Having 15,000 watching hours of anime content with more than 2.5 million subscribers, one of the leading anime streaming services providing platforms, Funimation oversees the fantasy world with unbeatable context and conviction.

However, being a fascinating Funimation fan, if you are only interested in the steps to download Funimation on any of your convenient devices while getting into the steps by step instructions to download from Funimation, let's get clear about a few quarries like why do you even need to download videos from Funimation, can you download Funimation on Roku or PC or any other devices, is there any restrictions or parameters or what would you do if Funimation unable download video at the same time.

Through this article, you will get all the answers to your queries along with the most effective solution to Funimation download PC in the most flexible internet, ads, and device dependency-free offline watching with the StreamFab Funimation Downloader. So, before getting into how to download anime on Funimation, let's clear your queries one by one.

funimation download:

Why Do You Need to Download Funimation?

Being a consistent Funimation subscriber, if you think why you even need to download Funimation when you can easily stream them online, you would be certainly dumbfounded to know how important and effective the Funimation download could be for your free and flexible Funimation watch.

  • If you are in an ad-supported free Funimation trial, Funimation downloads will help you have ads-free content for your internet-free repeat watch on any device of your choice.
  • If your favorite anime content is available for a limited time on the Funimation platform, a Funimation download can make it available for you for the longest time ever.
  • You can bypass any internet-related issues or server issues, or online error issues with your Funimation downloads.
  • If your VPN is not working properly to access different regional Funimation content in your region, with the download videos from Funimation, you can enjoy the regional restriction-free offline watch.
  • If you hardly have free time to watch Funimation's new releases on time, with the Funimation download, you can save your ongoing subscription expenses while saving your time.

Are there any parameters to download Funimation?

Yes, there are specific parameters that you have to keep in mind to download videos from Funimation.

  • Only 13 episodes of any anime series can be downloaded at a time.
  • Even if you are consistent subscribers, you are not allowed to download all anime titles.
  • You can download only those contents that have come with downloading options.
  • Even if Funimation is accessible on multiple devices, the Downloading option is only available on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • iOS 10.0 and Android 5.0 Lollipop are the only versions that support Funimation downloads.
  • Funimation downloading option is only available in the app version
  • Unfortunately, Funimation download PC or Roku, or any other device option is not available on this platform, even though you can watch Funimation on these devices conveniently.
  • With the basic Funimation subscription plan of $5.99/month, you can't have a downloading option. You need to redeem the Digital Copy Code of any particular video to save it.
  • You have to take the premium $7.99/month plan to access the download Funimation.

How to download anime on Funimation?

While following the given steps thoroughly, you can easily download Funimation on your Android or iOS mobile phones.

Step 1: Download & Installation

To download the Funimation app on your phone, you can download it through Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Android or iPhone, respectively. If you are not in the Funimation service-providing area, download the .apk file from APKPure.com for Android and the .ipa file from iPhoneCake.com for iOS and install them.

Step2: Login Account

Go to the " Discover Extraordinary Anime" Page & click on the "Sign in" option. Give your email credentials on the Funimation form that has appeared to log in. Once your password is saved, click on the "box" to highlight details. Next, click on the purple "login" option to open the homepage of your account.

Step 3: Search Anime to Download

Click on the "Menu" icon shown on the top-left corner of your screen to search for the videos to download while scrolling through the entire Funimation library. Click on the "All Show" button under the "menu" option. On the given page, click on the "search" icon shown in the top right corner of the page, and then type the anime name that you like to download on the search bar.

Step 4: Select Episode

Your selected anime will appear on your screen; click on it to open the full series on your screen. You will get to see the episode list of your selected anime while scrolling down through the screen. Locate the specific episode you want to download.

Step 5: See Save Download

To locate the downloaded video on your device, go to the " Menu" option shown on the top left corner of the page. Select the " My Library" option from the "Menu." Next, click on " On My Device Option" to see your downloaded anime.

What issues appear to download Funimation?

When you know what to and how to download episodes on Funimation, it's time to know what restricts you to downloads from Funimation. It is true that despite how effortless the Funimation downloading steps seem to be, few commonly faced problems seriously bother its users in the Funimation downloading process. Let's have a quick look at what they are.

