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Top 10 Country Gospel Songs on YouTube


   Posted by Amanda

2020-08-27 22:54:33


Summary: Do you love Country gospel songs? Here we have listed top 10 country gospel songs on YouTube and show you how to download them from YouTube easily and freely.

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To listen to gospel music, you do not have to be religious. After listening to the following top country gospel songs on YouTube, you will realize that gospel music is much more than just religious talk. There have been many legends that have given gospel music a new touch by incorporating rock and roll. Let us know which these best country gospel songs on YouTube.


Part 1: Top10 Country Gospel Songs on YouTube


Becoming me by Matthew West

The number one country gospel music on YouTube is ‘Becoming me’ by Matthew West. The song is about his mom and wife. Through this song, Matthew talks about his mother who is a prayer warrior and an inspiration for him. Further, he mentions his wife, mother of his two daughters, and her role in shaping their lives. After listening to this country gospel song, you will realize what it means to be a follower of Jesus.You can download the songs from YouTube with this YouTube MP3 converter.


Reckless love by Cory Asbury

This country gospel song received 10 million listens and was ranked number 1. The song focused on God’s love and faced criticism because of the word ‘Reckless.’ When asked, Asbury responded to this criticism by stating that he viewed God’s love to be crazy and insane. He further added that he viewed God’s chase of humans to be reckless. This song became popular because of the catchy tune it has and the profound lyrics. You can listen to this song and understand its lyrics by typing country gospel song lyrics on YouTube.


Living hope by Phil Wickham

It is another famous country gospel music video that was on trend on YouTube. Through this song, Phil Wickham defines Jesus to be his savior, and how he gave him a new life. He defines God as a hope for all.


Watch you be a mother by Johnny Diaz

This country gospel song on YouTube has been popular in 2018. Through this song, Diaz showcases and shares his journey of faith and family. His lyrics focus on remembering God at all times and rejecting lies of the world when it comes to identity.


Broken prayers by Riley Clemmons

A song about breaking and the aftermath where you pull yourself together, Broken Prayers is another country gospel song on YouTube. The song stresses the importance of reconnecting with God in times of hardship. It tells us that during every heartbreak, God is watching over us and listening to our cries.Try to download the song with the YouTube to MP3 converter.


More than anything by Natalie Grant

This is another country gospel song on YouTube that became popular. Natalie Grant on her response to the story behind this song stated that it is a song that tells us about the existence of God. She further added that in times of happiness, we view God as Santa Claus who provides us with the things we dream of. In tougher times, we look toward God and ask Him to solve our problems.


Who you say I am by Hillsong Worship

Hillsong worship, a famous Australian Christian music and worship group, released a song ‘Who you say I am’ that became famous with the masses. You can listen to this country gospel song on YouTube with the lyrics. The song focuses on the importance we humans have for God. The human soul is very precious to God. Humans are God’s work and therefore special to Him. To us human beings, we may not be worthy but to God we are.


You will win by Jekalyn Carr

This song is from her album ‘One nation under God’ and among the top country gospel songs on YouTube. This song is a bold statement that emphasizes God’s victory over everything. The song uplifts God’s name and provides hope to His followers.


Sweet spirit of God by Frank Edwards

Sweet spirit of God is another spiritual gospel country music that is among the top 10 songs on YouTube. With deep lyrics that focus on connecting with God, this song provides sanctuary on its own. The song focuses on how the human soul craves God to be present all the time.


Your great name by Todd Dulaney

Your great name by Todd Dulaney is among the top 10 country gospel songs on YouTube. The song focuses on how the name Jesus should be the center of everything.


Part 2: How to download country gospel songs from YouTube

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5.       The MP3 will start downloading and will be saved on your PC.

Once the download is complete, you can enjoy the Youtube country gospel songson your various devices freely.

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