Part I. Why Do I Need a Video Stabilizer?
Part II. Top 3 Recommended Video Stabilizers
Part III. Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Stabilize Video with DVDFab Toolkit

Part I. Why Do I Need a Video Stabilizer?

Gone are the days that video editing and documentary should be a job demanding technical skills, with the development of modern movie devices and internet technology, a lot of video editing software are now on the rising tailored to common consumers, including Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut, iMovie, CyberLink, etc., making it possible for editing video to be an easy thing to learn. If you like record your life, then editing video would be an integral part of it. But, when you find your footage is shaky because of it is captured on a moving bus by Gopro, how can you make it look more smooth and clear? That is what a good video stabilizer would do. As long as you have a good video stabilizer, how to stabilize video after effects would just be an easy job.

But when you try to find the best video stabilizer software or a free video stabilizer online on Internet to help you to stabilize video after effects, or google phrases like YouTube video stabilizer, free video stabilization software, what you might find is a list of recommended best video stabilizer software or video stabilizer app, whether paid or free. Perhaps it would be a headache for you to select one from such a long list, then what we would do is to recommend you the best video stabilizer software and free video stabilizers and provide you with a quick review, so as you can decide which to choose in accordance with you actual needs and save some time to do the task of deshaking jerky video for a smooth playback. 

Part II. Top 3 Recommended Video Stabilizers

If you are looking for a free video stabilizer to deshake your wobbly videos taken by Gopro or mobile phones, then you are at the right page. In this part, we would recommend you some free video stabilizer software for you to choose. Next, let’s take a deeper look together.

1.    DeShaker

As a video stabilizer for VirtualDub, a video editor with millions of users, Deshaker can effectively eliminate and correct shaky footage, and it is able to make panning, rotation and zooming smoother to output better video. To use this software, you need to download VirtualDub first, and open your video clip in VirtualDub to add the Deshaker filter, then optimize shaky and wobbly videos in this software during the two passes.


1. Stabilizes panning, rotation and zooming vertically and horizontally

2. Works in two passes to optimize simulated camera motion

3. Fill in “black areas” caused by the stabilization using previous and future frames

4. Optional motion vector video output during first pass

5. Advanced settings for professional level users

If you are using VirtualDub as your video editor frequently and looking for an entry-level video free video stabilizer, then DeShaker would be a nice choice.

2. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is quite an intuitive and fully featured video stabilization software with the function of stabilizing shaky videos to make it smoother. As a good entry level video stabilization software, it is easy for users to learn how to stabilize video as well as stabilize video after effects.


1. Supports all popular video formats seamlessly

2. Create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube, etc.

3. Over 50 visual and transition effects

4. Edit 3D video and support 2D to 3D conversion

5. Optimize video by reducing camera shake with the function of video stabilization

And to learn how to stabilize video with VideoPad, you need to apply video stabilization effect. What you need to do is to right click on the imported video clip and then select Effects > Stabilize Video. After that, you can choose a video quality at the drop down menu and then click OK. It’s simple and easy to operate for users who are trying to learn how to stabilize video.

3.    DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit proves to be one of the best video stabilizers to correct your video footage easily and professionally, as you can image from the meaning of its name. It supports almost any video formats, so you don’t have to worry about the format issue. With intuitive interface and easy-to-operate functions, users can easily stabilize their wobbly videos. 


1. Support virtually all mainstream video formats

2. Easy to compare the before and after effect after stabilization

3. Able to set the shakiness and speed of the input video

4. Ensured video accuracy by setting the analyzing process

5. Support setting stepsize of the search process

6. Capable of setting value for minimal contrast

Well, if you pay attention to its tools, you would notice that it’s more than a best video stabilizer software, what it can do also cover the range of audio and image tools. If you are a starter to learn how to stabilize video, this would be your perfect choice. This is virtually the best video stabilization software with the easiest operation and comprehensive function to stabilize wobbly videos. And most amazingly, it can make changes to a lot of videos altogether, which means if you have a special need to deshake several videos, you don’t have to load that one by one, they can be processed and converted altogether.

Part III. Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Stabilize Video

The part would present you a step-by-step tutorial on how to stabilize video with DVDFab Toolkit, the free video stabilization software, which would be easy to operate and entry-level friendly. With this best video stabilizer software, the tasking of stabilizing shaky videos is just an easy piece. Next we would show you the step-by-step tutorial on how to stabilize video.

Step 1: Installation of the best video stabilization software

Click the below button to download the best video stabilization software DVDFab Toolkit, and then install it on your laptop as per by clicking the below Download Now button. Just be noted to follow the instructions to install this best Facebook video to GIF maker.

 Download Now  

Step 2: Start this best video stabilization software

Double click the desktop icon to get this best video stabilization software started after successful installation. Once it is started, you would see a toolkit composed of various tools with video, audio and image tools covered. To learn how to stabilize video, we would use Video Tools> Deshake (Gopro) to realize it.

Step 3: Import video clips to be stabilized and deshaked

To learn how to stabilize video, here comes the third step, that is to import the wobbly video clips into this software by either dragging the video directly into this program, or clicking the + button located in the center of the interface. During this process, the information of the video would be automatically analyzed by this best video stabilizer software.

Step 4: Customize video settings related to stabilization

Here comes the most crucial step of how to stabilize video. Once the video is successful loaded, you would notice there are four options for you to set, and you can easily notice the video changes on the above part by comparing the before and after video effects. Here you can set the shakiness and speed of the input video, the accuracy of the analyzing process, the stepsize of the search process, as well as the value for minimal contrast, which should be optimized according to your actual needs.

After making these changes right, you can click Start to kick off the conversion process, then this best video stabilization software would automatically analyze your video as per the value and figures of your settings.

Step 5: Find the stabilized video

After the conversion process is finished, you can click the grey icon located to the status Finished to locate the stabilized video files. These files would be automatically saved into a folder for you to easily manage.


All right, after reading this article, hope you have now have grasped the key information related to how to stabilize video and where to find a free video stabilizer and YouTube video stabilizer. As it has already been told, DVDFab is more than a good video stabilization software, it also has other functions, like mirror a video horizontally or vertically, make a Gif out of Facebook video, or take continuous snapshot from a video, and even fast forward a video by multiple times. For more interesting features about how to operate this fantastic best video stabilizer software, click to see these articles How to make GIF out of Facebook videos, or how to make continuous snapshots of a video.