While watching any of your favorite HBO Max movies or shows, if you feel like sharing them with your family and friends, HBO Max would help you with that. So, if you want to know whether HBO Max allows you to share your account with others, the answer is "Yes." 

hbo max how many devices:

However, the question is that HBO Max how many devices will be accessible. Even though it is one question, HBO Max has come up with multiple answers and options for it. So let's get through the detail of the accessibility of HBO Max number of devices and profiles. 

Everything About HBO Max How Many Devices You Need to Know

How many devices available with a single account? 

You can have a simultaneous watching option of HBO Max on three devices with your single subscribed account. In addition, you must sign in to these three different devices while following the same first-time sign-in method using your email id, password, or entering code. 

You must repeat the same process each time you sign in to any particular HBO Max device. However, before starting the steps, you must ensure that your device is compatible with the HBO Max application. 

How many Profiles can you have on the HBO Max single account?

After knowing how many devices can stream HBO Max, it's time to know how many profiles you can have with one HBO Max account. In that case, HBO Max has extended its limits to up to five profiles. So even though you can enjoy three simultaneous streams, five members of your family or friends can access your HBO Max account.

How to access multiple HBO Max profiles on one device?

The best part of these profiles is that every profile holder can stream different HBO Max content from others on any of their convenient HBO Max devices. Every profile has a unique history and favorite depending on its search and watch. Another valuable option of these five profile features is that you can switch between profiles on any device anytime you want. 

To do this, you must select your specific "Profile" icon and continue with your watch. Through this process, multiple people can access your one HBO Max account on any one device without hampering their distinct watch history. 

How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

On Computer 

● Open your HBO Max account while signing in with your credentials. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Go to your profile & hit the "Profile" icon shown on the top right corner of the page. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Go for the "Manage Device" option. 

● Select the desired device that you want to sign out from. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Go for the "Sign out" or "Sign All Devices Out" option. 

On Phone/Tablet 

● Open the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet and log in to your account. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Get into your profile & select the "Profile" icon given at the end of your phone screen & on the left side of your "Tablet" screen. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Go for the "Settings" option at the screen's top-left corner. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Select the "Manage Device" option. 

hbo max how many devices:How to sign out from one device on HBO Max?

● Choose which device you want to sign out from, like a phone or tablet. 

● Select "X" or go for the "Sign All Devices Out." 

On Smart TV

● Open the HBO Max app on your Smart TV while going through the "Home" page. 

● Go to the " Profile" option on your TV screen's top left corner. 

● Go to the "Profile Icon" option. 

● Move to the "Settings" option. 

● Opt for "Sign Out" shown at the end of the screen. 

How to Add a Profile on HBO Max? 

How to Add a Standard Adult Profile on HBO Max? 

After knowing the steps of signing out from different devices on HBO Max, it's time to understand how to add a new adult or kid profile to your HBO Max account. 

● Open your HBO Max mobile app on any Android or iOS device. 

● Hit on the "Profile" icon on the right side at the bottom of the screen. 

● Select the " Switch Profile" option. 

● Next, click on the "Add Adult" option to add a new adult profile. 

● Given the name of the person for whom you choose the profile.

● Choose a particular color ring for the profile to make it look distinct. 

● Click on the "Save" option. 

How to Add a Kid Profile on HBO Max? 

● After opening the HBO Max app> "Profile" > "Switch Profile" > go for the "Add Kid" option. 

● If you are creating the Kid's profile for the first time, you need to give a PIN to lock the adult content of the service. 

● You also have to use that particular PIN to switch your Kid's account to the adult one whenever needed. 

● You can use only one PIN to share through all the Kid's accounts. 

● Enter your Kid's credentials like name, date of birth, etc. & select the color ring. 

● Click on the "Next" option. 

● Go for the "Parental" control option while selecting movies or shows appropriate for your kids. 

● Go for the "Save" option. 

How To Download HBO Max Content With StreamFab HBO Downloader 

Even though HBO Max has tightened your hand with its limited device and profile access, you don't need to confine yourself to these limits when you are with StreamFab HBO downloader. With this downloader, you can share your high-quality downloads with anyone and any device for your internet & ads-free offline watch. So, it's time to see how to bypass these limits with more customizations.


● Download as many HBO videos as you need in 720p/1080p resolution with AC3 5.1/AAC 2.0 audio track. 

● You can save 4k UHD movies in HDR10 effect. 

● Get videos either in H.264 or H.265 version. 

● Enjoy ads-free download MP4 movies on any device.

● Save subtitles & metadata according to your choice. 

● Get multiple videos in one go in a few minutes. 

● Download scheduled newly released videos automatically. 

● You can convert the download to Blu-ray discs. 


You can access all these flexible features at $39.99/month, $69.99/year, or $89.99/ for a lifetime subscription plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Launch the Software on the PC:

hbo max how many devices:Downloading Steps 

To launch the downloader on your Windows or Mac PC, you must click twice on the "StreamFab" icon & move to the left-hand side function bar to select "VIP Service." 

Step 2: Website & Video Selection:

hbo max how many devices:Downloading Steps 

Go to the HBO website from the right-hand side website panel and sign in to your account. Next, pick the video that you like to download & play the video. 

Step 3: Finish Download while Watching :

hbo max how many devices:Downloading Steps 

Once the video starts playing, a pop-up window with the "Download Now" option will appear. Then, you need to click on it to complete the downloading process while watching the video. 


How to change kids' profiles' PIN on HBO Max? 

Profile icon> Settings > Parental Controls > put the existing PIN > entire New PIN > click on the "Change PIN" option.

What are the recent releases of HBO Max? 

● The Card Counter 

● George Carlin's American Dream 

● Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off 

● The Survivor 

How many subscribers HBO Max has by 2022? 

By Q1 of 2022, HBO Max has reached 76.8 million subscribers worldwide, with an increase of 12.8 million over a year. Besides, if you wonder how to hbomax.com/tvsigin, this passage will provide detailed solutions.

Last Lead 

Knowing how many devices HBO Max has for simultaneous watching or how many profiles can be accessed through one HBO account helps you organize your account according to requirements. However, if you want to enjoy your favorite HBO Max world without boundaries, nothing would be more flexible than StreamFab HBO Downloader.