Halloween means scary and funny costumes, spooky decorations, trick or treats, and so much fun altogether.Besides these, it is also a time of scary movies and songs to make the wave more chilling altogether. And for your playlist for the Halloween party, we have prepared a list of top Halloween Metal songs that you are going to love (or get scared) completely.

Metal is a genre of rock music that became famous among the bands in the United Kingdom in the 1970s. This genre gives some of the best Halloween songs ever as the intensity of the music, strong beats, guitar solos, and the overall loudness make the already scary songs much creepier. So, let's get straight to the list.

Part 1: Top 10 Halloween Metal Songs

1. Square Hammer- Ghost

Square Hammer is a song by Swedish Band Ghost. In the song, the singer sings about the mansion and worshiping the Satan or devil.

2. The Pentagram Burns- Satyricon

The Pentagram Burns is a metal Halloween Song by Satyricon. The song is about fighting against the evil powers. It is a good song for Halloween party.

3. Everything Invaded- Moonspell

‘Everything Invaded’ is a song from The Antidote. The video of the song is horrifying. There are zombies, tall dense trees, magic tricks and lot more in the video.

4. When Humanity is Cancer- Anaal Nathrakh

‘When Humanity is Cancer’ is a song from the album, The Codex Necro. The loud music, the disturbing scenes in the video all makes it a perfect Halloween song.

5. Reptile- Dimmu Borgir

Reptileis a song from the album Spiritual Black Dimensions. Though we can say this about every metal song that the music is loud and every song delivers the exact message it is intended to deliver; here we are talking about spooky songs and all the songs in the list are the best Halloween songs you will come across. The lyrics are about the dark evil things.

6. Exorcist- King Diamond

‘Exorcist’ is a song from the album Voodoo. The story in the song is about Salem and Sarah. One day Salem vanishes, and Sarah’s voice changes from female to male. Their grandfather calls father and asks for his help. The song’s music possesses an eerie feeling and what will be a good time to listen to such song than Halloween.

7. The Twisted Nails Of Faith- Cradle Of Filth

The song is from the album, Cruelty, and the Beast. The song is about the world and how evil is spreading everywhere.

8. Haunted By Horror- Diabolical Masquerade

Haunted by Horror appeared in the album Nightwork. The music has overspread horror and sadness that makes this song one of the best death metal Halloween songs. A couple of lines from the lyrics,

“So I am the dead, arrow blood and thunder

Make me wonder of the hate and moon clays.”

9. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

‘Living Dead Girl’ is a song from the album Hellbilly Deluxe. It’s a famous Halloween theme song metal version. As the name suggests, the song is about living dead girl, and the lyrics are creepy too, “ Blood on her skin, Dripping with sin, Do it again, Living Dead Girl.”

10. Spellbound by the Devil- Dimmu Borgir

Spellbound is a song from the album, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant. The screeching sound, the loud music, and the horrifying lyrics, what else you could look for in a Halloween song.

There are other Halloween metal songs that you may be intereste

11. Master Of Disguise- Arcturus

12. Nectar- Opeth

13. Wolf Moon- Type o Negative

14. Here in the Throat- My Dying Bride

15. Violento Metrobus- Zeus

16. Burn- The Cure

17. Dead Soul- Nine Inch Nails

18. The Solitude- Cenotaph

19. Chapel Of Ghouls- Morbid Angel

20.Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)- Type O Negative

So, these are our top picks for Halloween Songs for metal genre lovers, but whether you a fan of metal songs or not, we hope this heavy metal Halloween song list has something to impress you and take place in your playlist.

Part 2: How to Download Halloween Metal Song in MP3 Format?

We all love to watch videos as well but at times, we only need the audio, and then we require audio version of songs. The worst thing is, finding videos of any song is quite easy because of YouTube but when you go find MP3, you will find crappy sites illegally distributing songs but those sites might have malware, and lots of ads. Good and authentic sites offer MP3 songs when we pay money.

So, what is the solution to get the MP3 song free of cost?

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is one of the DVDFab 10’s modules that extracts MP3 from YouTube video songs. Not only one YouTube song but even if you want to download full playlist’s MP3, it can do that as well. You just need to provide this tool the correct link of YouTube playlist links.

This tool also downloads the metadata of the song which means all the metadata such artist name, genre, etc. of the video song are retained in the MP3 format as well.

To download full playlist, it offers VIP speed download feature to speed up the downloading process.

Let’s look at the steps to download Halloween Metal Songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3

1.      Download and install DVDFab to MP3 on your computer.

2.      Launch the software by clicking on DVDFab 10 icon that is created on your computer’s desktop.

3.      Now, go to Utilities >> YouTube to MP3.


4.      Thiswill launch a separate window titled as “YouTube to Mp3”


5.      Now, go to YouTube, find any Halloween metal song’s video link, and copy that link.

6.      Then, click “Paste URL” in that tool window.


In a moment, you will see the download has been started already.


7.      Once downloaded, you can click “Finished” tab to find the downloaded MP3 song.

Done! You can download any other Halloween Metal song’s MP3 using the YouTube MP3 converter.


Since Halloween is at hand, these are the best songs you would love to enjoy this Halloween. Use the download method we have described to download your favourite songs.