If you are working with the videography world, you may often encounter the word frame interpolation. There have been dynamic changes in the course of action that people now prefer to watch HD and UHD movies, shows, etc., on their smart TVs. The video frame interpolation enhances the video processing, providing sharp picture quality with more explicit audio tracks. Therefore, frame interpolation is introduced to the videography industry to present the video with more fluid forms so viewers can enjoy every detail.

What is frame interpolation?

The definition of frame interpolation is when several images synthesize in a single large frame in motion mode and create better motion images which increase the overall viewing experience. The sequence of images with a standard frame rate can create a better moving picture. The standard frame rate used in the movies or shows was 24fps; later, it increased to 30fps. With the ai frame interpolation, you can watch a 60fps video with detailed images without glitches or blur. In this OTT era, live streaming with UHD, HD quality increases the usage of frame interpolation ai to enhance the appearance.

Video frame interpolation software is readily available to make the image more fluid so that the video motion gives more clarity in its appearance. Let's know how the software works to provide us with a better viewing experience so far.

Video interpolation Software List: Top tool that smoothens the process

UniFab All-In-One

frame interpolation


Include 9 products, offering a comprehensive solution to edit video interpolation and enhance videos based on AI technology.
  • Enlarge video resolution up to 4K and enhance video quality
  • Upmix audio to EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 by distributing audio tracks
  • Convert and compress video to any format without quality loss
  • Directly import videos from UniFab/StreamFab for upscaling
Step 1

Launch UniFab and choose the module you want.

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Load the source and edit the output video

Choose the 'Enlarger' module. Click the Add Video button to select the video you want to edit the frame interpolation in the local file. Customize what you want to enhance or upscale.

frame interpolation

Step 3

Start to finish the video restoring process

Click the start button. UniFab will complete the video task at lightning speed.

frame interpolation

UniFab helps the video settle down the fps for regular TVs. If you are a game enthusiast, you need extra speed, and UniFab takes care of your primary needs. For basic or standard TVs, the fps ranges from 24 to 30 fps, and gaming requires a higher frame rate like 60 fps which is available with UniFab. AI helps in other ways to interpolate tv shows, movies, animation shows, sports videos, etc. The best ai interpolation works with animation video as the frame rate of animated video is slow. With ai interpolation, the slow video gets a new makeover, and its appearance changes, which is more attractive viewing with detailed pictures.


frame interpolation software flowframes

It supports various video formats Flowframes offers GPU acceleration frame interpolation to look the video more bright and sharper. The software works with RIFE AI and also supports DAIN and FLAVR. It has built-in frame deduplication and speed compensation feature that perfectly works with 2D animation videos.

The Features of Flowframes

  • It focused on RIFE AI and supported DAIN, FLAVR, XVFI
  • It also supports AMD GPU via Vulkan
  • It supports several video formats include mp4, gif, WebM, mov, mkv and many more
  • It can preserve audio and subtitles from the input videos
  • It helps 2D animation with built-in frame deduplication for speed compensation

Price: It's free


  • The advanced frame interpolation processing
  • Supports various formats
  • It preserves different important data like subtitles and audio


  • Patreon exclusive version can be modified

SVP Team

frame interpolation software SVP team

SmoothVideo Project or SVP is renowned software that can provide high frame interpolation from 30fps to 60fps. It helps generate intermediate frames for tvs and other devices and produces smooth and precise movement for the viewers. It supports GPU acceleration with NVIDIA Optical flow and supports frame interpolation vlc including various other video players.

The Features of SVP Team

  • It supports GPU Acceleration with NVIDIA optical flow
  • You can convert any animation, video footage into 60, 120, 144+ frame rates
  • It supports HDR, VR, and BD3D in a few video players
  • It works in the real-time background without any distortions

Price: It's free


  • Clean and easy interface
  • It works as a one-click converter
  • Supports multiple formats and video players, including HDR, VR, BD3D


  • To get it in the extension, you need to download additional software


ai frame interpolation animeinterp

AnimeInterp specifically works on animated videos. AnimeInterp primarily focuses on the problem of interpolating cartoons with soft colors, characters, and the extravaganza background. It works to fix the animation with non-linear expressions and giant sets. Animation frame interpolation requires a reliable and smart tool to deal with image sequences in a single large frame, and AnimeInterp is suitable for fixing the issues. The online frame interpolation software can be used by anyone trying to enhance the animation frame rates of the video.

The Features of AnimeInterp

  • It works in two ways: segment-guided matching, and recurrent flow refinement
  • It works on anime videos with large images in a single frame
  • It has a large-scale animation triplet dataset ATD-12K that includes 12000 triplets with practical annotations
  • It is upgraded to address various frame interpolation issues on animation videos

Price: It's free


  • It works with large image sizes with a broad background
  • It's an open-source frame interpolation tool


  • Challenging for beginners to use

Myungsub Cain

video frame interpolation myungsub cain

If you want to try a conventional video frame interpolation, you have to go through high computation costs and many complex processes. But, Cain uses a deep neural interpolation architecture to deal with pixelshuffles. It supports a precise optical flow estimation and additional cost-effective features to quickly go with video frame interpolation. The software works as a deep neural work that is end-to-end trainable and has no disturbance from motion estimation network components. Besides, we also recommend the post Best SVP (SmoothVideo Project) Alternative: AI Video Interpolation to you.

The Features of Myungsab Cain

  • It effectively works with channel attention with pixelshuffle
  • It uses an intense neural network architecture for accuracy
  • It has end-to-end trainable network components
  • Its comparatively low-cost video interpolation tool

Price: It's free


  • It's an open-source video interpolation tool
  • It offers the interpolation process which is cost-effective yet highly functional


  • The interface is outdated

With the help of the tool, you can frame interpolate and organize the images on a single frame to run smoothly. There are a few technical aspects associated with the video frame interpolation, and let's learn and know about them in the FAQ session.

FAQs that might enrich you

Time interpolation frame blending repeats the frames and blends them as required to smoothen the motion.

Projector's Frame interpolation feature helps insert an image frame between fast-moving video by comparing consecutive image frames. The projector evaluates the differences between a single frame of movie or video and makes new interim frames.

Frame interpolation after effects helps automatically calculate in-between frames for the times between the keyframe. After effects apply when you add keyframes with several values on the timeline.

To some extent, you can say it's better to use frame interpolation for commercial purposes. The reason behind it is that you will have a vast number of still images in commercial projects that you need to synthesize and organize the motion to give a shape of the storyline. But suppose you want to create motion with still images and create a story to express to your audience. In that case, you can use the above-stated software and video frame interpolate to organize the entire storyline.

The time depends on your choice. But the slower you go, the more frame you need to interpolate to keep the balance. It would be best if you go with 50% speed and higher as, in this case, the interpolation rate would be 1:1.

Concluded Words

Frame interpolation brings revolutionary changes and reaches animated movies to a higher level. Even the frame interpolation ai helps the gaming world make several updates and brings something new to game lovers across the globe. The videography industry is booming with its various technological features that come across a long way to reach out and create the best-animated movies, shows, and brings down to your drawing-room. The new technical upgrade of frame interpolation is a blessing for users globally.