritizes girls' anime, you will get many fancy dresses and ornaments to design the anime girl avatar.

avatar maker anime Factory For Avatar

The Features of Factory for Avatar 

  • It's an anime girl avatar maker app
  • The app prioritizes girls anime
  • There are vast collections of fancy dresses, ornaments, accessories to decorate the anime avatar
  • The app is for Android users

Price: It's Free


  • It has a wide variety of girl anime accessories, dresses, and other fashionable items
  • Easy-to-use with a simple click


  • The app is smaller in size
  • Ad-supported sometimes create disturbance during the process

The above-stated anime avatar makers are amazingly creative and help you become a creative anime maker for fun or learn how to create beautiful anime from scratch. 

If you are a newbie and want to know more about anime avatar makers or the process of anime avatars, ask us. We will brief you.

FAQs to Know More and Apply to Grow

Is the anime avatar maker online safe for use?

Yes, most anime avatar maker online apps or websites take safety measures and filter spam. Few of the apps and sites do not ask for your personal details. In that case, you are safe while creating anime avatars.

What about Picrew anime avatar maker?

Anime avatar maker Picrew is a Chinese anime avatar maker. Picrew does not allow you to use the Avatar for commercial purposes, and you cannot monetize or merchandize the avatars. You can create the avatars of your choice and use them for videos, streams, or sharing in social media accounts.

Please suggest an anime avatar maker boy? is an anime avatar maker boy. Charat Bigbang is another anime avatar maker boy with distinctive features. recently updated their 3D anime for boys, and it's horrifying.

Can I make a logo with the anime avatar maker?

Yes, you can make it. You can design logos and icons out of the photos or go to their preset mode and design your gaming logo with the help of an anime avatar maker. It's a simple and easy process to follow and make a logo.

Concluded Words

The viewers widely accept anime because of the characters, exciting storyline, surprising climax, and different weapons. The characters are unique in their body shape, big eyes, thin chin, small nose, and full of facial differences from European and USA cartoons. Mainly anime from Japan and the storyline based on the socio-cultural value of Japanese society. When viewers look for anime avatar makers, they figure out if these features are available with the app. Avatar maker anime is also applaudable because playfully, you can create anime avatars and share them with your friends on social media accounts.