4K upscaling has been needed by more and more people. As is often the case that most people tend to stream 4K content on Netflix and Amazon or purchase 4K Ultra HD TV for better playback on a home player or with 4K player software like DVDFab Media Player. However, there might be times when you want to upscale video from 1080P to 4K for better viewing on 4K Ultra HD TV, since regular low-res video contents fail to display the optimal viewing experience.  Besides,  streaming 4K media content online means high investment in the long run. Considering this, this post introduces the best cost-efficient solution to upscale 1080P to 4K with 4K upscaling technology, an AI powered 4K upscaler that helps you upscale 4K while ripping Blu-rays or converting videos into various formats.

1. 1080P vs 4K

1080P is known as Full High Definition (Full HD), while 4K is labeled as Ultra High Definition (UHD). In terms of resolution, 1080P equals 1920x1080 pixels, while 4K boasts 3840x2160 pixels. Since 3840 is close to 4000 in horizontal pixels, therefore comes the name 4K. However, resolution is measured by vertical pixels, so 4K resolution equals 2160 pixels. Meanwhile, in terms of aspect ratio, 4K contains the number of pixels on a screen four times larger than that of 1080P. Thus, 4K video owns much clearer image quality compared with that of 1080P.

2. What Does 4K Upscaling Mean

When it comes to video or image, upscaling means converting low definition to higher resolution. Thus, low-resolution content will fill entire TV screen. For example, most people tend to upscale DVD of low-res video to Full HD for better playback on HD TV. Normally, there are four kinds of resolution: HD (1280x720), Full HD (1920x1080), Ultra HD/4K: 3840x2160, and Ultra HD/8k: 7620x4380. 8K TV calls for huge investments and high configuration, out of reach for ordinary consumers. Hence, 4K can be affordable for most people with home theatres. One thing needs to be mentioned is that Ultra HD is not equal to 4K in video production, but that poses no threat to its popularity among household consumers.

In a nutshell, 4K upscaling means upscaling 1080p to 4K, which reaches the resolution of Ultra HD Blu-ray. Thus, broadly speaking, we also call it Blu-ray 4K upscaling, 4K UHD upscaling or UHD upscaling.

3. Why Need 4K Upscaling

Everyone anticipates watching high-resolution videos. To meet user demand, video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have started to offer online service for 4K video content. Nevertheless, to access 4K content, you shall go to some expense. In addition, TV market has a mixture of real 4K TVs and fake ones. Meanwhile, as 4K begin to replace HD in home theatre, manufacturers are unveiling interesting marketing jargon like UHD upscaling to engage consumers. They claim 4K upscaling enables 4K TV to take lower-resolution content and display it on the entire 4K screen.

However, high price for a so-called high-end 4K TV does not means leading picture or audio quality. The best way is to check product official website, users’ review or review sites to gain overall information. If time permitting, go to store and test in person. Warm tips: top-end 4K Ultra HD TV such as LG C9, LG E9 and Samsung Q90R has in-built video processors that can perform video upscaling functions.

Fortunately, smart users always spend every penny wisely. They would blaze a new trial by upscaling 1080P to 4K with professional 4K upscaler. What a smart idea! If you have a 4K TV at home that supports 4K content playback, all problems will be easily solved. That’s to say, a real 4K Ultra HD TV plus 4K upscaler will lead to stunning 4K content playback.

4. Best 4K Upscaler You Shall Know: DVDFab Enlarger AI

As mentioned above, 4K TV and 4K upscaler are equally important. Suppose you have a quality 4K TV, then to seek the right 4K upscaler shall be given top priority. If you are in rush to pick your desired one, here comes the best 4K upscaling program, DVDFab Enlarger AI, the world’s first complete AI video enhancer able to upscale 1080P to 4K, let alone upscaling 480P to 1080P. Now let’s get a quick glance over its powerful features that are without rivals.

