While streaming has become the norm today, downloading videos is still a preferred choice amongst many movie lovers for its sheer advantages and convenience. Moreover, now you have the option to download streaming video for free which is even more lucrative as you can now watch your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere, without having to depend on the internet, and absolutely free. 

When you are on the lookout for free movies to download, you may find a lot of options that may not fall within the bounds of legality. On the other hand, you may choose to go for some free movie download sites that promise you a list of free download movies that are legal but are not among the popular titles. Explore this article to learn about the top free movie download websites such as StreamFab where you can find all the best movies from the most well-known streaming platforms, without having to worry about other intricacies. 

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites

1. Crackle

free movies download:1. Crackle

This is a great website for movies downloaded free of charge and is owned by tech giant Sony, you can also expect a plethora of great movies you can watch. All you need to do is sign up and prepare a watchlist after which you will be shown recommendations on the basis of the list you have created. On Crackle you can find a lot of exclusive content of movies and TV shows like Predestination, Train to Busan, I Am Not Your Negro, etc. It also comes with a set of subtitles settings that enhances your viewing experience. However, it comes with its share of ads and commercials and content that is geo-restricted.

Access Region: USA

2. Le Cinema Club

free movies download:2. Le Cinema Club

Initially launched about seven years ago, this streaming site got relaunched sometime back with a simpler and more intuitive interface. It is among the sites to download full movies that include rare gems that often go unnoticed. It offers one new and curated movie each week. The list of movies also includes a whole range of diverse and original titles including keeping It For Yourself, etc. However, the flip side here is that you just get one movie in a week and the movies included are not among the most popular ones.

Access region: Global

3. Pluto TV

free movies download:3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is quite unique in its offering as you get movies to download from over 75 TV channels from a variety of categories. They also have a dedicated movie channel of their own and offer a traditional TV-like interface, along with worldwide cross-platform availability. However, you will not find any of the latest movies here and your experience will be constantly interrupted by ads and commercials.

Access region: Worldwide with maximum content available to US users

4. Kanopy

free movies download:4. Kanopy

This is another of those free download sites which offer a list of hidden gems and rare movies. It has partnered with libraries and universities across the world including the Oscar-winning movie studio A24 which lets it offer a host of award-winning and independent movies. You can find movies such as Lady Bird, Good Time, Room, The Lobster, The Florida Project, among others here. You will however face restrictions on the number of movies that you can avail yourself in one month. 

Access region: Global

5. Open Culture

free movies download:5. Open Culture

Enjoy top-quality movies from across the globe with Open Culture. You will find free movies to download, and free online courses, and language lessons. There is an excellent collection of over a thousand movies you can choose from including a number of Oscar-winning and Charlie Chaplin movies. However, you will not find any title from the latest movie collection here.

Access region: Global

6. MoviesFoundOnline

free movies download:6. MoviesFoundOnline

This is among the most popular movie download sites for free and independent films, TV shows, and stand-up comedy videos. You will find free movies to download from a variety of genres such as cult classics, comedy, short films, and documentaries. It boasts a special night mode feature for comfortable browsing and works proactively in case of any copyright infringement by deleting them. You will, however, come across a lot of intrusive ads on this website.

Access region: Global

7. NoBudge

free movies download:7. NoBudge

This is among the top free movie download websites that exclusively feature independent short and feature films. You will find that most titles on this website have not been reviewed by critics and are not often viewed by audiences. However, it does not mean you will come across a bad movie here as all the content is carefully hand-picked every day by the owners of the site. The flip side is that there are no latest movies here and you will also come across frequent commercials and ads.

Access region: Global

8. PopcornFlix

free movies download:8. PopcornFlix

This is among the top sites to download full movies for free that includes a lot of public domain movies and original content. You will find innumerable movies from a variety of categories such as action, horror, comedy, drama, etc., along with a lot of National Geographic content and free TV shows. The content here is, however, geo-restricted and you will not come across many latest movies on this site.

Access region: USA

9. Vimeo

free movies download:9. Vimeo

You can lay your hands on a great collection of free movies to download which includes independent movies and documentaries. You will also have access to several short films here. There are, however, none of the latest movies here, and depends largely on user upload content.

Access region: Global

10. Yidio

free movies download:10. Yidio

This is an online video guide that features over a million TV shows and movies. You can use the site’s free filter to get the free content available here. The content on offer is quite rich as it is sourced from popular platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. You might have some difficulty however when using the search engine as it continues to pull the names of paid movies under the free section. You also have no option for subtitles here.

Access region: Global

Alternatively, you can use a comprehensive video downloading solution if you are looking at downloading videos from some of the most popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, Hulu, and much more. With StreamFab video downloader you can not only download videos from these popular streaming platforms for offline viewing but also from over a thousand streaming websites.

StreamFab All-in-One: watch free movies anytime offline

free movies download:StreamFab All-in-One: watch free movies anytime offline

StreamFab All in One is your one-stop video downloading solution that can take care of all your movie viewing concerns as you can now get your favorite videos from just about any website and streaming platform for watching them anytime and without the need for being constantly connected to the web. It comes with a simple user interface along with a built-in browser that does not require you to even copy video URLs. So whether it is browsing the target video sharing website or streaming platform or downloading the aimed videos, you can do it all within the StreamFab downloader software.

Main Features

  • Allows downloading from all major streaming services
  • You have the option to pick your preferred audio and video quality
  • You can now save the downloaded video content in MP4 format 
  • Removes ads while downloading
  • Choose the language for audio and subtitles according to your preference
  • Save downloaded videos as external SRT files or remux them into your videos
  • Features high-speed batch downloading

Steps to download free movies using Streamfab All-In-One

Step 1: Download and install

Firstly download and install StreamFab on your device – Windows or macOS.

free movies download:Steps to download free movies using Streamfab All-In-One

Step 2: Select the streaming service

Once the software is launched, locate your preferred streaming service under the Streaming Service tab.

Step 3: Sign in and play the video of your choice

Sign in to your account and start playing the video that you want to download on your local storage device.

free movies download:Steps to download free movies using Streamfab All-In-One

Step 4: Select audio and subtitles according to your preference

Choose the audio track and subtitle stream that you wish to have.

free movies download:Steps to download free movies using Streamfab All-In-One

Step 5: Commence downloading

Tap on the Download Now button to initiate the download.


  • How can I be sure if a movie download website is legal?

While there is no definite yardstick to measure or affirm if a movie website is legal or not, you can pick sites like StreamFab, Crackle, Pluto TV, Open Culture, and many more that are completely legal as well as offers a variety of top-rated content for you to enjoy.

  • Can I download movies and TV shows from streaming giants like Netflix?

If you are using a paid Netflix subscription you can easily download content from here on your iOS or Android smartphones. If you are using Windows you need to first of all download the official Netflix app. However, if you have a Mac, there is still no legal app available that can help you watch or download Netflix on it.

  • How can I download free movies from free websites?

You will first need to access a free website with the help of your desktop or mobile web browser. Individual sites have their own unique downloading options and while you will find direct downloading links on some, others offer torrent links. 

In Conclusion

As a movie, while you are on the constant lookout for free download sites movies to build a great collection of your favorite movies to be enjoyed at leisure. You, however, have to be on a constant alert against illegal movie download sources while also enjoying some great free movies and TV shows to keep you entertained within legal boundaries. You can pick any of the top movies and download the free sites discussed here to make your movie experience hassle-free.