Nothing says Halloween like rock ‘n roll. Since the holiday is quickly approaching, we thought this would be the perfect time to start preparing our Halloween playlists. After all, you can’t have a party without a music and that applies to Halloween parties as well. With that mind, we selected some of the best Halloween rock songs ever made to serve as the basis of our playlist. This is what we came up with.

Part 1: Top 20 Best Halloween Rock Songs

The Misfits – Night of the Living Dead

We’re starting our list of Halloween rock songs with a classic courtesy of American punk band The Misfits. These guys have a particular fondness of everything horror so this first entry is quite fitting.

The Cranberries – Zombie

A truly iconic song from the 90s that still plays at Halloween parties everywhere more than two decades since its release.

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Hands down one of the best classic rock Halloween songs ever. This one doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation since the title is a very good indication of what the song is perfect for this holiday.

Dimmu Borgir – Puritania

Puritania is a lot heavier and darker than our previous entries so keep it away from the kids. That said, you definitely need a little Dimmu Borgir if you’re hosting a heavy metal-themed Halloween party.

Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween

The original song composed by Danny Elfman is an absolute classic but it’s not exactly a rock Halloween song. Marilyn Manson’s remix, on the other hand, most definitely is.

Ramones – Pet Sematary

Next up we have we have the Ramones with a song originally written for the Pet Sematary movie, which is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel with the same name.

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

A great Halloween rock song not only for Iron Maiden fans but for everyone who likes songs about things that go bump in the night.

Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden have more songs about monsters, witches and other creatures of the night than most other rock bands so we needed to add at least to entries from them.

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Rob Zombie always looks like he was born specifically for the purpose of becoming a Halloween icon one day. The artist gave us countless horror movies and Halloween rock songs over the years so it’s safe to say he fulfilled his destiny.

The Horrors – Jack the Ripper

A band called The Horrors singing about one of the most notorious serial killers of all time is what Halloween is all about.

Skillet – Monster

We all have a secret monster hiding inside of us, don’t we? Well, at least the members of Skillet certainly seem to think so. If you also have one don’t be afraid to unleash it this Halloween while listening to this song.

Slipknot – The Devil in I

The most famous feature about Slipknot is that its members almost always wear various masks, which makes them permanently ready for Halloween. There are many Slipknot tracks that would make good Halloween rock songs but The Devil in I is probably the most appropriate.

Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams

It’s actually a bit surprising that kids aren’t dressing up as Marilyn Manson for Halloween instead of ghosts and goblins since iconic creepy look and music style are a perfect fit for this holiday.

H.I.M. – Vampire Heart

H.I.M.’s lead singer Ville Valo is another artist that can easily blend in with the undead during Halloween. Even his name sounds kind of demonic when you think about it.

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine

Cradle of Filth is all about the grotesque and macabre so the band already fits in perfectly with Halloween. However, Nymphetamine is a particularly good Halloween rock song thanks to the hauntingly beautiful vocals provided by Liv Kristine.

The Rasmus – In the Shadows

A band with a lead singer that wears raven feathers in his hair as a fashion statement deserves a spot on any Halloween rock songs list.

Evanescence – Going Under

Dark and edgy alternative rock music was in its prime during the 90’s and early 2000s. Coincidentally, that’s when Evanescence were also at their peak.

My Chemical Romance – Helena

The music video is all about people dancing at a funeral while a dead girl raises from her coffin. If that doesn’t say Halloween I don’t know what does.

Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah

Lordi took Slipknot’s idea of wearing scary masks while singing but took it one step further by donning full costumes inspired by various classic Halloween monsters.

Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

We definitely couldn’t leave Metallica out of this list. The band created some mean Halloween rock songs over the year but perhaps none more appropriate than For Whom the Bell Tolls.


Part 2: How to Download These Halloween Rock Songs from YouTube

Listening to songs on YouTube is all well and good but if you’re hosting a proper Halloween party you’ll need music that’s already downloaded on your device. I mean, you don’t really want to play Halloween rock songs that pause every now and again because of ads. Just grab DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and you’ll easily be able to download any number of songs or even playlists without any hassles.

Here’s how it works:

1. Install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and then go to Utilities. Scrolls through the list until you find a tool labeled YouTube to MP3.


2. Open YouTube and look for some Halloween rock song you want to download. Copy the URL of any of those songs and then return to the software.


3. Now simply click the Paste URL button and the tool will automatically start downloading the desired song.


4. Once the download is complete just go to the destination folder and play the MP3 version of the song.



It may seem like we talked about a lot of good Halloween rock songs today but there are actually many more where those came from. You’ll probably want a longer playlist for Halloween so don’t hesitate to scour YouTube in search of other great songs that you can add to it. Once your playlist is complete, don’t forget to download all your favorite songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3.