Thisis again that time of the year when everything gets a little scarier as Halloween is just a few days away. Preparations for the Halloween have started, and we all are busy getting different and scary outfits that are sexy at the same time. The party organization checklist is being made. And of course, the Halloween decorations have made their way in our houses. With all these things, a playlist of eerie and creepy songs is a must and who has time to sit and select the songs and make a playlist of the scariest songs of all time. Well for this, we got you covered!

Here, we bring you the Halloween Witch Songs, that are going to rock your party and some of them will help add that ghostly touch to your Halloween decorations.

Part 1: Top 17 Halloween Witch Songs

1. I’m a Witch- Helium

‘I’m a Witch’ is a Halloween Witches brew song released in 1995 for the album ‘Ends With And.’ The song music and the lyrics are apt for an eerie feeling around. In the song, a witch sings about how strong she has grown.

2. Dark Horse- Katy Perry

‘Dark Horse’ was released in 2013 for the album Prism featuring Juicy J. Though the song is not horrifying in particular, the video of the song and the background music make this song suitable for the Halloween.

3. Haunted- Beyonce

The song was released in 2013. Well, if it is Beyonce, we are ready to be haunted. The video of the song and the music are enough to give you a chill. Beyonce sings, “My haunted lungs, Ghost in the sheets, I know if I’m haunting you, You must be haunting me.”

4. Witch’s Rave- Jeff Buckley

‘Witch’s Rave’ is a song from the album, ‘Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk’ released in 1998. The meaning of the song can have multiple interpretations, but as this is Halloween, we could take it as the singer is singing about a lady who is controlling her with some spell.

5. Teeth (HQ)- Lady GaGa

‘Teeth’ is a pop song released in 2009 for the album, ‘The Fame Monster.’ In the song, you would be able to get a vampire-y feel all over. The lyrics (show me your teeth), the music (especially the background music) gives a chill while playing loud.

6. Psychotic Girl- The Black Keys

‘Psychotic Girl’ is a rock song released in 2008 for the album, ‘Attack & Release.’ The song is about a girl with which the singer has a bad experience, but the music and the singing style make us add this song on our list.

7. Burn The Witch- Queens Of the Stone Age

‘Burn the Witch’ is a Hard Rock song released in 2005 for the album, ‘Lullabies to Paralyze.’ It is a light song, not so creepy but definitely a little chilling. The song is about catching a witch and burning it to ashes.

8. Wicked Old Witch- John Fogerty

‘Wicked Old Witch’ is a witch of Halloween Song released in 2004 for the album, ‘Déjà vu All Over Again.’ In the song, the singer sings about a wicked old witch that lives in a haunted house and comes out when it is dark outside. The song is perfect for Halloween time.

9. Transylvanian Concubine- Rasputina

This song is an Indie song released in 1996 for the album, ‘Thanks for the Ether.’ The song is about a place where the dead witches live and are always hunting for humans.

10. Witch Hunt- Rush (1980)

‘Witch Hunt’ is a rock song from 1981 included in the album, ‘Moving Picture.’ There is a video released for the song that shows that there is a witch that is found guilty of bad things and she must be burned to save the humans. The music of the song is enough to give an eerie feeling around.

11. Devil Woman- Cliff Richard

12. Bad Moon Rising- Creedence Clearwater Revival

13. Witchy Woman- Eagles

14. Black Magic Woman- Santana

15. The Witches Promise- Jethro Tull

16. Crimson Witch- The Moving Sidewalks

17. Season Of The Witch- Donovan

Wrapping Up

So, get these songs and keep the playlist ready for your Halloween party or during the preparations and these songs will give you a chill now and then.

Part 2: How to Download MP3 Version of Halloween Witch Songs?

Downloading MP3 online is never easy because most of the cheap sites are filled with ads and malware that you won’t want to visit, and the music sites that are good, ask for money to download MP3 songs. But, YouTube has free video songs. You can download the video and extract MP3 out of that for free.

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a tool that can directly extract and download MP3 from any YouTube video, and even from the whole playlist. The tool has VIP speed download feature that is very helpful when you are downloading the whole playlist. The best thing about this tool is that it retains the metadata of video songs in the MP3 version as well since the tool downloads metadata information as well.

Let’s see how it works. Below are the steps

1.      The very first thing is to download DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and install on your computer or laptop.

2.      Launch it.

3.      The main UI of DVDFab 10 will show since the tool is one of the modules of DVDFab 10. Now, go to Utilities >> YouTube to MP3.


4.      A new window titled as “YouTube to MP3” will be launched.


5.      Now, go to YouTube, get the song’s video link.

6.      Then go to the tool, click “Paste URL”.


7.      Within moments, you will see the download has already started.


8.      You can also change “Save to” location to save the output MP3 file to your preferred location on your computer.

9.      Once the downloading is completed, you can find the downloaded MP3 under “Finished” tab.

All done, your song is downloaded as MP3.


Halloween is at hand, and listening to Halloween Witch song gives the good feeling of this festival. Enjoy the list we have shared above, and also, make use of the YouTube to MP3 tool to download the MP3 version of these songs.

Happy Halloween!