• Upscale video quality and resolution from 480p to 1080p, and 1080p to 4k

• Enlarge video but present sharper and clearer image

• Enrich details of video image and restore original colors

• Work seamlessly with DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD to Blu-ray Converter and Video Converter, to enhance video quality for better viewing experience

• Output Premium Quality and Ultra Quality to meet personal needs

• Apply deep learning, neural networks and hardware acceleration technologies

• Available on Windows, with 30-day full trial

• Intuitive interface and easy-to-use upscaling process

These are the highlighted features that have made this 4K upscaling program different from others. Once installation, you will feel amazed by its magical charm when upscaling 4K videos with this program.

5. How to Upscale to 4K with Best 4K Upscaler

Since you have understood the master card of this 4K upscaler, it’s imperative to grasp how to upscale to 4K with it within simple clicks. Note that upscaling 1080p to 4K can be achieved by two solutions. For one thing, DVDFab Enlarger AI works with Blu-ray Ripper to rip Blu-ray to videos of all formats but with 4K resolution. For another, it works with Video Converter to convert videos between all popular formats while upscaling 1080P to 4K.

Solution 1: Upscaling 1080P to 4K with Blu-ray Ripper

If you aim to rip Blu-ray to video format with high quality, this 4K upscaler comes in handy to fix your problem. For example, convert Bly-ray (disc/ISO/folder) to MP4.

Step 1: Run this 4K upscaler and load Blu-ray source

Download and install this 4K upscaling program, opt for ‘Ripper’ module when it runs. Insert Blu-ray disc into the external optical drive of your computer. Alternatively, drag & drop Blu-ray ISO file or folder onto the main UI. Note that the loaded disc content or file shall be 1080P in terms of resolution.

Step 2: Choose one profile (MP4) and launch ‘Enlarger AI’

After importing Blu-ray disc, ISO file or folder, select MP4 as the output profile from the profile library and tick ‘Enlarger AI’ before upscaling 1080P to 4K.

Step 3: Start to upscale 1080P to 4K

Hit ‘Start’ button to launch Blu-ray ripping task. GPU hardware acceleration will be activated to quicken the conversion process. Note that to upscale 1080P to 4K fast and well, you need to ensure basic system requirement. If your PC has quality configuration, the process of 4K upsclaling will be shortened considerably.

Solution 2: Upscaling 1080P to 4K with Video Converter

If you want to convert videos into various formats for better playback on multiple devices, but loaded video source is of low resolution. Never mind. This 4K upscaler will help to enhance video quality and resolution.

Step 1: Run this 4K upscaling program and load video source

Download and install this 4K upscaler, opt for ‘Converter’ module when it runs. Load video source or drag & drop the video onto the main UI. Note that the loaded video file shall be 1080P in terms of resolution.

Step 2: Choose one profile (MP4) and customize output video

Select MP4.AI as the output profile from the profile library after importing video source. Meanwhile, you can customize output video via 'Advanced Settings' and 'Video Editor'.

Step 3: Start to upscale 1080P to 4K

Hit ‘Start’ button to launch conversion task. Thanks to GPU hardware acceleration, you will get the final product within less time than expected. Note that to achieve 4K upscaling fast and well, you shall ensure basic system requirement. If your PC configuration is premium, the whole conversion task will be shortened substantially.

These are the simple steps as how to upscale to 4K with the best 4K upscaler, DVDFab Enlarger AI. Whichever solution to choose depends on the platform you will watch the upscaled 4K content.

6. Final Thought

Now you might have understood 4K upscaling and got the hang of how to upscale to 4K with the best 4K upscaler. Once installed, this 4K upscaling program will bring you unexpected viewing results, both crystal clear video image and stunning colors. When you want to upscale DVD/Blu-ray for higher video quality, or upscale video quality for better playback on 4K UHD TV or 4K video player software, this 4K upscaler will lend you a helping hand. In a nutshell, Blu-ray 4K upscaling or 4K UHD upscaling will be piece of cake with the aid of this magical 4K upscaler.