For AVI to MP4, many different conversion tools have been designed. Many of them are accessible online, and others are paid. However, the method of converting AVI file type to MP4 is quite alike in all of them. All you have to do is upload the file to be converted and then select the format you want it to be converted, which is MP4 in the case here. Then you have to click the 'Convert' button, and there you are.

In this article, we have provided an easy step-by-step guide on converting AVI to MP4 format using two different tools, one of which is a free AVI to MP4 converter. In contrast, you have to subscribe with yearly charges for using the other one.


In 1992, Windows created a multimedia file type containing both videos and audio. This format was named as AVI file format. So, because Windows created this format long ago, it is not compatible with most devices in this modern era. MP4 is the most common multimedia format of the new generation. It was introduced in 2001 with new features and compatibility with most modern-day devices.

If you have an old file with AVI format and want to open it, likely, your device will not read it. A perfect solution, in this case, is to change AVI to MP4 format. When you convert AVI to MP4 file type, you can view that particular file on any device you want. Thus, converting AVI to MP4 enables more compatibility options, more features, and viewing and using the file becomes more flexible.

To convert AVI to MP4, you can find several paid and free AVI to MP4 converters online. Let's move ahead and find out how to convert AVI to MP4 file format.

How to Convert AVI to MP4

Many options are available to convert AVI to MP4, but people initially look for the AVI to MP4 converter free.

Several software programs that are used to convert AVI to MP4 format includes the following:

  1. DVDFab Video Converter
  2. Pazera Software
  3. Freemake
  4. Fonepaw Video Converter Ultimate
  5. DVDVideosoft
  6. Boxoft Converter
  7. Leawo Video Converter
  8. Aiseesoft Total Video Convertor

Among these software programs, DVDFab Video Converter provides a 30-day free trial in which you can use all the features freely. Handbrake, Pazera, DVDVideosoft, Boxoft Convertor, and Freemake are free AVI to MP4 converters, whereas you have to pay a fee to use the rest.

The best thing is that all the software mentioned above can work on both Mac and Windows. So, whether you want to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac or you wish to convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10, you can choose any of these options from the list.

Let’s move ahead and find out how some of these conversion tools work.

DVDFab Video Online Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the quickest and simplest AVI to MP4 converters. The tool features video editing, compression, and fast format conversion using the latest technology of GPU and CPU utilization. 


The batch processing capabilities, Intel Quick Sync, and multithreading allow DVDfab to work fast without compromising on the quality of the video.

Let’s find out how DVDFab Video Converter Converts AVI to MP4 format in a step by step way:

Step 1: Click the Choose Files button to select your wanted files.


Step 2: Choose a target file format and click the Convert button.

Step 3: Click the Download button to download the converted files.

Step 4: The file’s format will be converted in no time. Now you may edit or customize your file, and then finally save it.

Isn't this quick and easy? 


Do you want to know a free, easy, and fast way to change AVI to MP4 on Mac, Windows, and Linux?

Just Download Handbrake. It is free software, and it can convert AVI to MP4 quickly so that you can run your file on any operating system you want. Let's dig in and find out more about how this ProgramProgram works.


The Open Source Video Transcoder, Handbrake, has its website, visit the website and follow these steps:

Step 1: After installing the Program, open their window. Now it's time to open the AVI file you wish to convert to MP4 format.

Step 2: Once the Handbrake opens your file, you will be able to see your video file and some information regarding it. Select the Preset option on the left. A drop-down menu will open. Go through the menu.

Step 3 – Finally, Handbrake will begin to convert your file. You may see the conversion progress in the form of a blue bar at the bottom of the window.

Ta-Da, you are all set to use the MP4 file on your windows, Mac or Linux now.

AiseeSoft Total Video Converter

Since we have already discussed how to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac, Windows, and Linux by using free software like DVDFab Video converter and Handbrake, let us find out how paid conversion software like Aiseesoft Total Video Converter converts AVI to MP4 format on Windows and Mac.

:AiseeSoft Total Video Converter

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter enables you to change the format of your audio file or video file to several popular formats. This software is compatible with Windows, as well as with Mac.

To convert an AVI file type to MP4 file type with the help of Aiseesoft converter, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Download and install Aiseesoft Total Video Converter on your system.

Step 2: Upload the file that you need to be converted by selecting the option 'Add file' on the top left side of the screen.

Step 3: Select any function like effects, crop, rotate, etc., according to your requirement. Preview the video file before the conversion begins to view it once converted. If it is what you want, click the 'Convert' Button located on the right bottom of the screen.

The Aiseesoft Total Converter will convert your AVI file format to an MP4 file in a matter of minutes. Isn't this easy?


Changing the AVI file into MP4 file type is a good idea when you want a universally compatible format that saves space on your device. The tools indicated in this article can perform this conversion task very quickly.

Video or audio conversion is no big deal in today's modern era. It has become effortless due to a plethora of creative technologies at our reach. If you are searching for a primary tool that is available with a boatload of extra features, we would recommend Handbrake or DVDFab Video Converter. Both of them are undoubtedly fantastic in performance.

However, it's best to test each of these software programs by yourself because most of them are free to use and even those which are paid also offer free demo for a few days. Each of these software programs has its distinct features and positive points.

If you try them out by yourself, it would be easier for you to figure out which one appeals to you the most and which features you need more. Eventually, it would be easier to decide which conversion software you should go for.


Which format is better, AVI or MP4?

AVI and MP4, both formats, can support a variety of audio and video file types. Both of these formats have a few benefits and drawbacks.

AVI is a suitable format for editing and storing a video file, whereas if you have to deliver it or stream it over the internet, AVI format is not the right option. 

MP4 has several advantages over AVI, such as compression, numerous data types, subtitles, and it is recognized as the most acceptable streaming and recording format.

Why should I change AVI to MP4 file format?

AVI format is not readable by most modern-day devices. If you want to open a file with AVI format, your system will not recognize it. Therefore, the solution is to use AVI to MP4 converter to convert AVI to MP4 file format. As a result, you could easily access the file on any device.

Do I lose the video quality during AVI to MP4 conversion?

No, you can easily change the file format from AVI to MP4 without worrying about losing the quality of the video or audio file. For this, you should preserve the original resolution, bitrate, codec, and other settings. 

How to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac?

All the format conversion tools that have been discussed in the above article can work on both systems, Mac and Windows. To convert AVI to MP4 on Mac, you have to download and install the Mac version of the software program and perform AVI to MP4 conversion.