  • Few technical errors are shown on the site and prevent your Funimation downloading process.
  • Sometimes errors show in the audio-video format, and it would not let subtitles get downloaded.
  • The audio quality decreases from 256kbps to 128kbps.
  • While downloading anime, sometimes picture resolution can't be found.
  • Sometimes, despite VPN being installed on your device, you wouldn't be able to have other regional access.
  • The Funimation website server gets shown, and Funimation downloading is just not possible.
  • Sometimes, you just can't delete your watched episodes to download the new one since there are a certain number of restrictions for Funimation downloads of anime episodes.
  • Despite being a Funimation subscriber, sometimes you can't see it or access the entire Funimation catalog.
  • Sometimes an infinite loading bug error happens.

The Funimation download issue list could go on unless you take the right solution at the right time with the right downloader. If reinstallation of the Funimation app, up-gradation of the Funimation subscription plan, or checking the quality of your broadband speed wouldn't resolve your Funimation downloading issue, then StreamFab Funimation Downloader could be the all-in-one solution to bypass all of the Funimation downloading parameter restriction issue or real-time Funimation downloading issue. Let's see how the StreamFab Funimation Downloader works to solve and sort all of your Funimation downloading issues.

Download from Funimation: With the StreamFab Funimation Downloader

If Funimation wouldn't allow you to download content without ads or all the consecutive episodes of your favorite anime series in one go or different regional Funimation content with your suitable subtitles, resolution, or audio track, then StreamFab Funimation Downloader is a one-stop solution to get everything done in your Funimation download with few clicks.

From downloading Funimation on Windows or Mac PC to watching them offline on any device of your choice, you can do any kind of customization with your Funimation downloads with this downloader for your internet and ads-free, location, and device-independent watching. So, it is time to explore the features and functions of this downloader to escape all the Funimation Downloading limitations.

Features to avoid Funimation download limitation

  • You can download Funimation videos from any corner of the world with a 1080p picture resolution and AAC audio track.
  • Your downloaded videos would be saved in output Mp4 file format to ensure their compatibility with any device for your flexible offline watch.
  • You can enjoy your ads-free download with your selected subtitles that could be saved separately in an SRT file, or you can rumex them in the videos.
  • The high-speed bulk video downloading option would allow you to have multiple Funimation episodes of your favorite anime simultaneously with a few minutes on your PC for your later offline watch on any device anytime, anywhere.
  • You can also save the metadata of your Funimation downloads to customize and organize your offline Funimation library.

How to download Funimation on PC?

Step1: Download Downloader & Find Funimation

funimation download:How to download Funimation on PC?

Download and Install the StreamFab Funimation Downloader on your PC; go to the "Streaming Service" option shown on the left column on the page through the main interface. Select the "Funimation" website while hopping over the website list icons shown on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Select & Customize the video to download

funimation download:How to download Funimation on PC?

Sing into your official Funimation account through the ID & password and locate & select the Funimation videos to download. Customize the selected videos with your suitable subtitles, metadata, resolution, audio, etc.

Steps 3: Start to Download

funimation download:How to download Funimation on PC?

After selecting and playing the video that you want to download, click on the "Download Now" option to initiate the downloading process.

So, it is quite easy to download all the favorite episodes of your favorite Funimation anime on your PC with the flawless and flexible features of the StreamFab Funimation Downloader. Besides, if you want to find out how to cancel Funimation subscription, another article is here for your reference.


How long does any Funimation download last?

Any watched Funimation content will expire within 48 hours. You have to synchronize the expired content all over again for your offline viewing.

How long can you enjoy the Funimation free trial?

You can enjoy Funimation's free trial for 14 days with ad-supported watching anywhere in the world.

How many people can watch Funimation simultaneously?

With the Premium service, two simultaneous watches are possible, but with the Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra service, five people can watch simultaneously.

Final Feed

So, when you know how to download Funimation PC or how to watch them on any of your devices without the internet, it's time to get ready to make the most fascinating fantasy world with Funimation download, so that your favorite anime world can accompany you whenever and wherever you need them.