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Top 5 Best AVI Editors to Edit AVI Videos Freely


   Posted by Amanda

2019-03-19 01:29:56


Summary: A best AVI editor allows you to crop and trim your AVI videos, adjust the picture values of the videos and make other customizations. Here we will list 5 such software utilities which you can use as your own AVI video editor.

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Since a few years now with advancement in smartphone cameras, many amateurs have become a professional cameraman. We all love making videos of our personal lives. Capturing life moments in videos helps us relive those moments for years to come. However, as those who capture these videos know, longer the video, more are the improvements you would want to make in it. Some parts you might want to crop, some to trim, some videos you might want to merge which you have taken in parts and there might also be requirements to adjust the brightness or contrast of the video.

All of this is possible with the new age video editors which can quickly and easily do such tasks while asking from minimum inputs from the user. Below we will be trying out 5 such software utilities which you can use as your own AVI video editor.


DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a complete solution to any video processing needs. Starting from video conversion to video editing to changing much more advanced properties of the video, DVDFab Video Converter can do it all. Let’s see what all we can do with DVDFab Video Converter as your AVI editor.

Step 1. Download and install DVDFab Video Converter on your computer.

Step 2. Once you have activated the product, you can load the AVI file for editing on its main screen. Either click on the plus button appearing on the tool screen or drag and drop the AVI on the screen.

Step 3. Once your file is added to the tool, you can first go to the profile library on the top left corner to choose the format as AVI or other format you want. Then click on the Pen icon (extreme right) appearing beside your added video to open the AVI video editor of this tool.

The AVI video editor will open in a new window where you can see a lot of options for editing your video. In addition to that, you will also see 2 video frames playing there. The first one is the Source frame and the second one is the preview of what you Output video will look like once you have done the changes to the video.

Step 4. Just below the Navbar of the video, you will see 2 options - Text, Image and Subtitle. You can use the first two to add a text or image watermark to the whole video. This is a good idea if you are going to share your original video online. Also, the third option can be used to embed subtitles to the video if you have the .srt or any other subtitle file for your video.

Step 5. Below those, you can see 6 icons out of which the first can be used to adjust the Brightness, Contrast and/or Saturation level of the video.

You can choose to either decrease or increase these levels by dragging the sliders or directly inputting the value in the boxes. The effect will be immediately visible in the Output video frame and you can quickly decide if it looks apt or not.

Step 6. The next button lets you crop the video from any edge of the video. You can do this in 2 ways - either crop the video using the Aspect Ratio presets or you can minutely crop a certain portion from either of the 4 sides of the video. If your video aspect ratio is small, you can even increase that to pad the video. This won’t expand the video graphic itself but will just add a padding to the video.

Step 7. The next option is Trim. You can Trim your AVI video to get a particular part of the video. For example, you can trim a 60 seconds video to get only the 20-40 second portion of the video.

Or, you can also use the Trim Invert button appearing the left bottom side of this AVI video editor to remove the middle portion and get a single merged or 2 separate video outputs.

Step 8. While these were all the visual changes that you can do with this AVI video editor, DVDFab Video Converter also has tools to help you change the properties of the video and audio like its Frame rate, Bitrate, Quality and more.

Step 9. Once you are done with all the changes you want to do to the video, click on the OK button. This will close the Video editor window and you will be back to the main video. Before you start the process to create the output file with your changes, you might want to change the default output directory appearing at the bottom of the screen. After that, just click on the Start button to start the conversion. If the conversion is taking long, which might happen if the video size is large, you can start another video editing on this AVI video editor.



As is obvious from the name, AVIedit is an AVI editor specifically designed for AVI videos. With it you can do a lot of things like reduce noise in the video, add cool video effects, do color restoration and more. With AVIedit you can convert BMP, JPEG, PNG and TARGA files into a single AVI video. You can cut/copy/paste AVI videos, add/delete/re-compress audio files. You can invert the color of the video and do gamma correction. There are just too many things that AVIedit can do but can’t be described in this paragraph. The only catch here is that it does not offers all features for free and you have to pay to unlock its advanced features.



Avidemux is an open source and a free AVI editor. It is available for all major operating systems - Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It can be used to perform all basic video editing tasks like cutting, filtering and encoding. As is very common for an application developed by the open-source community, Avidemux has a very basic looking UI. But doesn’t get put off by the looks of this tool because it is used by even professionals as their AVI editor tool.



VirtualDeb has been designed to process AVI files. It is a not a nonlinear editing tool and can provide you features commonly present in premium tools. While the UI is extremely basic, once you get the hang of using it you will be in too much awe of the features to even notice the UI. You can use this AVI editor to rotate, flip or resize the video, remove an audio track, change brightness or contrast of the video. It can do real-time downsizing, field swapping, noise reduction, verbose monitoring and more.



This AVI editor has a big mark in history by being the editor that was used to edit the movie Pulp Fiction. Even today it a professional class tool which is offered both a free and paid version with the free version having sufficient utilities any amateur would want. The only requirement with this AVI editor which might throw a newbie out of balance is that before importing a file, you need to create project configuration with details like frame rate, video resolution etc. without which you won’t be able to go ahead.

However, once you get that right you will be surprised by the capabilities of this tool. You can easily work on even the most minute detail of the video frame by frame. It supports direct export to YouTube and Vimeo and does have a definite learning curve. Not for those looking to drag and drop their videos and do the required changes.

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