With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, many online tools can significantly improve the clarity, tone, and overall quality of your audio. If you’re looking to enhance the sound quality of your audio recordings, then using an AI audio enhancer might be just what you need.

best ai audio enhancer

How AI Audio Enhancer Work

Unlike traditional audio enhancement tools that require manual adjustment of settings by a professional audio engineer, AI audio enhancers use machine learning algorithms to automatically adjust the settings based on the characteristics of the audio signal. This results more efficiently and accurately of enhancing audio, especially for those who do not have extensive audio editing experience.

AI audio enhancers can be used for a wide range of purposes, from improving the sound quality of music recordings and podcasts to enhancing speech intelligibility in video or movie viewing experiences enhancing.

TOP 11 Best AI Audio Enhancer You Shall Try

There are now several AI-powered audio enhancers on the market that can improve your sound quality drastically. In this section, we’ll be discussing the top 11 AI audio enhancers available in 2023.

1. UniFab Audio Upmix AI

How to enhance audio in a video? Especially in TV episodes or movies. If you are faced with this issues, UniFab Audio Upmix AI shall be the most suitable audio enhancer for you. 

best ai audio enhancer:UniFab Audio Upmix AI

UniFab Audio Upmix AI

With this AI audio enhancer, you can upmix your audio tracks from videos to EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 with ease.
  • Enhance audio by upmixing into premium EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 surroud sound. 
  • Separate and position audio tracks while maintaining their clarity.
  • Very simple and clear interface for beginners to enhance audio.
  • Customize the audio length, bitrate, frame rate, quality, format, etc.
  • Get CPU acceleration during video enhancing procedure.
Step 1

Launch UniFab and choose the mode you need

Double-click UniFab and choose the 'Upmixer' mode.

Step 2

Load the source and enhance the output audio.

Add the file you want to upmix or enhance, choose the output audio track, and customize the quality, resolution, etc.

best ai audio enhancer: how to enhance audio in a video

Step 3

Start to enhance the audio.

Click the start button to edit your video file. UniFab will complete the video editing task at lightening speed.

2. Adobe AI Audio Enhancer

Adobe AI Audio Enhancer is a professional-grade audio enhancement tool aimed at music producers and podcasters. It offers advanced noise reduction features, as well as automatic speech alignment and EQ matching. The downside is that it’s relatively expensive compared to other similar tools.

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3. iZotope RX 8 Advanced

iZotope RX 9 Standard is an AI-powered online audio enhancer designed for musicians, filmmakers, and podcasters. It has advanced features such as machine learning-based noise reduction and spectral repair, making it a must-have tool for those dealing with problematic audio recordings. However, its pricing may not be suitable for everyone.

best ai audio enhancers

4. Accusonus ERA Bundle

The Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle Pro is a comprehensive suite of AI audio enhancer plugins aimed at streamlining audio cleanup tasks. It includes modules for removing noise, reverb, hum, and more. One of the advantages of this tool is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use even for beginners.

5. Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor

Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor is an AI solution to enhance audio, designed to make vocals sound better in real-time. This tool is ideal for live performances and studio recordings, with an intuitive interface that allows users to adjust pitch without compromising the quality of the recording.

6. Oeksound Soothe2

Oeksound Soothe2 is an intelligent resonance suppressor that helps to remove harsh frequencies from audio recordings. This audio enhancer is ideal for musicians and sound designers, with a simple interface that allows users to fine-tune their recordings without losing any essential details.

best ai audio enhancers

7. Melodyne 5 Studio

Melodyne 5 Studio is a comprehensive audio editor that offers advanced pitch and time correction features. It uses machine learning algorithms to enhance audio with AI, making it easier for users to identify and correct pitch and timing issues. However, it can be relatively expensive compared to other similar tools.

8. The Sonnox Oxford Bundle

The Sonnox Oxford Bundle AI audio enhancer aims at musicians, producers, and post-production engineers. It includes modules for EQ, compression, reverb, and more, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of audio enhancement tasks.

9. FabFilter

FabFilter Pro-Q3 is an intelligent equalizer plugin designed to help users fine-tune their recordings. This ai audio enhancer has several advanced features such as dynamic EQ, mid-side processing, and per-band solo and mute options, making it a popular choice among music producers.

best ai audio enhancers

10. Soundtoys

Soundtoys 5 Bundle is a collection of AI-powered audio enhancer online plugins aimed at music producers and sound designers. It includes modules for saturation, delay, modulation, and more, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of audio enhancement tasks. One of the disadvantages of this tool, however, is its relatively high price.

11. Antares SoundSoap+

Antares Auto-Tune Pro is a choice to enhance audio with AI and is designed to help users create perfect vocal tracks. It has advanced features such as real-time MIDI control, low latency mode, and humanized function, making it an excellent tool for musicians, producers, and sound engineers. Learn how to sharpen video quality easily with advanced AI tools, refer to this guide.


1. What is the AI that increases sound quality?

UniFab Audio Upmix AI. It can enhance your audio to premium EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 surround sound to provide a better sound quality.

2. How to choose a right AI audio enhancer?

When choosing an AI audio enhancer, consider factors such as the type of audio you will be working with, the level of control you require, and your budget. You may also want to read reviews and try out demo versions or free trial before making a purchase.


AI audio enhancers work by analyzing the frequency and amplitude of audio signals, identifying areas where improvements can be made. Using machine learning algorithms, they adjust the sound quality by applying different filters and processing techniques to enhance the audio. The result is a cleaner, crisper sound quality that is free from unwanted noise and distortion.

More surprisingly, some AI audio enhancers like UniFab Audio Upmix AI can even enhance the audio track from your video to premium EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 surround sound by distributing it across different channels with AI. If you need an ai audio enhancer to get more immersive audio and better viewing experience, it is worth to try. Looking for a video quality enhancer? Uncover the secrets of UniFab Video Enhancer and elevate your video clarity.