Halloween is just a few short weeks away so you know what that means – time to start preparing the pumpkins, costumes, and all the traditional foods that are usually severed during the highly-anticipated holiday. Halloween is a lot of fun for adults but even more fun for kids since they get to dress in crazy costumes and go trick-or-treating. Costumes aside, another important aspect of Halloween is the music, which generally has to be spooky but not always. If you have small kids you may want to keep them away from the scary music but still pick some songs that invoke the spirit of Halloween. As it happens, we were thinking about the same thing and made a list of Halloween songs for preschoolers that we think all kids will enjoy. Check it out.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Halloween Songs for Preschoolers

Five Little Pumpkins

A thematic Halloween song for preschoolers that’s all about counting pumpkins, black cats, and various other objects commonly associated with the holiday. Doesn’t sound very exciting for adults but little kids will definitely get a kick out of it.

Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

I know what you’re thinking, Marilyn Manson isn’t exactly known for creating Halloween songs for preschoolers. You’re right and we wouldn’t advise letting your kids listen to most of his other tracks. However, this particular one is just a cover of the Nightmare Before Christmas so no need to worry.

The Addams Family Theme Song

There’s probably no other Halloween song for toddlers that’s as popular as The Adams Family main theme. Well, we say toddlers but it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone listens to this song at least a couple of times during Halloween regardless of their age.

Baby Shark Halloween

Sharks are generally pretty scary but not when they’re babies who dress up in silly costumes. A great Halloween song for preschoolers that also teaches them a little about some of the creatures living in the sea.

The Twilight Zone Theme Song

Many of us loved watching The Twilight Zone when we were kids and it’s pretty safe to say that fans of the show still remembers its iconic theme song. The show may have ended many years ago but its theme is a great Halloween song for preschoolers that might get them interested in watching the series in spite of its age.

The Skeleton Dance

The Skeleton Dance is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a Halloween song that can both entertain and educate your little one. But in order to get the full effect, you’ll definitely want to play the song on YouTube where your kids can also see the video.

Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed

This is another lighthearted Halloween song for preschoolers that you might recognize as well. It’s basically just a Halloween version of the classic children song Five Little Monkeys.

Who Took the Candy?

Your kids might already be familiar with “Who Took the Cookie?” so they will definitely enjoy this one because it’s just the Halloween version of that song.

Trick or Treat Give Me Something Good to Eat

This Halloween song for preschoolers is perfect for picky eaters. In addition to potentially making them hungry, your children will also learn a lot of food-related words upon listening to this song.

This is The Way We Carve a Pumpkin

If you played or sang This is The Way We Go to School to your kids, then they will already recognize the melody of this song. This is The Way We Carve a Pumpkin is very similar to that song but, just as the title suggest, this version is about making jack-o-lanterns.

Part 2: How to Download These Halloween Songs for Preschoolers from YouTube

All the Halloween songs for preschoolers we talked about today can be found on YouTube so go ahead and prepare a thematic playlist before the holiday kicks in. Then, it’s a good idea to download this playlist so you won’t have to worry about any ads or pauses between the songs. You can download entire playlists as well as individual songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

Here’s how it works:

1. Install DVDFab 10 and then go to the Utilities tab to find a tool called YouTube to MP3. Open it.


2. Now go to YouTube and type in Halloween songs for preschoolers or simply search for a specific song or playlist.


3. Copy the song’s URL (or the URL of a song’s that’s part of a playlist) and then paste it inside DVDFab YouTube to MP3.


4. Once the download is complete you’ll have an MP3 version of that song or playlist that you can use as you see fit.



Halloween is just around the corner so make sure to prepare a playlist of spooky songs for your kids beforehand to help them get pumped for the holiday. We recommend starting with the tracks we talked about in this article but there are countless more Halloween songs for preschoolers on YouTube that you can choose from. Once the playlist is ready, make sure to download it using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to ensure a smooth listening experience without any interruptions.