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What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is an entertainment streaming application to enjoy desired films, TV series, sports, national geographies, documentaries, horror movies, humor, and others. This app will provide you with free reach to all your favorite series. It is the best serving app in the increasing demand genre. Using it will let you access more than 1,000 impressive titles and videos. 

Hence, the actual crime for the followers of unsolved secrecies and criminal files, the poker fans for the World Poker Tour, the contest for the supporters of the glory of kickboxing, adrenaline junkie, the fair factor, and the Ice Pilots comes at one stage. Besides this, it includes top famous British brands from top live tv channels. 

Pluto TV offers unrestricted and free on-requested broadcasting. This article will thoroughly discuss its features and downloading processes on different devices. Moreover, we will also go through a particular part about "How to download Pluto TV videos" if you are unable to stream it on your desired device;

Features of Pluto TV

  • TV Streams

Its tv streaming support offers you over 900 live tv channels for free. Its subscription will allow you to get pro networks like Pluto TV Cars, Comedy Central, MTV Pluto TV, and other streaming choices. You will enjoy dozens of excellent content, including comedy, songs, news, sports, or tv shows, without compromising image quality.

  • Different Kids Channels

This streaming service includes numerous devoted shows and programs like After-School cartoons, Nick Pluto TV, and Dora TV for your children.

  • Numerous Sports Channels

Now it's time to stream numerous sports channels like Big Sky Conference and Fox Sports on this great platform.

  • A Wide Range of News Channels

News is a vital streaming activity for each of us. Pluto offers you a lot of streaming channels like NBC News, BBC, Sky News, and Fox Business.


  • Pluto tv comes with numerous excellent functions, including live streaming of videos and tv channels.
  • It will allow you to modify the web automatically from the playback screen.
  • You can also change the font size, font family, colors, brightness, etc.
  • The users can save a log of an event arranged at a tough time.
  • Multiple users can stream the same content at one time.
  • It does not require signing in to stream Pluto TV videos and content.


  • You cannot enjoy streaming services on Pluto without connecting to a stable internet connection.
  • The platform itself does not allow downloading content from it for offline viewing.
  • It is only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK.

Now let's come to the part first of this article to learn the process of Pluto tv app download for android;

Part 1: How to Download Pluto TV App on Android?

download pluto tv:Part 1: How to Download Pluto TV App on Android?

Downloading and installing Pluto TV on Android TV is like a kid playing. Android TV comes with all the same simple functions as an android phone. Tv is the best way to enjoy entertainment with family. Here are the easiest steps to enjoy the Pluto app download on Android TV for free;

  • First, click on any browser from your android smart-tv. In case of an android smart tv absence, you can shift your normal tv using an android tv box.
  • Once the browser opens, go to the official website of Pluto tv or visit google play store applications. 
  • Here you will see a search bar; enter "Pluto TV" and search it.
  • As soon as you see Pluto tv in the searched results, click and open it.
  • After that, click on install if you want to install it on Android TV.
  • It will be downloaded and installed directly on your android tv. 
  • Open it and stream your favorite shows and other videos. 

After learning about the process of the Pluto tv app for android free download, go through the second part of this article to know its process for smart TV.

Part 2: How to Download Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV?

download pluto tv:Part 2: How to Download Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV?

It is good news that Pluto TV can be installed on Samsung TV for streaming purposes. There is no requirement to search for any Apk or other methods. This tv also supports casting features. However, before downloading it, you must ensure that your Samsung TV is of a 2016 or later model. These are the following steps to download the Pluto TV app on Samsung smart;

  • Tap on the main menu of the Samsung Smart TV and turn it on.
  • Click on the "Smart Hub Store" while touching the "Samsung Apps icon."
  • Now choose "Search Icon" and write "Pluto TV" into the search bar.
  • Press the Enter button, choose "Pluto TV app" from the provided results and click on the "Install" option.
  • Finally, Pluto TV is accessible on your Samsung TV.

Part 3: How to Install Pluto TV on PC Windows?

download pluto tv:Part 3: How to Install Pluto TV on PC Windows?

As a free online streaming app, Pluto is compatible with almost all devices' versions. To enjoy Plato tv on your windows computer, you have to install its pc software from the official website. Remember that the Pluto TV android app has more supported functions than the windows version. That's why you should try to download Pluto App Android on your computer by following the given steps; 

  • First, you have to install pc downloading software known as Bluestacks android emulator from its official website. It will require 4GB RAM and high graphics. 
  • After downloading it, click on Bluestacks app player and hit theGoogle play store app. In the search box, write "Pluto TV" and search it.
  • Select the Pluto TV app from the appearing results and hit the install option.
  • Finally, Pluto tv is available on your pc to enjoy all its streaming. 

Hopefully, you have found Pluto tv download pc an easy process to get it on your windows computer. Now let's jump to the 4th part of this blog to download Pluto streaming for offline watching;

Part 4: How to download future Pluto TV Videos Offline?

Currently, Pluto is just accessible in Australia, Europe, the UK, and Canada. Besides region limitations, you can only use it with an internet connection. It also lacks the support of default downloading functions against Netflix, Disney Plus, or other popular streaming options.

So, what should you do now if you are going on a vocational trip to a desert place? Can you stream your desired content from Pluto in this no internet area? It is really frustrating if you plan to stay there for a couple of days. 

Don't worry; here is a solution. There is software that can serve you to download all desired streaming content from Pluto to watch offline without bounding with the limitation of a specific country. Using it, you don't need to look for the internet signals and maintain the setting as per your requirements. If you have the same question about getting Tubi download offline, don't forget to read this post.

Just hold on for a while; we are talking about "StreamFab Pluto TV downloader." Let's look at how it serves you in the concerned problems;

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

download pluto tv:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader is trustworthy software to download desired Pluto content for offline purposes. It provides unrestricted reach to all categories of content. It supports numerous channels and networks to get favorite video clips or others. You will enjoy all installed shows with more than 720p immersive HD and AAC audio quality. The program will directly remove advertisements to give a smooth watching experience. It also lets you download Pluto movies and shows in the desired language. 


  • It will allow you to download your favorite material from Pluto, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Paramount+, Hulu, U-NEXT, HBO, and other streaming platforms.
  • Using it, you can save subtitles in external .srt file format.
  • Its all-file format compatibility makes it a unique pickup.
  • The "Batch Mode" function will help to download more than one episode at one time.
  • You can handle and sort out your media library for fast and easy access.
  • The blue-ray ripping will allow the sending of downloaded videos to their creator.  


  • You will automatically get your downloaded files in mp4 file format. 
  • Its saving metadata will easily work with your media server. 
  • Moreover, it supports downloading entire YouTube playlists rather than selecting only one at a time. 


  • There are no cons yet.

How to use StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader to download pluto tv videos?

  • Download and install StreamFab Pluto TV download software on your system.

download pluto tv:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

  • Explore its main interface and select the Pluto TV card.

download pluto tv:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

  • Search the name of your desired video or movie and play it. 

download pluto tv:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

  • Download it to get it on your system. 


Pluto TV is trending above all top streaming video platforms while offering over 100 live tv channels and requested tv-series and movies. With more than 52 million monthly active users, it is rapidly growing as the first selection of worldwide viewers and movie lovers. We have described how to stream this amazing application on your Android TV, Samsung smart tv, and pc for your convenience. But as it is not widely available in all countries, it may restrict you from enjoying its streaming. To avoid such overwhelming situations, we have through enlisted the using process of StreamFab Pluto tv downloader to download Pluto content without caring about regional restrictions.