Are you looking for the hardest rap songs for offline play? Well, if you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. This article has identified the hardest hitting rap songs that you must tune in to this year! We bring you an assortment of hard rap songs that are sure to get you pumped up and grooving to the beat. Above all, to get the raps songs that go hard from YouTube free and easily, this post details the best YouTube to MP3 downloader for you option.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Hardest Rap Songs You Will Like

1.     Drake – God’s Plan

From his album – Scorpion, Drake introduces this hard-hitting rap song for 2018 that has had the audiences captivated with its amazing lyrics, a philanthropic video, and a mesmerizing beat. It has been nominated for BET Award for video of the year and other similar nominations such as MTV video music awards. It’s funky and hardcore at the same time! 

2.     Migos – Made Men

Another one of those upbeat hardcore rap songs is this one from Migos. Mad Men is from their album – Culture II and it combines hip-hop with hard hitting rap. It features a glittering beat, and is the most classic rhythm and rap that you’ll ever come across!  Culture II is Migos major debut album and it comprises of other quite upbeat and amazing songs from the likes of Stir-Fry.

3.     SOB X RBE – Lifestyle

Another mix and match of hip-hop and hard-core rap is this song from SOB X RBE’s album – Gangin. Released in 2018, Lifestyle combines seductive choruses, impactful verses, and unmatched beat to bring you this full-of-life rap song. The opening verse of the song describes something as gloomy and morbid as people being murdered on stoplights.

4.     Saba – Logout

Bringing you a Chicago hip-hop, this song features the main artist Saba and Chance the Rapper. So, you know what combination this turns out to be! Logout is from Saba’s album – Care for Me; it brings together an amalgam of R&B and Jazz that is also supported with social commentary. The singer has tried to draw a picture of the critique that blacks have had to experience to date. It’s definitely one of the most heart-touching hard rap songs with bass.

5.     Drake – Nice For What

Here’s another from the hardest rap songs list featuring none other than Drake with his charismatic and unmatched rapping and lyrical bliss. This song brings out the best of rap and hip-hop from Drake’s album – Scorpion, released in 2018. It has been nominated for the Teen Choice Award and other nominations and rankings! This song will take you on a rapping journey about a woman’s confidence and independence.


6.     Cardi B – I Do

I Do features Cardi B and SZA, and this release of 2018 is from Cardi B’s debut album – Invasion of Privacy. In this particular rap song, Cardi B talks about female empowerment such that she is not enticed by men who can make her richer, while others may be put on read on choice. It’s upbeat, funky and a great mix of hip-hop and rap, from SZA.

7.     Valeeft. Jeremih – Womp Womp

This is another song from amongst the hard rap songs with bass that feature Valee and his Chicago buddy Jeremih. Womp Womp combines elastic synths, bouncing bass and a hardcore rap. It spans subjects from the likes of women, shopping, and the usual banal that is commonplace in Valee songs. This song features playful yet curious music and gives you an escape from the otherwise bland hip-hop and rap combos.  

8.     Childish Gambino – This is America

Adding to this list of hip-hop and rap mixes, this hard rap song features Childish Gambino. It has been nominated for several music and video awards such as MTV Video Award for best video and Teen Choice Award for best single. It talks about race, violence and stereotyping that is commonplace in America. It’s enlightening yet thought-provoking, but truly an ear pleaser!

9.     Jay Rock – Redemption

This song is from Jay Rock’s third studio album – Redemption. It came out in June 2018, and it brings you hardcore west coast hip-hop music. He has produced this song post a life-threatening accident, and he starts off by asking what if life ever gave you a second chance. So, it basically reflects upon life and its uncertainties and traumas. It mentions themes from the likes of faith, rebirth, and redemption!

10.   Beyoncé & Jay-Z – Apeshit

From Beyoncé’s album, Everything is Love, this hard-hitting rap song features Jay-Z. The Carters have evaluated the cultural institutions that are not as inclusive of black artists as they should be or claim to be! They have covered institutions and platforms such as the Grammys where artists and musicians from the black community are not treated as equals as the whites.  

Part 2: How to Download Hardest Rap Songs with three Clicks for Offline Play

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