With the advent of smartphones and tablets there's much video watching and music listening over mobile devices. Time was when videos and audio were converted through a computer and then transferred to mobile devices.

With the proliferation of mobile apps, there is no shortage of AV-related apps.  It's now possible to undertake video production tasks directly from the mobile device, whether video editing or audio/video conversion.

As there is much viewing of YouTube videos over mobile devices many would want the convenience of converting Youtube videos to MP3 directly from their phones.

As possible as it seems, there’s a complication. Google Play Store doesn’t allow apps that directly convert YouTube video to MP3. As you may know, YouTube is owned by Google and it would not want to project itself self as endorsing the downloading of copyright-protected media content.

To get around the problem of how to convert YouTube to MP3 on Android, you've two alternatives.

The first is you download an app outside of Google Play Store.

The second is you use an online video converter which you could access through your web browser in your android device.

Let's discuss the app option first. There are many apps that works well as a YouTube downloader to MP3.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android with Tubemate

One of them is Tubemate.  Here are the steps you use to convert a YouTube video to MP3 with it.

On launching the app which has a YouTube-like interface, search for the video you would like to convert.

Open the video and you'll see a Green button at the bottom half of the screen.

Choose the resolution of the video you would like to download.

Next, go back to Tubemate and tap Options - Downloads and you'll find the video you've downloaded.

Tap on the video and you'll be presented with two options - convert to MP3 or Save as MP3.

Choose the second option - Save as MP3 - and the video will be converted to MP3 and saved to your device's SD card.

You can now play the MP3 file on a hardware or software media player.

Mobile apps may seem an attractive option to convert Youtube to MP3 on an Android phone. However, many don’t fancy installing apps into their Android devices, especially from thirty party sources.

If that’s the case, here’s how to convert youtube to mp3 on android using two other options

First, use an online video converter. Second, use a trusted and stable software video converter which does the job quickly and easily.

The two options are discussed below.

Online Youtube to MP3 Converter for Android

As with mobile apps, there are many online video converters out there which you could access through your Android device’s mobile browser.

With an online video converter, you don’t have to worry about how to convert YouTube to MP3 on Android if you don’t have a suitable app to do it.

The recommended resource is the Online Video Converter website  which you could navigate to with your device's web browser.

Once you're at the page paste the link of the YouTube video you would like to convert.

Under Format select MP3. You may select the quality of the audio you desire under More Settings.

You may also choose whether you want the convert the entire video or a portion of it.

Once you're done, hit the Start button. Upon completion of the conversion a link will be provided for you to download your MP3 file.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 for Android with DVDFab YouTube Downloader

If you’re looking for a quicker method to convert YouTube to MP3 to be used with your android device, check out the DVDFab YouTube Downloaderwhich comes bundled with the DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Downloader allows you to download videos from Youtube quickly and easily. All you need is the video link from YouTube and the Downloader does rest of the job,

DVDFab Video Converter is a versatile video converter which allows the conversion of popular video formats into formats playable by most hardware and software players.

DVDFab Video Converter is available for a free download for a trial period of 30 days with no obligation to purchase.

YouTube to MP3 Conversion Steps

Here are the steps to convert Youtube to MP3 to be used on an Android phone.

It’s a two-part process within the DVDFab 10.

The first part involves the use of the DVDFab YouTube Downloader.

Launch it under Utilities in the DVDFab.

Download your desired YouTube video.

Click the “Download” tab, and you can see the download process. Once the video is downloaded in the MP4 format, click on the "To Converter" button.

You downloaded video will now be loaded into the Video Converter Module.

Go to Converter module and choose your desired output format by clicking on the + sign below the DVDFab logo. Choose MP3 as your format.

You may wish to customize the converted MP3 by clicking on the spanner icon for Advanced Settings.

Once done, you can choose your Android phone as the directory by clicking the “folder” icon (you should connect your android phone with your computer) and hit the Start button.

Conversion is fast and error-free.

Just to be sure, test your MP3 file with your favorite MP3 player.
Download DVDFab Video Converter which comes with the YouTube Downloader and test drive it today.
You'll find converting YouTube to MP3 for Android a painless affair.